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Scoot Blog: Cruz to Nowhere on Capitol Hill

I’ve heard about cruise ships that offer cruises to nowhere!  You get on a ship and just cruise around and literally go nowhere – ending up where you boarded the cruise.  Republican, Democrats and many Americans have just been on a Cruz to nowhere with Captain Ted Cruise.

What started out, over two weeks ago, as a bold attempt to defund Obamacare using a government shutdown as a threat, a few Republicans led mainly by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), is expected to finally end tonight after a bitterly-fought political game in Washington, D.C.

Since the beginning, I’ve been consistent with my observation that this strategy by a fringe wing of the Republican Party would prove to be a mistake and would damage the image of the party.  That is exactly what has happened.  Now, the final results of the game are reaching political scoreboards across the country and there is nothing that should be a surprise to anyone.
The listeners, who have disagreed with my observations, now find themselves disagreeing with many who are considered leaders of conservative ideology in America.  Among those who agree with the assessment that this right-wing attempt to hold the government hostage was a mistake include:  former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Republican Congressman Peter King, Christian conservative Pat Robertson and now Rush Limbaugh.

Republican Congressman Peter King, who has often been a harsh critic of President Obama’s administration, said in an interview with HuffPost.com, “This party is going nuts!” “So many people I run into are normal people – and I hate to use that term – they just can’t understand what’s going on.” King added, “They just think Republicans are crazy.”
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich has denounced the strategy of defunding Obamacare or shutting down the government.  Pat Robertson said in a Right Wing Watch video, “The Republicans have got to wave the white flag and say, ‘We fought a good fight, now it’s over.’”

And, Rush Limbaugh…“The Republicans have done everything they can to try to make everyone like them and what they’ve ended up doing is creating one of the greatest political disasters I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.”
The Washington Post said the political play by some Republicans that led to the government shutdown was a “humiliating failure” and they had “lost all control of their majority.”  An editorial in the conservative Wall Street Journal said the Republicans “might as well hand the Speaker’s gavel to Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid.”

Polls have consistently shown Americans are disgusted with both Democrats and Republicans over this child’s play in Washington, but nationally, Republicans are getting most of the blame from voters.  An NBC poll, which Senator Cruz dismisses as a poll reflecting just Democrat voters, shows 70% of the respondents said the Republican Party put its agenda ahead of what is best for America.  But, removing all of the responses from Democrats, the poll still shows a majority of respondents, 56%, still blamed Republicans more than Democrats.

Both Cruz and Lee, who led the charge, have seen their favorability ratings drop in their home states since June.  The Houston Chronicle published a piece expressing regret for endorsing Ted Cruz, saying Cruz does not comprehend the importance of reaching across the political aisle.

During this most recent political standoff, President Obama, Harry Reid and the Democrats have no reason to celebrate any victory, because they all contributed to this game that should be seen as an American embarrassment.  However, as the Republicans prepare for next year’s mid-term elections and the presidential election in 2016, they must understand that Americans will continue to resist any attempts to steer this country to the far right.  That was a message many Republican leaders acknowledged after Obama’s re-election last year.  But, so indicative of the self-righteous far right, that message was forgotten.

It is easy to criticize the messenger if you disagree with the message; but the list of prominent messengers now carrying the same message continues to grow.  Senator Ted Cruz’s insistence that they won this political game only further proves this was a game.  It also demonstrates how out-of-touch some politicians are when it comes to the real voice of the America people.

Before we the people blame either side for this unnecessary turmoil, let us remember it is our fault, too.  We put them there - and we kept them there.  Too many of our elected officials think they represent their districts, but if their districts do not represent the America most of us know and love, then their party will be doomed to fail in national elections.
The most vocal Americans do not reflect this country.  The vocal minority is just that – a minority in numbers, and until the silent majority becomes more vocal with their voices and their votes – don’t expect anything to change.  Are you ready to become more vocal?

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10/16/2013 6:14PM
Scoot Blog: Cruz to Nowhere on Capitol Hill
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10/16/2013 10:46PM
You May Want to Check Again
you may want to check again what Limbaugh said and in what context. "The only real pushback, Limbaugh said, has come from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah). " Looks like he said all this because establishment republicans did not back Cruz. And this has been his consistent opinion since Cruz did this. Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/10/rush-limbaugh-gop-so-irrelevant-98402.html#ixzz2hwmOhh2U
10/16/2013 10:46PM
You May Want to Check Again
you may want to check again what Limbaugh said and in what context. "The only real pushback, Limbaugh said, has come from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah). " Looks like he said all this because establishment republicans did not back Cruz. And this has been his consistent opinion since Cruz did this. Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2013/10/rush-limbaugh-gop-so-irrelevant-98402.html#ixzz2hwmOhh2U
10/17/2013 5:53AM
Scoot you cherry and lie .... been fun for a while ... but better things to do
than mess with a local talk jock filling time when sports in not on. You are easily led around by the nose by Obama propaganda and are driven by political correctness. Clowns like you would never be much help in a real fight. Your low self-esteem makes you worry about being liked more than being right. Been fun, but time to cut you loose and not waste anymore time with a clown like you.
10/17/2013 12:05PM
On the Money
Scoot's post couldn't be more correct. The Republican brand has taken a massive beating. You cannot be a minority party (controlling just 1/3 of Government, and having been thoroughly beaten in the last two presidential elections) and expect to dictate policy. That is not democracy. That would be some fascist state, which the United State is not. . .at least not yet. Put it another way, how would this have gone over in the Bush years is the Democrats would have shut down congress and threatened default over the Bush Tax Cuts or No Child Left Behind or even gun control measures? Can you imagine the s#$@ storm this would have caused? If the far right callers to Scoot's show or commenters on this blog really want that type of 'minority rules' government they should get a reality check.
10/17/2013 1:37PM
Now I know why I don't listen to you! WWL must be hurting to have brought you back
10/17/2013 9:43PM
Never give a black man a credit card.
10/17/2013 9:44PM
On the Money ... apparently you believe Obama is a King and you dance
naked around trash can fires chanting praises to your Lord and Savior Obama. Seem you are the one with NO clue.
10/17/2013 9:47PM
On the Money ... Republicans control 30 governorships ... Guees DemRATs should
surrender and bow and lick their feet ... gee, On the Money, you are STUPID.
10/18/2013 9:09AM
You folks have to realize that Scoot cares mostly about one thing—þutt sex.
As long as Obama supports þutt sex, nothing else he does matters.
05/17/2014 5:42AM
The outrage regarding Benghazi is not "contrived,"
and healthcare reform is certainly not improving. Why some folks want more government involvement in healthcare given the abysmal record of the VA Hospitals is incomprehensible.
05/17/2014 5:45AM
Let's see, while 4 Americans are being killed
at a location, solely established to make it LOOK wonderful in Liberia for The "O" election rhetoric, he practices debating, then concocts a story to lie to Americans, including the four dead family members, about a video, for the sole purpose of what his talking points memo said in English. Let's blame video, not a policy failure. In case you haven't noticed or don't get it there has been a policy failure most everywhere. As for the improving healthcare, you are talking about suspending implementation so the draconian policies of one federal agency will apply to every aspects of the US health care system after the next election, not now. Have you any idea of the cost and waste of trillions spent on marketing, web sites and lawyers trying to understand what thousands of pages of their regulations mean, other than to destroy the best health care system in the world. Couldn't we have just paid their premiums and tried to reduce costs, but no The big 0 took care of all the special interests and their requirements, just not the American people. Now you strangely suggest that he could be viewed as responsible for the VA crisis. My question to you is why isn't he? He was supposed to be running the government these past 6 years. Oh he was golfing instead of running the executive branch. The big 0 is a total failure especially in any aspect of managing the government. He is purely politically motivated and couldn't manage a city effectively. He is a wonderful mouthpiece without any ability to unite, lead or more important, take any responsibility for the 0 that is batting and the partisan politics he plays everyday. America is in trouble and you are worried about the VA crisis affecting him. How about the Veterans who died while this so called leader was President or more precisely Commander in Chief. A sad commentary on what is important, as it is clearly his responsibility if men who served in the military are being denied healthcare, and his excuse is What? He didn't know?
05/17/2014 5:47AM
Obama spent more time congratulating Jason Collins for being a homoseuxal than he did trying to save his ambassador in Benghazi.
05/17/2014 5:53AM
Scoot can run a board and make annoucements about local events.
He is filler for when Sports Talk is not on. He has to pander to blacks and gays being in New Orleans. He is an OK fill in. He has a few thoughtful opinions but mostly repeats Democrat and left-nut media talking points. Saints/LSU talk really drives the traffic at WWL. The rest is filling air time.
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