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Scoot Blog: Starbucks Asks Customers to Leave Their Guns at Home

Starbucks is asking its customers to no longer bring guns into its locations. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s request to customers is the result of the growing popularity of “Starbucks Appreciation Days,” when gun rights advocates show up at Starbucks cafes with their firearms.  Many Starbucks’ customers have not been comfortable with the pro-gun rights demonstrations at the cafes.  Last month, Starbucks closed a store in Newtown, CT for a day after learning that gun rights advocates planned a “Starbucks Appreciation Day” at that location.

Schultz was quick to point out that Starbucks will not ask anyone with a permit and a gun to leave and will not refuse service, but he is hoping that customers will honor his request.  Schultz further explained that Starbucks is not pro-gun or anti-gun.
Should businesses have the right to ban guns, even if customers have a concealed carry permit?  And what about patrons with legal permits carrying guns into businesses that serve alcohol?  Off-duty law enforcement officers in Louisiana are not allowed to bring their guns into a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol, unless they are conducting official business.

Should gun owners have the right to carry their firearms into bars or restaurants that serve alcohol because they need their weapons for protection?  Or, is it more a case of wanting to do it just because they can?  Most people go to bars and restaurants for the purpose of having a good time.  Why would anyone choose to go to a bar or any business where they felt the need to carry a gun for protection?

If gun owners have exercised their right to carry a firearm legally, why would they feel the need to demonstrate this right in public places, like a Starbucks café?  Is this an example of gun-rights advocates “shoving their right to carry a gun in the face of others?”  And if so – how is that different from those who criticize gays for demonstrating their right to be together in public?

I would hope that gun owners are secure and confident in their 2nd Amendment rights and would not feel the need to push their right to carry a firearm on the general public.  But, unfortunately, as with every group, there are individuals who are overzealous in promoting an agenda.

Recently, there was controversy about a bakery in Colorado that refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.  The owner of the bakery said that boycotts forced him to go out of business.  The debate over whether the bakery should have served customers who do not share their same political or religious beliefs was fierce.  If you would argue that a business does not have the right to ban law-abiding customers who are legally carrying guns from their establishment, then would it be fair to argue that a business has the right to refuse service to law-abiding customers with a different view on same-sex marriage?

With the understanding that the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, in theory, if a business does not have the right to ban customers with firearms, then would it not be hypocritical for a business to ban customers based on countless other activities or ideologies?

The challenge in America is to avoid the trap of hypocrisy and maintain consistency with actions and ideologies.  Many Americans support the right of states to pass laws that supersede federal laws, but those same Americans do not agree with states trumping federal laws when it comes to the legalization of marijuana or same-sex marriage laws.

There are endless examples of hypocrisy.  Many Americans will condemn a president from one party while accepting the same policies of a president from their party.  And this is what contributes greatly to the hate in today’s political debates and the depth of partisanship in Washington.

Try to be fair – if you support a business’s right to ban gun owners from carrying their weapons into a business – then support the right of every law-abiding customer to be served by a business, without judgment of personal or political beliefs.

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09/18/2013 8:10PM
Scoot Blog: Starbucks Asks Customers to Leave Their Guns at Home
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09/18/2013 9:12PM
Obama, Just SHUT THE HELL UP .... YOU have already fuçked up the
country enough. YOU are a clown, a joke and a national DISGRACE ... YOU and your B!TCH party can burn in hell!
09/18/2013 9:21PM
Freedom works NOT governent control by tyrant wanna-be's like Obama ....
The Democrats want to turn Americans into government chattel and we are well on our way. ALL the presidents before Obama compiled six trillion in debt and that is evil ... Obama has done six trillion all by himself ... time to restore FREEDOM and end the tyranny of the left. Private business should be allowed to set their own rules. Let the market decide the outcome. If enough gun owner stop going to the coffee shop they will go out of business. Obama and the left are the enemy of small business. That is why there are NO jobs being created. Small business creates 61% of all new jobs. Obama is STUPID or he is WILLFULLY destroying the US economy and standard of living. Neither option is good.
09/18/2013 9:25PM
At the rate we are going, it may take an internal blood bath in 25 years are so to settle this
country's problems. Many are mad enough but don't want to go jail. The HATRED and ANGER will only INCREASE as the country remains leaderless -- managed by a crew of common, greedy thugs.
09/18/2013 9:34PM
Obama does HATE the country as founded and has said so many times in
different ways. He IS willfully managing the decline and fall of the country. He won't be in office long enough to completely destroy this country, but the damage he has done and will do before 2016 will take years to repair. There WILL be another Great Depression within five years. The economy is already toast. Obama is just printing 85 billion a month to prop up a FALSE market. When it hits, it will be like 911 .. few common folks will have had clue they will just wake up to an economic disaster. Americans are WILLFULLY lazy and just dancing while Rome burns slowly right before their eyes. Sad that disaster has to strike before folks wake up. It is human nature.
09/18/2013 9:39PM
Amazing that liberals and especially blacks pišš and moan when there is even
the slight suggestion of cutting just the rate of growth of spending (baseline budgeting) much less actual cuts, which is what is needed.
09/18/2013 10:31PM
Young people are so busy posting their lives on Facebook® that they fail
to notice that their parents and grandparents are urinating away their futures with massive debt. Debt is all Obama has. He has no clue about job creation and business. All he can do is borrow money. He has that never created any real jobs in the privatemarketplace. He is a Marxist at heart.
09/18/2013 11:40PM
the plantation
Who is truly on the plantation these days? Is it the working taxpayer that has to work extra jobs to pay for the increase in the cost of living (their own private health insurance that has increased) due to the cost of the new healthcare plan?
09/18/2013 11:44PM
drill baby drill
As it has been much discussed in some circles let the U.S. become energy independent and many new jobs will be created that aren't government dependent.
09/19/2013 12:29AM
Sorry, Drill Baby Drill ... Obama wants you on public transportation so he can
control your behavior. Liberal fear economic freedom. They WANT people depending on them. Sadly most in the black community have surrendered their freedom and chance for prosperity for a few welfare pennies and a lifetime of ignorance. Most blacks are still slaves just willing ones.
09/19/2013 12:31AM
Obama the Black Slave Master ... what a piece of DOG SH!T.
Obama the Black Slave Master ... what a piece of DOG SH!T.
09/19/2013 12:35AM
Most blacks voted for free stuff they thought Obama would give them ... their
greed and laziness was misguided. They ended up with a free phone at best and no job. Blacks are ignorant.
09/19/2013 12:44AM
As a group blacks are mere dogs on a leash controlled by the Democrat
slave masters. Pretty pathetic, but most of them love it.
09/19/2013 9:02AM
Putin kicked Obama's sorry ašš on Syria ... it would be funny to watch Putin really
kick Obama’s ašš. Perhaps Obama should spend a night in the Chicago hood with all his “sons” who slaughter each other daily .. Obama is garbage.
09/19/2013 9:07AM
Poor Chris Matthews he still lusts after Obama and wish he could suck his diçk.
... or at least lick his legs.
09/19/2013 9:13AM
NEVER compromise with evil (Obama) ...
Hey, Obama, I will never get over the embarrassment of belonging to the same species as you. You are a monster, an ogre, a malformity. I barf at the very thought of you. You have all the appeal of a paper cut. Lepers avoid you. You are vile, worthless, less than nothing. You are a weed, a fungus, the dregs of this earth. You are a technicolor yawn. And did I mention that you smell?
09/19/2013 9:13AM
It has been estimated that at least one in four Americans are on one form of entitlement. And they aren't all black either. Is that the direction we are headed in due to higher cost of living. Like my mom use to say "the government can't do everything". But it looks like they are trying to.
09/19/2013 9:23AM
Obama slanders and attempts to destroy inidividuals and whole groups of people
everyday. It is no surprise that he is so hated. He deserves ALL the hatred that can come his way. Obama is a two-bit púnk.
09/19/2013 9:27AM
Obama is not worth spitting on ... but I would love to see Obama have to
walk a double line of taxpayers who could each spit on him.
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