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Scoot Blog: Same-sex marriage issue is NOT about homosexuality

If it were a sporting event, it would be billed as one of the biggest ‘playoff’ games in recent memory.  With national attention and anticipation from both sides, the Supreme Court will being hearing two cases that could decide the fate of same-sex marriage in America.

As I thought about the two cases before the High Court, one involving a vote in the state of California banning same-sex marriage in the state and the other about the Defense of Marriage Act – defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman – it occurred to me that this national battle over the constitutionality of same-sex marriage is NOT about homosexuality. It’s an issue about fundamental rights in America.

My stance on this issue has been consistent for over a decade, but we are now witnessing a growing list of prominent Republicans who now publicly support same-sex marriage.  Republican strategist Karl Rove, who during the presidential campaign supported and promoted candidates that reflected a fringe right ideology, now says that he expects the next Republican presidential candidate to support same-sex marriage.

Some, like former Vice President Dick Cheney and Republican Senator Rob Portman have ‘come out’ in favor of gay marriage because they each have a child who is gay.  Others seem to be responding to many public opinion polls which now show that a majority of Americans support legal game marriage.

Those who have been quick to dismiss this issue as a ‘gay issue’ that only affects a small percentage of the population – the homosexuality community – have failed to realize that it is not a ‘gay issue.’ The fight for gay marriage in America is about fundamental rights and it has all the characteristics of the major battles for rights in our past.
Looking back on history, the battles we have fought over ‘rights’ have defined America and that definition describes a nation that respects the rights of individuals – ALL individuals.

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03/25/2013 6:52PM
Scoot Blog: Same-sex marriage issue is NOT about homosexuality
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03/25/2013 11:42PM
I suggest you watch Ewtn CAtholic network about marriage. You are not a true catholic.
03/27/2013 2:29AM
Read the story of Sodom & Gomorah; Read Romans chapter 1
Romans chapter 1 is the grace warning about homosexual sin. Romans 1:24- 32. Verses 25 & 26 specify homosexual sin & verse 32 lists GOd's conclusion on the subject under grace. The Bible teaches that you cannot bea a disciple of Christ if you do not believe the Bible Which JESUS HIMSELF testified is the True WORD of God.
03/27/2013 2:39AM
And verse 26 in Romans 1 also.
The Story of Sodom & Gomorah is in the Old Testament & the Jewish TORAH & is HOLY SCRIPTURE also & a historical fact. The Dead Sea is where they used to be located in Israel.
03/27/2013 12:21PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
The truth is, it is a moral issue. The problem with society today is that Evil is Good and Good is Evil. Scripture says "A Man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife. Jesus also compared the relationship of husband and wife to Himself and the Church. God has the final say.
03/28/2013 3:20PM
Gay Marriage - Homosexuality
When has unacceptable behavior become acceptable? One degree at a time
03/31/2013 7:21AM
And again
I see that 90$ of the comments try and use religious/moral rationalizations to support their stance of forcing their religion on others against their will. They simply aren't true Americans.
04/02/2013 8:21PM
scoot why not admit that you are gay! Also management running this radio station.
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