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Scoot Blog: Pope Francis Touches ?Untouchable? Topics

Is the Catholic Church ready to change? And will the changes bring Catholics back to the Church?

From the beginning, Pope Francis seemed eager to break some of papal traditions.  As Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio in Argentina, he had an image of a man who shunned the pious mentality displayed by some of his predecessors and many Catholic leaders and maintained a lifestyle that never took advantage of the lavish comfort offered to the hierarchy in the Catholic Church.

Through scandals and adhering to some traditions that seemed unreasonable in the modern world, the Catholic Church has caused an exodus of previously-devoted followers.  The Church has also had difficulty in recent years attracting young men willing to enter the priesthood.

Pope Francis appears to be a pope with a moderate mentality and a willingness to place more importance on what’s right than what has been tradition.  The Pope has criticized the Catholic Church for focusing too much on homosexuality, abortion and contraception and has become obsessed with these issues to the distraction of the mission of making the church a “home for all.
Last week it was learned that Pope Francis accepted the gift of a used car that he planned to use to travel around the grounds of the Vatican, rather than always be chauffeured everywhere.  But that is a minor indication that the new pope is expressing a willingness to update the Church.

The Vatican’s secretary, Archbishop Pietro Parolin – the number 2 most powerful person at the Vatican – said that the celibacy of priests is not a dogma of the church. “Celibacy is not an institution but look, it is also true that you can discuss (it) because as you say this is not a dogma, a dogma of the church,” he said in a quote to NBC.

In a 2012 interview as Cardinal in Argentina, Francis said that priests can be married and “they are very good priests.”  He said, “It’s a matter of discipline, not faith.  It can change.”  But he did say that he was in favor of maintaining celibacy. That was in 2012, now as pope, Francis seems to be sending a new message – the celibacy of priests is open for discussion.

Pope Francis also broke papal tradition by using the word “gay” when he said that priests should not be judged by their sexual orientation.  That was a stark contrast to his predecessor, Pope Benedict, who said that homosexuality, was “an intrinsic moral evil” and that priests with homosexual tendencies should not be priests.  To be clear, Pope Francis does not support priests acting on their homosexual tendencies, but said, “Who am I to judge?” a priest who is a homosexual.

Pope John Paul II absolutely closed the door to the idea that women can become ordained priests, but Pope Francis appears to be interested in seeking a theology of women and a more dominant role for women in Catholic Church.

Pope Francis also shocked the Catholic – and Christian world by saying that there is a path to Heaven for Atheists.

When Pope John Paul II became a new pope, he was young and many believed that he would strike a more moderate chord in assessing the doctrine of the Church.  That never happened.  Pope John Paul II proved to be a very strict, conservative pope unwilling to bend on any of the major issues that were driving Catholics from mass.

The new dialogue with Catholics that may emanate from Pope Francis should be welcomed by the millions of Catholics who have felt increasingly disenfranchised from the church.  For those who will argue that the church should not change to fit the norms of a changing society – rather society should change to fit the norms of the church, acknowledge that rules often supersede the true mission or spiritual nature of an institution.  The Catholic Church has changed over time from declaring that priests could no longer be married - to changing the ban on eating meat on Fridays.

Rather than view whatever changes that may result as a sign the Church is weak and unwilling to protect strict doctrine, the rules about Catholics who are divorced and re-married provides the perfect way to understand how the church can change for the right reasons as society changes.  

According to the church, if you are Catholic, re-married and having intimate relations with your new wife or husband, then you are not welcome to communion – unless you have had your original married annulled.

If a married took place before the eyes of God and witnesses, the Catholic concept of annulment is exposed as a fund-raising administrative action that should be considered an insult to the God who was part of the ceremony. Furthermore, why would the church enforce a rule that robs good Catholics of the sacrament of communion when they have made the moral and honorable decision to marry their new spouse?
Also, the vow of celibacy is very hypocritical.  Today, there are Catholic priests who are married.  Married Episcopal priests can convert to Catholicism and be accepted as a married Catholic priest.  So, the Church does accept married priests.

There will be many strict Catholics who disagree with this pope and his openness to discussing issues that have been taboo in the church.  But those were the very people who told the rest of us that whoever is pope has the final say!

The revolution that Pope Francis may start could lead to the strictest Catholics to question the church – but where are they going to go?  It seems certain that any revolution in the Catholic Church will bring more people back to the church than chase people away.

And I know that many Catholics, like myself, are still waiting to hear if Pope Francis believes that Falcons fans are going to Heaven!

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09/20/2013 9:09AM
Scoot Blog: Pope Francis Touches ‘Untouchable’ Topics
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09/20/2013 12:58PM
A radical pope
Naturally Scoot would view Francis' radical liberal beliefs favorably. It is time for a conclave of Cardinals to recall this radical destroyer of the Catholic Church.
09/20/2013 3:20PM
Too Conservative
I have been with Jesuits nearly every day for 10 years. I was just talking to a priest today who believes Francis to be too conservative, and I agree with him. I believe changes are essential to the Church right now. Those who call him a radical destroyer would rather be sitting alone in a church pew, smugly thinking highly of their self-righteous souls than take any new direction that might make the Church more inclusive and move forward.
09/21/2013 2:47AM
Scoot continues his campaign to promote anal sex ...
Faith is not a popularity, marketing game to draw customers ... Satan already does that.
09/21/2013 2:48AM
Seems Scoot is the self-righteous clown here ....
those who hate the Catholic Church and Christian can always worship Obama and many of them do.
09/21/2013 2:50AM
We have a leftist radical in the White House and that is NOT working out well ...
liberals are evil.
09/21/2013 2:51AM
Scoot you can fuçk all the boys you want and go to hell ... no one is stopping you ...
enjoy ... LOL ...
09/21/2013 9:02AM
Well, if you start a religion that tells folks you can have sex with anything that
moves at any age and kill the results of sex if it gets in your way then that would draw a big crowd. Add to it lying, cheating and stealing and encouraging folks to live off their neighbor's labors .... seems what Scoot really wants is the Church of the Democrat Party. Why not just declare Obama God. He believes in all the above.
09/21/2013 9:07AM
Frankly, I would take the results of the Catholic schools any day over the
public school trash that Scoot and Obama promote. Obama would not dare put his two offspring in a failing public school, but he is delighted to force poor blacks to stay in failing public schools and sadly the ignorant blacks will still worships and votefor the piece of SH!T Obama.
09/21/2013 9:46AM
Leftist clowns like Scoot love to trash Christians but when his SH!T is thrown back at him
he cries ...
09/21/2013 10:04AM
Lots of Christians turn the other cheek when idiots like Scoot and Obama trash
them ... I rather call them out for the human debris that they are.
09/21/2013 12:35PM
You would think the gay community would be a bit more intelligent and
sophisticated but all Obama had to do was endorse bûtt sex and they worship him.
09/21/2013 12:37PM
Liberals has always hated standards and discipline ...
they lack both.
09/21/2013 12:42PM
On a good day, liberals are a few notches below animals.
... but I suppose we are insulting animals when we say that.
09/21/2013 12:47PM
We get it ... Obama is black so he is allowed to be an incompetent assholë ...
how far America has fallen.
09/21/2013 7:10PM
Obama HATES conservatives and has abused the power of his office to
target and punish those who disagree with him ... so of course we HATE the BLACK B!TCH Obama.
09/21/2013 7:14PM
Hope the B!TCH Obama keeps smoking ... he will do HIMSELF in ...
Obama is SH!T!
09/21/2013 11:49PM
Perhaps in time all the Democrats that voted for ObamaCare will die a slow
death from some kind of cancer ... their arrogance and their exempting themselves from ObamaCare will not save them ... it would be poetic justice. They should reap the hell they voted to unleash on the American people.
09/22/2013 8:11AM
Wrong, God and only God...
"There will be many strict Catholics who disagree with this pope and his openness to discussing issues that have been taboo in the church. But those were the very people who told the rest of us that whoever is pope has the final say!" I disagree with this Pope on some topics but only God has the final say.
09/22/2013 7:10PM
Yea, Obama (God) has the final say .... at least among blacks ... they worship
and pray to Obama for their food stamps ... LOL
09/22/2013 7:54PM
Liberals of various ages will die this week of various causes whether
natural or accident or even suicide ... and that is a beautful thing.
09/22/2013 11:32PM
Obama is a lying piece of SH!T ... one of the most corrupt politicians in
modern history. Obama is a cancer that is slowly destroying the country.
09/22/2013 11:41PM
NEVER compromise with liberals (EVIL) ...
they are human debris.
09/22/2013 11:43PM
Scooter just wants his anal sex with boys blessed by the church .. promoting
þutt sex is Scooter’s primary agenda.
09/23/2013 4:40PM
FORBES: Obamacare Will Increase Health Spending By $7,450 For Family of Four...
obama is SH1T!
09/25/2013 7:29PM
Democrat calls Sarah Palin a WHÖRE ...
09/25/2013 7:53PM
The only thing Obama had in the campaign of 2012 was that he was black and
he slandered his opponent every other day. To the ignorant, Obama is a hip hop celebrity. To the sane he is a nasty, Chicago-thug politician—nothing more. He is NOT a leader or a statesman and cares nothing about the country or poor blacks, who stupidly worship him. Obama cares about Obama, enriching himself and his friends.
09/26/2013 2:00PM
Obama and the DemoRATS can take ObamaCare and shove up their
collective FAT ÁSSES!!!
09/26/2013 8:10PM
Harry Reid should be tried for treason, tried and convicted and jailed or executed.
He is EVIL.
09/27/2013 12:30PM
There is no compromise with EVIL (Obama) ...
great to see some representatives standing their ground against tyranny of the left.
10/10/2013 10:44PM
A true man of God
Let's hope this pope lives to be one hundred and changes the world. I am old but young at heart and my heart tells me this man is a true man of God . May God bless him now and forever.
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