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Scoot Blog: Not every white person defends other whites

When Joe McKnight, Jr., an African-American and former NFL player, was shot and killed following a road rage incident and the shooter, Ronald Gasser, a white male, was not immediately arrested, there were demands for Gasser’s immediate arrest. 
Some protested and the demand for the arrest of Ronald Gasser was part of a call for “justice.”
Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand held a passionate press conferenced yesterday and explained why he waited a few days to arrest Gasser.  The reasons were valid and were part of the legal strategy to build a strong case against Gasser.  But many assumed that justice was not served because Gasser was not immediately arrested.
Maybe we have forgotten, or never really knew, the definition of “justice.”
Here is the definition of justice from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:  The quality of being just, impartial or fair.  The principle or ideal of right action.  Conformity to truth, fact or reason.
Justice doesn’t mean what you think is just – justice refers to what is right.
It is well-documented that over the decades, African-Americans have not always received justice in America, but justice needs to be applied to each current situation without regard for the past.
Our system of justice, flawed as it may be, should be based on fairness and any attempt to redefine justice to compensate for past injustices is not, by definition, justice – it’s revenge and our system is not based on revenge.  The motivation of revenge is unjust to those involved in current situations.
What is projected through the media is that “all blacks” believe one thing and “all whites” believe the direct opposite.  Consistently, the cable news networks find a black person to represent a pro-black position on a hotly-debated topic and a white person to represent the pro-white view.  The reflection we see of our society is a definite divide along racial lines.  But is that who we really are?
Many whites have said that Ronald Gasser was wrong and the aggressor when he decided to take it upon himself to pursue Joe McKnight, Jr.  There are individuals in the white population that automatically support their perception of a white guy with the gun defending himself against the aggression of a young black male, but not every white or every black American view the circumstances in the same way.
In another current controversial case, many white Americans, including myself, are absolutely shocked that the trial of South Carolina police officer Michael Slager ended in a mistrial.
Officer Slager was arrested and tried on charges that he shot and killed Walter Scott, a suspect who was running away from him.  And Slager shot Scott multiple times in the back, yet claimed he felt his life was threatened.  Obviously, the defense did an excellent job of presenting Slager’s case and the trial ended in a mistrial with the prosecution planning to retry the case.  Many white Americans think Slager murdered Scott.
We are a divided nation, but we are not as divided as we have been led to believe through the consistent presentation of opposing white and black views in the media.
When a white person defends another white person – it may not be because they are white and it does not make them a racist. And when a black person criticizes a white person – that does not automatically make them a racist.  The media does not focus on the unity of opinions based on behavior and not race.  The media feeds and excites the audience with the racial divide that is a painful reality that is entrenched in American society.
Let’s do a better job of hearing the non-judgmental voices, rather than allow ourselves to be defined by the voices of division.

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12/07/2016 1:52PM
Scoot Blog: Not every white person defends other whites
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