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Scoot Blog: Rick Springfield - Better for different reasons!

Baby Boomer rockers continue to define every era they occupy and right now those rockers are redefining what it means to have another birthday.  When Paul McCartney wrote and sang, “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64?” - that seemed to be an actual concern at the time.

Friday night on stage at the Joy Theater on Canal Street, Rick Springfield is another example of a Baby Boomer rocker shattering the ‘age barrier!’  At 64, Rick still has the look that made girls want him - and guys want to be him when his video for “Jessie’s Girl” was one of the dominant music videos in 1981 – the first year MTV went on the air.  Rick has more than taken care of himself – he is in top shape and even at this stage in his career he can still take his shirt off on stage without the audience wondering ‘what happened to him?’  In fact, Rick and his band must have a group deal on a health club because the entire band is in great shape and defies the effects of the rough life of years in a rock band.

Click HERE to view the video of my interview with Rick Springfield...

I have seen Rick Springfield in big arena shows in the past, but this is the first time I have seen him in a more intimate concert setting.  Friday night’s show was the best Springfield show I have seen.  Not because of the more intimate venue of the Joy Theater, but because I think he’s an even better performer now.

Rick’s energy and powerful stage presence make you feel like he’s playing each of his iconic hits – as well as his new songs – for the first time ever.  The stage lighting effectively fit his image as a rock star that has grown up and the video panels that provided the backdrop behind the stage were used to bring the venue to life.  At one point in the show, Rick took the audience on a trip through his past hits, past videos and past looks.  The audience seemed to enjoy the Rick Springfield they were first introduced to in the early 80’s – but were not disappointed when the focus was back on Rick Springfield today!

Rick played the hits everyone wanted to hear, “Jessie’s Girl,” “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” “I’ve Done Everything For You,” “Human Touch,” Affair of the Heart” and “Love Somebody,” and when he played his fresh material you never had the feeling that he was trying to force it on the audience to promote CD sales.  It all seemed to fit together.  Rick recognized his own maturing process by singing The Beatles “When I’m 64” and then went into “Jet” by Paul McCartney.  Rick Springfield may not be known as an accomplished guitarist, but he is - and proved it throughout the night – especially when he played “Pipeline!”

Friday afternoon before the show, I did an interview with Rick and it was the first time I had met him.  Having interviewed countless rock stars and celebrities over the years, I am always prepared for the cocky, unapproachable star that thinks they are too big to be in contact with mere mortals.  Rick Springfield was a refreshing surprise.  He was warm, personal and fun and similar to his attitude on stage, he seemed to be as excited and willing to do an interview as I image he was when his career first took off.

His autobiography is titled “Late, Late at Night” and that suggests a time in one’s life when they are most alone and maybe most honest with themselves.  In my personal time with Rick, the one thing that stood out to me most was his deep, philosophical nature about his career and himself.

Rick has admitted to dealing with depression since he was a child, but as someone who is part of the same generation and grew up with a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder, I had to ask him when did he first come to terms with what he was dealing with – since things like depression and O.C.D. were not understood in the way that such disorders are today.

Rick said it was in the very late 80’s when he first realized he had battled depression his entire life.  “Jessie’s Girl” was a #1 hit in American and Australia in 1981, the year he won a Grammy.  His career instantly exploded.  And yet, because of my own battles with O.C.D., I could so relate to how everything seemed to be so great on the outside to the rest of the world – while being tortured on the inside.  He said that all the fame and everything that goes along with that never took away the deep depression that haunted him from within.

Rick Springfield is a glowing example of how you can deal with those demons that try to control you, but you can move on.  Things like, depression, O.C.D. and other brain disorders are common among those who tend to be creative.  The lesson is learning to embrace what you don’t like about yourself, deal with it and use it as part of the creative process.  Rick admitted that dealing with his depression is part of his writing and performing.

Rick Springfield on stage in 2013 gives you a lot more than a trip through your 80’s past – he gives you permission to get older without getting old.  And the memories combined with the sound and visual of who and where he is today is hopefully a reminder that you haven’t changed that much either!  

And if you have settled over the years and only remember what it was like to be young and dancing to Rick Springfield – he proves we can change without losing that person we have always been!

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09/09/2013 4:33PM
Scoot Blog: Rick Springfield - Better for different reasons!
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09/09/2013 5:09PM
Awesome review!
So glad you enjoyed yourself at Rick's show! This is something the Rick faithful have known for years but it's always great to see people rediscover Rick and what an even better performer he has become. Spread the word! :)
09/09/2013 6:12PM
Thank you for the wonderful article!
It's a thrill to read about, from someone else, the thing that makes all of us devoted Ricksters love him so much! This article hits the nail on the head!
09/09/2013 6:56PM
Scoot! Thx for vindicating my blogs about RS! When a female radio personality writes this review, it is looked at as a school-girl crush & not as a broadcaster who knows music! If u care to, check my blog (there are some produced videos with Rick on his fan trips) at www.mix1077.com/pages/doreen.html GREAT JOB on your blog! :)
09/09/2013 7:31PM
The 80s when we had a competent president and not the clown we have now ...
those were good days.
09/09/2013 7:41PM
Great review
This is no surprise to us Rick fans. He has held a special place in my heart for over 30 years. He has such a kind heart, and is no afraid to show his emotions, on and off stage. He is an inspirational motivation for me when I need an escape.
09/09/2013 8:17PM
Great interview about my favorite... Rick Springfield
Very nice blog Scoot, I totally enjoyed reading it as well as the YouTube video interview. Being a baby boomer myself :-), and being a long time Rick fan, I totally "get it", and I totally LOVED it. If you get a chance, please check out the fan documentary 'An Affair of the Heart" which was released on DVD this past July. It focuses on 7 different fan stories, each different, but each showing the amazing connection between Rick and his fans. The film crew followed Rick around for 2 years gathering these stories that are touching and heartwarming and represent all of Rick's fans and shows how Rick loves us as much as we love him. It's a must see for fans and non-fans alike. It's available at rickspringfielddoc.com as well as Amazon. You'll love it! Thanks again for a great interview!
09/09/2013 9:08PM
Seems Scoot's relatives are posting again tonignt ... LOL ...
too funny.
09/09/2013 9:13PM
So deep ... oh, so deep such depth ... lol ... more Scoot nonsense ... LOL
So deep ... oh, so deep such depth ... lol ... more Scoot nonsense ... LOL
09/09/2013 9:18PM
While Rome burns the liberal clowns here drone on with all manner of nonsense.
no wonder an aye-hole like Obama got elected.
09/09/2013 10:08PM
Black politicians like Obama are held to very low standards by leftists to ensure
they do not fail as often as they would otherwise.
09/10/2013 3:39PM
So nice to read your review!
Thanks for writing a review that makes Rick fans such as myself not look like a bunch of teenage wannabe 40 year old housewives reliving their teenage fantasies lol... Rick puts on an amazing show ... he's fun and energetic and the music - old AND new - is the best! He makes everyone of his fans feel like he knows they are out there and that he appreciates them... thanks for writing this :)
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