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Scoot Blog: Louisiana?s sodomy law -- unconstitutional but enforced

There has been outrage in Louisiana and across the country over the government collecting phone numbers and tracking some online activity in an on-going effort to fight terrorism.  Where is the outrage over police in Louisiana for arresting individuals on charges based on an unconstitutional law?

The Advocate newspaper reported over the weekend that a unit in the East Baton Rouge sheriff’s office has been arresting men for violating Louisiana’s anti-sodomy law.  The arrests of at least 12 men go back to 2011 and some are as recent as last month.
According to the report in The Advocate, the East Baton Rouge sheriff’s office set up sting operations to enforce the state’s anti-sodomy laws.  The officers arrested men who discussed or agreed to meet to have consensual sex in private with undercover officers.

What we have here and in 12 other states is police enforcing morality and blatantly invading the privacy of individual Americans.  Lets’ define ‘sodomy’ according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: noun: anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex.  Louisiana’s law making sodomy illegal refers to “unnatural carnal copulation.”

Sheriff’s deputies in East Baton Rouge parish, which is essentially the Baton Rouge area, have been allowed to arrest citizens based on their specific moral and religious beliefs.  Law enforcement should NEVER allow their religious beliefs to guide the arrests of individuals.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux III, who permitted these unconstitutional arrests, has now apologized “to anyone that was unintentionally harmed or offended by the actions of our investigation.”  He said he has now instructed his officers to stop enforcing the unconstitutional anti-sodomy law on the books in Louisiana.  Sheriff Gautreaux has also asked for better training and supervision of his officers.

Would Sheriff Gautreaux have apologized and stopped the practice of arresting individuals based on an unconstitutional law if this practice was not brought to light by a reporter?  I doubt it.  Though Louisiana is among some of the backwards-thinking states that still have anti-sodomy laws on the books does not make the laws enforceable.  In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the case of Lawrence v. Texas that laws banning sodomy are an unconstitutional invasion of privacy.

Hillar C. Moore III, the district attorney for East Baton Rouge parish told the New York Times that he was not aware of the arrests until he was informed by a newspaper reporter last week.  He discovered that his office had been referred up to 10 cases over the past two and a half years, but dropped the cases because no evidence linked money to the allegations.

The public should know that East Baton Rouge Sheriff Gautreaux wasted taxpayers’ money in his attempt to use his police force to inflict specific moral and religious beliefs that have been declared unconstitutional.  But this ‘red-neck’ mentality is not confined to East Baton Rouge parish.

Republican lawmakers in Texas have killed legislative efforts to remove the anti-sodomy laws from their books.  Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback did not allow attempts to remove the anti-sodomy laws from the books in his state last year. Earlier this month, Virginia gubernatorial candidate and state attorney general Ken Cuccinelli launched a website promoting his efforts to enforce Virginia’s law banning sodomy.

Since 2003, laws banning sodomy have been unconstitutional. Period!  Any and all attempts to enforce these antiquated anti-sodomy laws in Louisiana or other states should be considered an invasion of privacy by government forces.

And for those who are quick to side with the enforcement of anti-sodomy laws – I ask how many of you have and continue to engage in the exact physical sexual activity you want banned?  You can’t have it both ways.  If it is illegal for some – it is illegal for you, too.
The indisputable truth is that some Americans continue to desperately cling to the outdated anti-sodomy laws as weapons to use in their religious crusade.  If this crusade is exposed during the upcoming elections and if the Republican Party fails to exorcize itself from it – Democrats could seem more gains as the GOP continues to lose support from younger voters, women and ALL rational-thinking Americans!

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07/30/2013 11:57PM
Scoot Blog: Louisiana’s sodomy law -- unconstitutional but enforced
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07/31/2013 5:07AM
I now know all I need to know about SCOOT. Oh, by the way; do you have a last name???
07/31/2013 6:59PM
Paisant is his last name. If he's not gay, he certainly is curious about it.
07/31/2013 11:36PM
public parks
The sheriff's office needs to make arrests under what the law allows for certain situations. It is a known fact that in EBR that there are several public parks that are pick up spots for homosexual men. These parks are paid for with taxpayer dollars to promote recreational activities for citizens including small children. These men need to socialize somewhere else.
08/01/2013 7:32AM
Sounds like Scoot is worried he will be picked up for anal sex ...
Sounds like Scoot is worried he will be picked up for anal sex ...
08/01/2013 7:58AM
Scoot the nonsense you post explains how a clown like Obama could get elected ...
with a 1.7% economic growth rate, sodomy is just not a crisis in this country. Democrats win because ignorance and government dependence rates are higher than ever. Have all the gay sex you want. We have bigger problems.
08/01/2013 8:00AM
Scoot, you and your followers are mostly professional victims ...
Better if WWL just played ESPN re-runs after 8 p.m. There is no wisdom to be gained from you.
08/01/2013 8:03AM
Obama has spent more time celebrating sodomy than he did trying to rescue his
ambassador in benghazi.
08/01/2013 8:04AM
Scoot thinks he is rational .... LOL ... he worships and prays to Obama .....
.... LOL what a clown!!!!!!
08/01/2013 2:20PM
pickle park
wheres this park at?
08/02/2013 5:31AM
Obama is dog feces.
Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.Obama is dog feces.
08/03/2013 11:34AM
Scoot is aging hippie ... hired to fill time when sports talk is not on ...
he is the typical late night talk jock that imagines he is smarter than everyone else and has millions of fans. He is a PC leftist that bows to the homosexual and black communities ... nothing more.
08/03/2013 11:53AM
Well, you know things are bad for Scoot and his fellow Democrats ...
when they try to make anal sex their number one issue—guess the economy is not going so well after all.
08/07/2013 10:47AM
Republicans would rather
focus on arresting people for non public consensual sex than trying to improve the economy.
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