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Scoot Blog: Did George Zimmerman Profile Trayvon Martin?

Opening statements in the murder trial of George Zimmerman included the prosecution using the F-bomb to paint the defendant was a man who had profiled 17-year-old Trayvon Martin before getting out of his car. 

Prosecutor John Guy said that while talking to a police dispatcher Zimmerman said of Trayvon, “F---ing punks, these a—holes, they always get away.”  Those words could suggest that George Zimmerman possessed a vigilante mentality as a self-proclaimed neighborhood watch volunteer who was more interested in seeking revenge against a stereotype than in providing protection for his neighborhood.  

The opening for the prosecution was powerful.  George Zimmerman made a decision to arm himself and patrol his neighborhood.  If he also profiled Trayvon Martin before even getting out of the car in pursuit, then does this show that there was predisposed frustration and anger prior to the shooting?

I don’t know exactly what happened that night in Sanford, Florida and I respect anyone’s right to defend himself but I admit I have had a problem with an armed man getting out of his car and following a young man after a police dispatcher recommended he stay in the car until police arrived.  That seems to signal a man who is looking for a confrontation.  And if Zimmerman’s words suggested a negative attitude toward his suspect before the shooting, does it not seem as if he got out of his car anticipating a confrontation.

I am not ready to declare George Zimmerman ‘guilty’ and I have followed enough high-profile trials to know that one has to hear both sides of the case, but there are a few things we do know as this murder trial gets underway.  We know that if George Zimmerman had acted as a neighborhood watch volunteer and alerted police about a young man walking through a neighborhood and had remained in his car, then Trayvon Martin would not have been shot to death that night by Zimmerman and Zimmerman would not be on trial for second-degree murder.

What motivated Zimmerman to ignore the police dispatcher’s recommendation to remain in his car until police arrived? The prosecution is trying to establish that his words to the dispatcher reflected an aggressive attitude toward the suspect and that could lead you to conclude that Zimmerman was more of a vigilante than someone who was truly concerned with protecting his neighborhood.  And we can all speculate whether Zimmerman would have even gotten out of his car if he had not been armed.  There has never seemed to be any question that Zimmerman had a legal right to be carrying a gun, but did he feel a need to carry a gun in hopes of enforcing the law?

There are countless stories in the news that seem to indicate that some gun owners like to have their guns for more than just protection – they relish the new confidence they gain from carrying a gun.  I do believe that George Zimmerman felt threatened during a confrontation, but the question is did he, through his actions, create the threat?  And if that can be established in court, then would George Zimmerman be viewed as the aggressor?

Regardless of the ultimate verdict in this trial, the lesson to be learned is that guns should never be possessed for added confidence, only for protection and in this case it may be shown that there is a big difference between ‘confidence’ and ‘protection.’

As for the use of the F-bomb in court – it was not obscene - it was the appropriate way to define the attitude of the defendant.  One of the major news networks let the word go out live on the air during coverage of the opening statements and has since apologized.  Though the audience wasn’t expecting to hear profanity, we need to remember that we are watching ‘live’ coverage of a trail that is not beholden to the FCC.  The network’s apology should be sufficient.

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06/25/2013 8:43AM
Scoot Blog: Did George Zimmerman Profile Trayvon Martin?
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06/25/2013 10:07PM
Zimmerman Profiled Martin
06/26/2013 1:36PM
Who's screaming for help?
During Ms. Surdyka 911 call, she said, why did he shoot a boy before she knew it factually that it was a boy? This tells me she distinguished the voices that she heard as a male voice older the man and a younger voice high pitch as the boy. She also saidthe older male voice was the aggressor. To me this showed, she is right that it was the boy voice screaming for help. Based on her human instinct of voice observation she had it right before any outside influences.
06/26/2013 11:55PM
gun use
It was a terrible tragedy that should have never happened. It also revives discussions about responsible gun use.
06/28/2013 6:57PM
Blind racism.
G Zimmerman is innocent.
07/01/2013 3:33PM
shot in the heart
Zimmerman is clearly lying and guilty.it would not be possible for trayon to sit up/raise his arms/and clearly speak a sentence -you got me. after have been shot in the heart
07/02/2013 7:00AM
show the real trayvon martin, a 17 year old 6ft2 175, thug
All I have to say is why don't they show the real Travyon Martin. The 17 year old thug, not the 12 years child.. He was a thug, and no doubt that he would have killed Zimmerman and robbed a house. The only reason there is a trial is because of black and white, and the trial is just a shade of gray. If Zimmerman is found not guilty I am sure there will be a riot, If is found guilty it will be a travesty. Everyone is a Monday morning quarterback. Walk the walk, then make a comment. If you where fighting for your life what would u do, and not against a child, but a 17 year old thug, drug deal, and waste of time and space.
07/02/2013 12:50PM
A Bag of Skittles
On this day at this time, Trayvon Martin was simply walking back to his place of residence, nothing more. Where is the "17 year old thug, drug deal, and waste of time and space" in this scenario? You are clearly someone who would have also followed and killed a young man matching Trayvon's description without cause........SAD!
07/07/2013 9:15PM
Reaching for ("telephone)"
If one thought like police, and someone appeared to be going for something, and they did something in "self defense," how would Trayvon Martin know "Oh, its only a telephone." I mean come on, if GZ was screaming, how come he heard the dispatcher ask "was that you that yelled," and as if he was not out of breath matter of fact simply responded, "yes."
07/07/2013 9:26PM
GZ wanne be Charles Bronson Vigilante
I understand "hero worship" but I hope that it is for a noble occupation, like police, fireman, soldier, or something else other than planning to "Stand Your Ground." If I was walking home and someone was watching me, I might ask "Hi. How's it going?" But if they went for their "telephone" I might think like a law officer and do something to protect myself, even punch the person before they have a chance to draw and kill me.
07/17/2013 2:59AM
Don't kill, stop racial profilling
yes he did profile Trevon Martin. I'm older and don't dress like that, however I see young ones with extreme tatoos, or multible piercings, possible blue hair. they still someone child.
07/18/2013 4:21PM
What is profiling and what is racial profiling>>>
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