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Scoot Blog: KID ROCK-ED!

Through my radio career as a morning personality on music stations and now as a talk show host, I have seen many incredible concerts with some of the biggest and the best at the height of their careers – Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Rod Stewart, Brue Springsteen, Duran Duran, Sting, Bon Jovi are just a few.

Honestly, the Kid Rock concert last night at the New Orleans Arena was one of the BEST concerts I have ever seen! I became an instant Kid Rock fan when I first saw him perform at Jazz Fest. I was impressed by his energy on stage, his musical talent and even the depth of his songwriting. So I went to the concert last night with high expectations.

Kid Rock-ed! Jazz Fest is a fun daytime venue that does not allow performers to hide any lack of talent behind an elaborate light show or sage production. Too often the stage production of a concert distracts from the talent of the performer.

Last night, Kid Rock’s lighting and stage production were elaborate, but did not distract from his talent. I was impressed. There are not many performers who can be described as ‘unique’. Kid Rock is one who deserves that description. He is rock, country and rap and he has his own distinct moves that make his stage presence awesome.
In addition to his remarkable talent, the content of Kid Rock’s music and overall message are different. Kid Rock’s love of America and his recognition of God during the show are similar to what you expect from many country music performers.

Kid Rock is a Republican in a world dominated by Democrats. He supported Mitt Romney in the presidential campaign, but made a gesture that he has no hard feeling toward President Obama. His candidate simply did not win the election. That should make Kid Rock a role model for many Americans.

The show opened with a video and a Kid Rock voice over. He thanked the Lord for America and asked for a blessing that he does not disappoint the audience. During the show Kid Rock voiced over another video about how America is the BEST place to raise a flag – a son – a daughter and expectations.

Toward the end of the show red, white and blue balloons dropped from the ceiling in the style of a political convention and as the balloons descended to the audience they began to bat them around. During a patriotic moment in the show, a giant America flag unfurled and draped across the entire back of the stage. It was electrifying!

There was not a lot of time between the opening act – Buckcherry – and Kid Rock. It wasn’t long after Buckcherry left the stage when the stage backdrop was filled with video slides of fans and a countdown to the start of the concert.

I first noticed it at 15 minutes and when it hit 1 minute to ‘start of show’ the crowd applauded and cheered in anticipation of what was about to hit the stage! I have been in enough backstage situations to know that performers often take their time and don’t start their shows on time. Recently, Madonna has angered many of her fans with obnoxious delays and long waits for the ‘star’ to start the show are common in the world of rock. But Kid Rock is different. He respects his fans enough to not put on what fans perceive as an egocentric delay. That was another thing that impressed me about Kid Rock.

I don’t recall a concert where I saw fans stand for the entire show! From the moment Kid Rock was launched onto the stage, the crowd stood and would not sit down.

There are always a few performers who get the label of being ‘great in concert’. Kid Rock is now one of those performers. If you EVER get a chance to see Kid Rock LIVE – do not pass it up! Go! You will be impressed!
With all the obnoxious rock stars in the world and the lack of respect they show for their fans, it’s really nice to see someone who looks like one of those rockers with tattoos and a bad attitude prove that you can’t judge people by the way they look!

I would now classify Kid Rock as a ‘superstar’...Great show, Kid Rock!!!

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02/22/2013 5:49PM
Scoot Blog: KID ROCK-ED!
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02/22/2013 9:15PM
Gerat talent.
Check out kid and cheryl crowe. Had me at Singing Sweethome ALABAMA all summer long
02/23/2013 1:41PM
Glad to know you enjoyed the show
Scoot glad to know Kid Rock did perform a superb show in New Orleans. I am happy to know that Kid Rock is a Republican that supported Mitt Romney and is one of the few rock stars that appreciates his fans. The best concert I ever attended was performed by Roger Whittaker in 1988. I would have to loved to seen the late Donna Summer perform on stage but I am happy to have seen her on concerts on television.
02/24/2013 8:19PM
Kid is a superstar
I've seen Kid in concert 14 times over the last 8 yrs and EVERY show has been different and kept me on my feet the entire show! He is a true American star!
02/26/2013 12:47PM
just sayin
I have loved Kid Rock for years, but I have never had a chance to see him in concert until last week in New Orleans. That show couldnt have been better! The energy he put into the entire concert was amazing! And to top that off he shared his dedication to our country and God! THEN he sincerely thanked the audience for spending our money to come see them! I was entertained and touched by his sincerity. Im sure I will never attend another concert of this caliber again...unless, of course, I have the opportunity to see KID ROCK live again!!!!!
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