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Scoot Blog: ''I Have a Dream that..''

Today on the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, President Obama stood in the spot where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech and assessed where America is in terms of race relations 50 years later.  

As we look around our own lives we can see that much progress has been made toward equality.  But when we witness the tendency to judge so many news stories and events along racial lines, we are reminded that we still have a long challenge ahead.

Racial segregation in 2013 is not as physically blatant as it was when blacks were separated with separate schools and water fountains and banned from lunch counters and relegated to the back of public buses, but the progress realized in ending the most obvious aspects of segregation should not make us blind to continuing, yet more subtle, forms of judgment and discrimination in America.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speech should be remembered and celebrated as a message about the promise that in America, everyone should be treated equally.  On this day in 1963, the speech focused on the injustices against blacks that contradicted the intent of our Founding Fathers.  Today, the message of the speech should be applied to the injustices that still exist and the new injustices that challenge what it means to be an American.

We can also use this anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech to think about our own dreams for America.  And as we all take inventory of our hearts and minds, we should realize that we are truly in need of people who have dreams for this country.

I have a dream…that in this increasingly divided America we can all come and realize that we are human beings first.  We are humans before we are Americans. We are Americans before we are liberals and conservatives.  Many Americans are willing to identify themselves first, as conservative or liberal before thinking of themselves as Americans – and nowhere is this more obvious than in Washington, D.C.

I have a dream that…all Americans will understand that freedom of speech protects the rights of others to say things you disagree with and that disagreement should be appreciated as one of the unique freedoms of being an American.  As a radio talk show host, I witness a growing disrespect of freedom of speech every day when disagreement so quickly becomes a reason to hate.

I have a dream that…all Americans will return to respecting and teaching the importance of personal accountability.  We have become a nation that continues to show diminished respect for the concept of individuals accepting responsibility for their actions.  Bartenders and wait staff now being held accountable for customers who drink too much and drive home is a perfect microcosm of a society that is willing to blame someone or something else for their mistakes in life.  Another excellent example is the trend of blaming violent video games or entertainment for the negative behavior of young generations.  There was a time in America when blaming a form of entertainment would never have been considered as an excuse for negative actions.

I have a dream that…all Americans will come to understand that life isn’t fair and that you are not entitled to a job, happiness, money or anything tangible.  You are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I have a dream that…all Americans that must of the resistance to change in this country is motivated by fear.  Change is the basis of everything and change is inevitable.  Those who instinctively protest certain changes have reaped the benefits of past changes.

I have a dream that…parents will once again learn to be parents.  You cannot always be your kid’s best friend – but you always must be their parent.  For all of us to live in a civilized society, every parent must teach their children right from wrong and that there are always consequences for negative behavior.  I have a dream that parents who bring children into this world will understand that their child cannot be good at everything and that failures and losses are part of the human existence.  But we learn from our failures and losses how to be better at things we can be better at and we also learn how to discover what we are best at.

I have a dream that…all Americans will stop blaming the government for everything that is wrong in their lives, when most of their problems result from actions and events that are beyond the control of the government.

I have a dream that…all Americans will understand that the government cannot take away your faith or your religious beliefs and we should be afraid of those who promote the idea of the government being involved in making moral decisions about the private lives of individuals.  Any alleged ‘war on Christianity’ will cause no collateral damage in the faith and beliefs of your world.

As a society, we are easily herded into groups that celebrate our differences and by watching, hearing or reading the news on a daily basis, we can be led to believe that our power to manifest positive change is hopeless.  We look to the President and other elected officials to change America for the better, when the real power to change lies within each individual American.

What we do in our everyday lives, how we react to others, how we treat others and the dreams and morality we pass on to our children are the things that define America.

Our nation is nothing more than a collection of individuals and we cannot expect our nation to be better than the individuals that make up America.  So, rather than look to those we think have power, let us look at ourselves, as individuals, and realize that we have the power to change America!

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08/28/2013 7:47PM
Scoot Blog: ''I Have a Dream that…..''
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08/28/2013 9:35PM
Well, nice try, but ignorance rules in American and thus, clowns like Obama
are worshiped and lusted over by the media and average fools. America's best days are OVER. The culture and its leaders are corrupt and most folks are too busy posting on Facebook® to care.
08/28/2013 9:37PM
If you voted for Obama, you HATE America as founded .
it is not complicated.
08/28/2013 9:39PM
Obama is the MOST corrupt politician in modern history.
Obama is the MOST corrupt politician in modern history.
08/28/2013 9:40PM
Harry Reid is a common thug.
Harry Reid is a common thug.
08/28/2013 9:41PM
Good people do NOT compromise with EVIL-OBAMA.
Good people do NOT compromise with EVIL-OBAMA.
08/28/2013 9:45PM
The ONLY thing Obama has succeeded at is having black skin and he had nothing to
do with that.
08/28/2013 10:26PM
One misunderstood Equality
How could the concept of Equality coexist with the Individualism of Capitalistic societies? The eternal struggle between rich and poor originates from a certain right commonly taken for granted: the right to wealth at birth. That is the first obstacle for Equality. What would be the merit of an individual at birth in a Capitalistic society that is based upon work-reward and meritocracy? If inheritance were eliminated the whole Planet would find a new equilibrium in the time span of one new generation. Like also if all people were to start their Capitalistic race from the same starting point then that race would really be about competition and the obtained benefits would be well deserved. In light of this change, the people could then spend to educate their children but donation and inheritance would not be allowed. An Equality of opportunity would then exist for any "newly arrived". The assets acquired by the people would be distributed after their death in part for a safety net created for the survival of everyone while the rest would end up being auctioned in a free market open to the competition like Capitalism should have been. http://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Commutalism http://www.wavevolution.org/en/freethinking.html
08/28/2013 11:15PM
I have a dream for true freedom and equality
1 John 4:20 If a man say , I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen , how can he love God whom he hath not seen?
08/29/2013 9:27AM
I dont think that everyone who disagrees with President Obama is a racist. But the hatred that comes with the disagreement shows who are racist!!! I don't agree with everything the president says just like I didn't like everything president Bush did but I still respected bush
08/29/2013 1:36PM
Liberals are HUMAN DEBRIS ... but at least between aids, abortion and
black on black crime they keep their numbers down ...
08/29/2013 1:37PM
Capitalism pays for all the other "isms' that idiots aspire to.
Capitalism pays for all the other "isms' that idiots aspire to.
08/29/2013 1:39PM
Sorry Charlie, but Obama is not God and first hated America as founded ...
1 John 4:20 If a man say , I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen , how can he love God whom he hath not seen?
08/29/2013 1:40PM
Blacks are apparently most ignorant ... they voted for Obama who works
hard to keep them unemployed but at least they are swimming in food stamps ... LOL ...
08/29/2013 1:41PM
There is NOTHING to love or respect about the Clown Obama.
There is NOTHING to love or respect about the Clown Obama.
08/29/2013 1:47PM
People who are always telling everyone else how they should care for
the poor or allow their taxes to be raised, or estates seized by the government upon their death are generally just lazy people who do not want to work and cannot accept personal responsibility ... Liberals abuse the Bible to justify their laziness and greed.
08/29/2013 1:53PM
"Seriously?!!! " ... you are a leftist clown ... bet you spend your time
dancing around trash can fires chanting praise to your Lord and Savior Obama ... LOL .. nice try.
08/29/2013 1:55PM
The greatest greed exists in Washington and among the poor.
The greatest greed exists in Washington and among the poor.
08/29/2013 1:57PM
Most blacks voted for Obama because he is black and their government dependence ...
basically most blacks are ignorant.
08/29/2013 1:58PM
Speaking of SPAM ... there is Scoot and this blog ...
08/29/2013 2:02PM
People should HATE incompetence (Obama) ... why aspire to failure? ...
America can do much better than the idiot Obama ... he is the worst president in modern history ...
08/29/2013 2:12PM
Gee, Scoot you will offend white liberals and blacks ... they believe government is
the end all and worship big government ...
08/29/2013 2:14PM
Scoot ... most leftists have to blame government ... they are dependent on government
from cradle to grave ...
08/29/2013 2:39PM
Would be nice Scoot, but 53% of the people in this country are too incompetent
and lazy to take care of their own business so they elected Obama to do it.
08/29/2013 7:28PM
Obama is a piece of DOG DUNG for suing Louisiana to prevent low income
minorities from getting access to good schools .. school he would never send his kids to.
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