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Scoot Blog: Our National Mood Just Before Christmas

It’s reported that 93 million Americans will travel over the Christmas holiday, and some who did not plan to travel before the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School may be planning to be with family.

Without fail, every year there is talk of how America focuses more on the commercial and material aspects of Christmas than on the ‘true’ meaning of Christmas.  The shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut which left 20 young children dead could have happened any time of year, but since it happened just before Christmas, the tragedy bears adding meaning.

The hectic pace of Christmas can easily shroud the more meaningful and sentimental feelings of the holiday.  Over the years we can all think back on the things that happened in our lives that caused us to pay more attention to the real gift Christmas has to offer.  This year, as a nation, the shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut has caused us to collectively pause and take note of what should always be the most important aspects of Christmas.  Being with family, friends, sharing the celebration of a tradition and not just saying, but understanding the meaning of ‘it is better to give than receive’ are all things we may pay a little more attention to this Christmas.

Through the media, we are often portrayed as a nation of egomaniacal, self-centered individuals that don’t care about each other. The range and depth of emotion that has followed this latest mass shooting paints quite a different picture of Americans. In this case, the media’s coverage of the tragic event has brought us together and projected our collective grief. The truth is – we do care about each other and we do care about other humans we don’t even know, and that shows a good side of humanity.

Especially for those who have the means to provide an expensive and lavish Christmas for their children and family, please make an effort to teach the meaning of this holiday that is often lost in the worship of material things. And most of all, remember that life is not a guarantee and we should always treasure the moments we have with our children and each other.

We tend to not look each other in the eye as we pass on a public street. Maybe this Christmas we can all embrace the human instinct to care about each other. Because of a tragic event, we have all truly learned something about ourselves this Christmas.

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12/19/2012 11:24PM
Scoot Blog: Our National Mood Just Before Christmas
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