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Scoot Blog: Romney?s Big Moment

The polls remain close on the day of the first presidential debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. While there is tremendous pressure on both men, Romney should be feeling more pressure than the President.

Tonight, Romney must define a campaign that has not been well defined.  The foundation of the Romney campaign seems to be ‘vote for me, I’m not the other guy’.  It is true that Romney has the support of many conservatives that are voting more ‘against’ Obama than ‘for’ Romney.

As governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney was more moderate than the strong base of the Republican Party.  Those who are shaping Romney have been pushing him to the ‘right’, but that move does not comfortably fit the real Mitt Romney.  That is one of the reasons for a few gaffes and a body language that does not always seem natural and genuine.

Romney has been seen as someone who is out-of-touch with voters. Tonight, he has a chance to change that and set a new tone for his campaign.  I

don’t know if we have seen a truly relaxed Romney.  It would be a welcome change if we do tonight.
President Obama will be under pressure to explain why things haven’t gotten better over the years of his administration. Obama is an effective public speaker and has a calm, but determined, debate style. 

Romney must do a better job of explaining his plans for making America better over the next four years.
Both Obama and Romney are decent men, and while they are both passionate about their political and social beliefs, I don’t expect either man to lose his cool.  Points will be scored more by what is said and not by the way it’s said.

Tonight, Romney has the opportunity to stand next to the President of the United States and be seen as presidential.  This is always a special moment for any challenger.

If you listen to the debate on WWL radio, rather than watch it on TV, you will focus more on the content and not be distracted by body language.  The way a candidate carries himself is certainly important, but hearing just the audio of the debate will force the content of each man’s message to be more accentuated.
I would say that Romney has more challenges to face in the debate tonight and must establish a clear message, which he has failed to do.  Both Romney and Obama will also have to resist the temptation to come across as being arrogant.

The winner of the debate tonight should be the American people. The political debate in this country has grown incredibly hateful and ugly. Tonight, I expect to see two men present their case to the American people in a way that is both dignified and passionate. I wonder of the tone will spread to everyone after the debate.

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10/03/2012 6:34PM
Scoot Blog: Romney’s Big Moment
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