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Scoot Blog: It?s the End of the World! Or, is it?

The idea of a U.S. military attack against Syria has inspired more ‘end of the world’ predictions!

FOX News anchor Neil Cavuto spent a segment on his show on the possibility that an attack against Syria could be a sign of the End Times.  Cavuto referred to the Old Testament when he talked about the Christian belief that Jesus Christ will return to face the Antichrist.  He said, “Don’t laugh. Some Biblical scholars say it’s all there in black & white.”

Neil Cavuto is not the first – and won’t be the last - person to predict the end of the world based on political turmoil.  My question is – why are some people so willing to put on the clown face by making ridiculous predictions?  Is it a desperate attempt to grab attention through the creation of hysteria?

Here are just a few of the ‘end of the world’ predictions over time:
  • 1000, Jan 1: Pope Sylvester II predicted the Millennium Apocalypse would occur on this day. Riots broke out in Europe and Pilgrims headed east to Jerusalem.
  • 1284: Pope Innocent III predicted the world would end 666 years after the rise of Islam.
  • 1656: Christopher Columbus predicted the world would end in his “Book of Prophecies” (1501).
  • 1780, May 19: Connecticut General Assembly members predicted that the sky would turn dark from a combination of smoke from forest fires, a thick fog and cloud cover and that would mark the end of the world.
  • 1836: John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, referred to the years 1058-1836 as the time when Christ “should come.”
  • 1853-1856: Various sources believed the Crimean War was the Battle of Armageddon.
  • 1962, Feb. 4: Jeane Dixon scared many Americans with her prediction that a planetary alignment on this day would lead to the destruction of the world.
  • 1967, Aug. 20: This day would mark the beginning of the end of the world with the destruction of the southeastern U.S. by a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union.
  • 1982: Pat Robertson predicted this was the year the end of the world would occur.
  • 1985: Evangelist Lester Sumrall predicted the world would end in his book, I Predict 1985.
  • 1987, Nov.: REM released “It’s the End of the World (As We Know It)”
  • 1994: Harold Camping predicted the world would end on three different days.
  • 1995, Mar. 31: Harold Camping predicted for the 4th time the world would end on this day – and said this would be his last prediction until 2011!
  • 1999: Nostradamus predicted the world would end in this year with the “King of Terror” coming from the sky.
  • 1999: There were countless predictions that the world would end when the calendar changed to January 1, 2000.
  • 2000: Lester Sumrall again predicted the world would end – this time in his book, “I Predict 2000.”
  • 2011: As promised, Harold Camping made more predictions that the world would end on Sept. 29 and again on Oct 21 of 2000.
And, you may have noticed… We are all still here!  

Fear is one of the human emotions that inspires people to take action or follow the one who proclaims to have the inside information about the end of the world.  Neil Cavuto joins a long list of people who have predicted the end of the world – presumably to draw attention to themselves.

Fallen televangelist Jim Bakker, who is back with a show, is constantly predicting the end times are near and is soliciting donations by selling products that will help people survive the end of the world.

I am often criticized for my belief that the Bible can be interpreted in many ways. Over time, numerous scholars have interpreted the symbolism in the Book of Revelation to define specific political developments as definite signs the world was about to end.

The good news is – the world is not about to end even if there is a military attack against Syria.  The bad news is, you have to continue to pay your bills!

So, relax and enjoy the upcoming weekend!  I don’t want to alarm you, but there is something in Revelation that refers to a winged-creature that seems to point to the end of the world coming when the Atlanta Falcons win the Super Bowl!

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09/19/2013 5:44PM
Scoot Blog: It’s the End of the World! Or, is it?
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09/19/2013 10:16PM
Yea, eventually the piece of SH!T Obama will have to leave the White House
and the stench will be removed and Scoot will still be having lots of bûtt sex ... so from that perspective there is a chance we can clean up Obama’s messes while Scoot stays busy.
09/19/2013 10:19PM
Perhaps Chris Matthews will have a better chance to lick Obama’ s legs when
Bam becomes an EX-president. Could be good for Matthews who lusts after Obama daily ...
09/19/2013 10:21PM
Nancy Pelosi is old and will likely die within ten years so that is good news ...
she can be put on display at the Smithsonian as a modern mummy.
09/19/2013 10:23PM
Dirty Harry Reid will evetually have to answer to the mob ... his union
connections and personal corruption will catch up with him ... he will be sent down river and that too will be good news.
09/19/2013 10:25PM
The Feds will have to stop printing 85 billion a month in a few years and the
economy will collapse and all the ignorant black folks who worship Obama and live on the dole will be on the street along with many of their stupid white cracker buddies ... and that will be good news ... all the clowns will reap the suffering they so richly deserve ...
09/19/2013 10:28PM
Hillary will not be elected president ... she is too old and ugly and even the
ignorant Facebook® crowd will find her too wrinkled--Bill already does.
09/19/2013 10:31PM
Obama will build a museum to himself with 10,001 mirrors ... he will die of old age
while staring at his reflection.
09/19/2013 10:35PM
Biden will simply disappear and no will know what happened and only about
three people will care.
09/19/2013 10:39PM
Former NBA player Jason Collins will die of AIDS and the NBA will force
its players to wear a pink ribbon make PSAs saying it was Bush's fault.
09/19/2013 10:42PM
All in good fun except the one about Obama dying while staring at his reflection ..
that one will happen ... if you chose “g” you win. Congrats.
09/20/2013 1:02AM
The good news is Scoot's show on WWL WILL eventually END ...
dis true.
09/20/2013 1:09AM
Scoot is always trying to make the Bible say that God approves of gay sex ...
reality is that Scoot wants God to conform to him rather than submitting to God. Scoot is religious out of an outside chance that God is real, but he is not a Christian.
09/20/2013 1:48AM
Keep your lamp full of oil
Just believe and enjoy life.
09/20/2013 9:09AM
Scoot will retire to Kentucky and head up an organization fighting for
Incest Rights.
09/20/2013 9:11AM
Scoot was seen at Starbucks recently without a gun and wearing 66 pink ribbons ...
he still had to pay for his coffee.
09/20/2013 9:12AM
Where to aging hippies go? ... they end up on WWL filling the time when
sports talk is not on.
09/20/2013 9:23AM
Scoot loves to mock and trash Christians while portraying himself as a gay
Catholic on a human right campaign for anal sex ... Scoot is a joke and we all enjoy laughing at him ... LOL
09/20/2013 9:32AM
If Scoot did not get mocked, he would be totally irrelevant ... he can be thankful
that at least some folks mock him and return his vile.
09/21/2013 10:47AM
Scoot said the right wing dominate America's media
I heard him say this while driving through west Texas on Thursday night. Is he really that deluded or is he just trolling for responses? ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, vs. Fox and the right wing is in control.
10/03/2013 5:03PM
Scoot's illiteracy
Scoot is illiterate when it comes to believing in prophetic events that will come to pass. The Bible talks about people like him. II Peter 3:3 "Knowing this first that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying where is the promise of His coming?
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