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Scoot Blog: Murdering someone because they were 'bored?'

A 22-year-old Australian who was in America going to college on a baseball scholarship was gunned down by three teenagers – police say one confessed that they killed the young man because they were “bored.”

There are several aspects of this senseless murder worth addressing.  First, for all those who will use this tragedy as an opportunity to tout anti-gun rhetoric, which new law do you think would have kept a gun from the hands of the three teenagers accused in this murder?

Secondly, since the victim was white and two of the three teenagers are black, the silence from the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of the world is deafening.  I hate to bring up race, but in this case it is important to recognize that race does matter to those who have built dynasties on racism.  Being a human being appears to be of little importance when there is an injustice, but being of a certain race does matter.

There are many times I agree with the injustices many leaders speak out against, but I do not agree with speaking out only in the cases that advance organizations that benefit from racial tension.  The sad truth is that there are people in America who would lose their power and financial support if there was no racial tension in this country.  So, why would they ever want to really fight for true racial harmony?

But the one thing that stands out most to me about the murder of Christopher Lane is the excuse given for the shooting.  James Edwards, 15, and Chauncey Lane, 16, have been charged with murder and are being held without bond. Michael Jones, 17, is charged with being an accessory to murder after the fact and firing a weapon. He is being held on $1 million bail.  James Edwards confessed and said the three teens shot Christopher Lane because they were “bored” and they did it for “fun.”  All three will be tried as adults.

The setting for this horrific murder is Duncan, Oklahoma – a rural farming and ranching community.  This did not happen in a city neighborhood infested with crime and drug dealers where a kid getting his first gun might compare to a child getting his first bike.  This random shooting happened in a part of this country that most Americans would consider safe.

The admission from one of the teenagers that they did it because they were “bored” speaks volumes about condition of society in 2013.  Forgive me if I sound ‘old-fashioned,’ but there were plenty of times when I was bored as a teenager. My Dad had a gun and I knew exactly where he kept the gun.  At no time was there the slightest thought of using a gun to end my boredom.

It occurs to me that there are several young generations that lack the skills to deal with those inevitable human moments of being bored.  And when children lack certain skills to deal with things innate to being a human, I can’t help but look at the generations of parents that have given too much power to young people by assuming that it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure their children are never bored.

Today, there is a never-ending supply of incredible technology that can be used to entertain children and teens all the time and anywhere – at home, in the car and sitting at the table while having dinner with their parents.  But what has this done to children and teenagers?  It has robbed them of the ability to cope with those natural moments when we all get bored.  As an adult generation, we have allowed that to happen.  Yes, much of it is the fault of parents today.

Not that any excuse of a random murder would be acceptable, but the least acceptable excuse is they killed a person because they were “bored.”  If you are a parent and if you are trying to entertain your children all the time or if you are striving to make certain they are never bored, you are failing in an important aspect of parenting.  Sometimes, even as adults, we get bored – that’s life.  So teach your children to deal with it because that is part of preparing them for the real world.

The father of one of the teens charged with the murder spoke to reporters and said that he is sad for the parents of the young man who was killed, but he said that he, too, has lost a son from this tragedy.  I understand what he’s saying, but maybe the lesson to learn is that parents, aided by modern society, have allowed their children to have unrealistic expectations about real life in general.  The mother of one of the teens said that if her son was involved, he should be punished.  My question might be – how much do you bother punishing him when he was younger?
I’m not sure how a law would be crafted that would hold parents accountable for the criminal behavior of their children, but the message from those of us who are civilized in society is simple – be a parent to your children or don’t show up crying in front of TV cameras when your failure leads to tragedy. 

Some children raised by good, caring parents are bad, but there are too many parents today that have blamed everything except themselves for the failings for which they do not want to be held responsible.

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08/21/2013 6:26PM
Scoot Blog: Murdering someone because they were ‘’bored?’’
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08/21/2013 10:09PM
good word
I have to admit I don't like you one bit. But I thought the blog was good. Answer your email.
08/21/2013 11:25PM
You hit the nail on the head.
Parents don't parent in this day and age.
08/21/2013 11:31PM
If only two of them are black, what is the third one?
Most of the time it's blacks doing the shooting.
08/22/2013 12:52AM
I agree
Good blog Scoot.its beyond belief that anyone would shoot an innocent man because they're bored. Very sad. And frightening.
08/22/2013 1:01AM
Good For You Scoot
Racism cuts both ways, but race baiters don't like to talk about it. Well done, Scoot.
08/22/2013 8:26AM
Ditto that feeling and I agree Totally! Thanks for the insight Scoot!
You are so right!
08/22/2013 10:38AM
Race will always be an issue
"Secondly, since the victim was white and two of the three teenagers are black, the silence from the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of the world is deafening"....You don't understand. A white person killed a black teenager and walked free! ....These black teenagers killed a white person but most certainly will not walk free! George Zimmerman is just as guilty as those teenagers for profiling a black kid walking down the street and then killing him. How in the world is this any different? I'll tell you, race.
08/22/2013 3:11PM
Race update
A white person killed a black teenager and walked free! George Zimmerman is not white, he is hispanic. Ask any black person with a white parent if they are white.
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