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Scoot Blog: Bombing Suspects Prove Prejudice is Wrong

While talking about the Boston Marathon bombings the night of that tragic event on the show, it didn’t take long for some people to rush to judgment. Text messages to the show ranged from “this is why we need to secure our borders” to “Obama is one of them!”

At the time those text messages came in, no suspects had been identified. So, I had immediate questions. How do you know it was the work of people who are in this country illegally? And President Obama is one of ‘who’? This was so reflective of many Americans who are quick to judge ALL Muslims from the Middle East or illegal immigrants.

Here is what the suspects were NOT:  

•    They were NOT of Middle Eastern descent.
•    They were NOT in America illegally.
•    They were NOT young black males.
•    They were NOT wearing hoodies.
•    They were NOT wearing sagging pants.

These are some of the stereotypes many Americans use to judge and condemn others. But the two suspects in the Boston bombings defied many of the characteristics used to profile people.

I often talk about how it is not fair to pass judgment on people because of the way they appear. If you are one of those Americans who are quick to judge others by the way they look, think about what you have learned from this event.

But sadly, many of those with deep prejudice against people who are different will never recognize their own prejudice. I hope you are not one of them!

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04/19/2013 8:24PM
Scoot Blog: Bombing Suspects Prove Prejudice is Wrong
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04/20/2013 11:07AM
This whole blog sucks
It reloads while you're in the middle of entering your comment and everything you entered is then lost.
04/23/2013 10:13PM
Not middle eastern descent, but still muslim extremists
and killers of innocents nonetheless. Your argument is baseless. Not all muslims are terrorists, but 90% of terrorists are muslims. Just admit the facts, Scoot. You have your own "prejudice" against those opposed to same sex marriage, yetI never hear you chastise the muslims for their treatment of gays. In cae you are not up on current events, gays are usually beheaded in muslim societies. Do you think a same sex marriage will ever take place in a mosque?
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