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Scoot Blog: Miley Cyrus - a sexual train wreck!

In the blog, “What the MTV Music Video Awards tell us about a young generation,” I point out the positive aspects of the MTV awards show last night, and I do mention one of the strong negatives – Miley Cryus’ performance.

Last night I tweeted: “Watching the MTV Awards: Justin Timberlake is total classy talent. Miley Cyrus was vulgar trash!” It seems I am not the only one who had that reaction to Cyrus’ raunchy actions. Two sisters watching in a suburb of New Orleans, who would both be in her demographic and know all the lyrics and dance moves to today’s music both had a very negative reaction to Cyrus last night. “Twinkle twinkle little whore, close your legs, they’re not a door,” commented a 13-year-old. Her 19-year-old sister said Miley Cyrus’ performance was “a very disgusting and shocking performance. She has gone from a Disney Channel star to a slut. No one really expected anything less from her considering the music video for “We Can’t Stop.” It was also very disturbing. I think she was just begging for attention and truly has gone off the deep end.” 

For the record, I have defended Miley Cyrus’ evolution into her life after Disney – from her wearing short shorts and crop tops while pumping gas - to her choice of video content, but I cannot defend her performance last night.

As most of you know, I am not a prude by any means and I support and understand freedom of expression.  I also believe that some of the visuals considered ‘too sexual’ by many in the mainstream media, like Janet Jackson’s alleged wardrobe malfunction during a Super Bowl Half-time show and the on-stage sexual antics of Madonna, Lady Gaga and many of the other pop sex goddesses, do not have the power to inspire early sexual activity in young generations.  Those displays are merely reflections of the sexuality that lives within the vast majority of young teenagers as they sense the presence of hormones.  It’s natural and rather than blame entertainment, parents should simply teach and expect sexual ‘responsibility’ from their teenagers.

In her big summer hit, “We Can’t Stop,” Miley Cyrus sings about “Molly,” and that was censored by MTV during the awards show.  “Molly” stands for molecule and is a powder or crystal form of MDMA – the chemical used in the sexual-inspiring drug Ecstasy.  I can only speak from what I have heard others say about the drug Ecstasy.  It is an illegal drug that induces feelings of erotic euphoria and inspires overt sexual desires.  Anyone who watched her performance on the MTV awards show, last night, would not be surprised if Miley Cyrus was not just singing about “Molly,” but was indeed on “Molly.”

Though Madonna, Lady Gaga and others have been criticized for their blatant sexuality on-stage, there was something about the forced and unnatural exposure to the full length of Miley Cyrus’ tongue and the use of her real hand, and later performing with Robin Thicke, a foam finger to simulate self-gratification and her ‘twerking’ that turned an effort at achieving art into a display of vulgarity.

It is often said that “any publicity is good publicity” and Miley Cyrus did reach any star’s goal of having a much-talked about and memorable performance. However, I’m not sure she is at the point where her audience is ready for that kind of rebellious sexual maturity.  Her only hope is that the performance introduces her to a new audience that is ready for her new on-stage sexuality.

Miley Cyrus showed that she does not have the maturity to pull off this major leap to a different performing level.  While you might not agree with the open displays of sexuality by Madonna, Lady Gaga and others, it does seem obvious that 20-year-old Miley is not yet ready to be a pop sex goddess.  Her hope now should be that she can allow wise guidance to lead her through this attempt at career suicide.

Performers have changed their images from nice to naughty – but it is more difficult to go back and forth from nice to naughty to whatever is next.  Based on her performance last night, I wonder if Miley Cyrus may be ‘positioning herself’ (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) for the adult entertainment industry?

Have faith that many young teens, like the two sisters quoted earlier in this blog, were turned-off and disgusted by Miley Cryus’ vulgar presence.  The widespread condemnation of Cyrus’ performance at the MTV VMA’s, even among teenagers, shows us that even teenagers know when something goes too far!  And that is reassuring!


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08/26/2013 5:45PM
Scoot Blog: Miley Cyrus - a sexual train wreck!
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08/26/2013 8:31PM
I'm an 80y/o white guy, THANK GOD FOR MILEY!!!!!!!!!!! I ,
08/26/2013 9:31PM
Child stars gone wild
I tend to think that when child stars leave Disney or other child entertainment industry field, they have been held back and want attention. I think it's their parents living out their dreams through their kids.
08/26/2013 11:48PM
Too Much
What was the tounge all about? If she want sexy I don't give darn she should ask Madonna to mentor her. But this performance was horrible!
08/27/2013 1:23AM
If shock factor is want you wanted Smiley, well you got it! You have lost the respect of so many who use to adore you. You need go take some lessons from others, like Justin Timberlake! For the most part, he has made it not only for his talent, but because he has some class! I will pray that sometime soon you will see this has been a big valley in your life!
08/27/2013 1:54AM
Its no wonder foreign country's hate America. People like Miley that give Americans a bad rep! We should have a Moral law for public appearances, and the punishment should be execution. If someone acts as if they have no value on their life, they should be treated like it as well.
08/27/2013 8:25AM
After hearing all the negative comments i just had to see the video myself and i was truly shocked. It was disgusting. It is really sad that Miley believes she has to do that. Her father must be so proud (sarcasm)!!
08/27/2013 4:36PM
trailer trash
miley cyrus and lady gaga should rent a car togeather. and drive it off a cliff
08/28/2013 12:20PM
Response to the "OMG" comment
Dude. Are you Islamic or something? I get your frustration but... Execution?
08/28/2013 12:46PM
OMG response
No, i am a white christian male. i am just tired of people with no morals. we would not have so many Crazy shootings, rampages, and kidnappings if people would just use a little sense and think about their actions. yes execution is an extreme reaction. children watch these things. I'm not saying that you cant be a freak in private, just not in public.
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