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Scoot Blog: Debauchery behind bars at OPP!

Today, as the shocking video from Orleans Parish Prison aired on CNN, the anchor referred to New Orleans as a “third-world country.”  While New Orleans has benefited from incredibly positive image-building from a series of national events over the past few years, including the Super Bowl this year…the video of prisoners in a now-closed section of Orleans Parish Prison cooking drugs, sipping Budweiser tall boys, cutting coke, shooting heroine, gambling with cash and displaying a loaded gun inside the prison projects a horrific image of our city.  But will it affect tourism?

America has seen videos and TV shows that expose life behind bars, but the video from inside Orleans Parish Prison is one of the most outrageous videos ever to reach the mainstream media.  As a native of this city, the video is embarrassing and appalling, and whoever is responsible for allowing this behavior and contributing to drugs, guns and alcohol getting into the prison should not only be fired, but should serve time – and not in a New Orleans jail where they can enjoy drugs, drinking, guns and gambling with stacks of cash. They need to go to a real prison!

The relaxed atmosphere of many federal prisons housing non-violent offenders has light-heartedly been referred to as being sentenced to a “club fed” – a mock of the party settings of popular beach resorts known as “Club Med.” The behavior captured on video inside Orleans Parish Prison reveals behavior that seems more fitting for a wild spring break party than life in a prison.  What we have all witnessed on the video is illegal actions that should lead to being in prison, not activity after conviction and sentencing to prison.

The debauchery behind bars in New Orleans has gotten national attention, and while this is not good for the image of New Orleans that has been so positive in recent years, I’m not sure it will hurt the image of our city when it comes to tourism and hosting major events.  Most people will be shocked and disturbed beyond belief by the behavior in the Orleans Parish Prison, but most people think that they could come to New Orleans and never be exposed to such threatening activities because it’s in a prison.

Unless you are planning to come to New Orleans to get arrested, you would not even consider even being affected by the deviant behavior behind bars. But sometimes good people are arrested for non-violent violations that would place them in the Orleans Parish Prison and that should be a concern for everyone.

However, if you were planning to go to a city to get arrested – maybe New Orleans offers more than other cities!

Click HERE to view the video shot inside OPP.  WARNING - video contains strong language and imagery of hard-core drug use.

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04/03/2013 6:58PM
Scoot Blog: Debauchery behind bars at OPP!
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04/04/2013 12:04PM
You gotta be joking.
You obviously have never been to opp. Conditions there are disgusting and deplorable. People get streptococcal menangitis, a life threatening disease, from the mold that cakes the walls. They sleep on dirty floors with no blankets. They sleep with their heads next to raw sewage because the toilets don't flush. They go hungry because the prison is constantly running out of food. They are denied medication and women sometimes have no choice but to bleed on themselves because they wont give you sanitary products for your period. I agree that the video is harmful and projects a false image, but thats because ignorant people like you assume that prisoners are in there living it up and having a grand time when in reality they are crying themselves to sleep at night.
04/05/2013 7:28AM
To you gotta be joking.....WHAAAAAAAAA frickin WHAAAAAAAAA. Who cares about their "conditions?!" Victim families are crying themselves to sleep at night. Let em rot like the trash that they are! SMH @ you
04/05/2013 10:43AM
Who's joking?
"....ignorant people like you assume that prisoners are in there living it up and having a grand time ...." That gang we saw on the video sure seemed to be living it up and having a grand time. It's just the same as being at their usual hangouts.
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