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Scoot Blog: Attacks on citizens continue - what NOPD can do

New Orleans police are looking for 3 young men suspected of beating a couple in the French Quarter early Saturday morning.  There is surveillance video of a couple being attacked at 6:00 am Saturday morning at the corner of Iberville and Dauphine.

Donnie Mehrtens, III, 27-years-old and from Metairie, was walking a girl to a car early Saturday morning when 3 men jumped the couple.  Video shows the 3 men punching the girl in the face and forcing Mehrtens to the ground.  The suspects then apparently ran off.  

The female victim in the attack told WWL-TV that her male companion’s use of the N-word apparently provoked the attack.
“Donnie was just having a conversation with me and he had used the ‘N’ word just in a general conversation with me. Not calling anybody the name at all,” the woman told WWL-TV’s Katie Moore.  Read WWL-TV’s report here. 

Whatever the reason for the attack, why can’t NOPD do more to make their presence felt in some of the fringe areas in the French Quarter and the CBD? Police presence on Bourbon Street is strong, but this latest attack happened just one block off Bourbon St.  If you are not downtown or in the French Quarter because you live there or out having a good time – then I don’t want you in my neighborhood!

With respect for the Constitution, is there anything wrong with police officers asking people wandering around the quarter or  the CBD if they live in that neighborhood and if not, where they are going?  This is not technically ‘stop & frisk,’ so why can’t police ask questions?

The story about the couple that was recently attacked on Iberville and Dauphine includes comments from the father of one of the attack victims.  Donald Mehrtens, Jr., the father of the 27-year-old Metairie man who was attacked, expressed little confidence that NOPD will find the 3 suspects.

While I felt like NOPD did a thorough job attempting to track down the 4 men who attacked me, there have been no arrests.  That doesn’t mean they did not do all they could to find the suspects, but it does reveal the reality that it’s not easy to find the thug-types who roam the ripe territory of the French Quarter and the CBD searching for prey.

As these types of seemingly random, senseless attacks continue, I am angrier now than I was after I was attacked.  There appears to be a growing sense that thugs know they will probably get away with attacking people who fit the profile of being tourists or those people who have been out enjoying a night out.  These are the people who are less likely to be armed and less likely to be prepared for a possible attack. So, the thug-types are targeting the most vulnerable, which also makes them cowards.

Our city shines when we host a major event and police presence is calculated to protect our visitors, but it appears that the same vigilance for protecting locals who are here throughout the year supporting businesses downtown is not the same.  
How sad that more seems to be done to protect our visitors than our citizens!

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08/27/2013 7:27PM
Scoot Blog: Attacks on citizens continue - what NOPD can do
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08/27/2013 8:48PM
Well, Obama is president ... he has his head so far up his own rear end
it is a wonder he can breathe ... black on black and black on white crime is politically correct ... how dare you get upset. You must be a racist ....
08/27/2013 8:50PM
We have to try to UNDERSTAND crimminals ... learn from them, accept them ...
it is what any good liberal would do.
08/27/2013 8:53PM
Obama WANTS blacks poor, ignorant and angry ... his polices are keep them
that way ... perhaps it is Obama’s way of getting back at crackers ... crime is up ... something liberals can celebrate.
08/27/2013 8:57PM
DemsRATS have run New Orleans for a long time .. no wonder it is
a cesspool.
08/27/2013 9:09PM
Obama was supposed to raise the sea levels and heal the planet ...
and give everyone free health care except for conservatives that have to pay more for it... well guess only one of those worked out ...
08/27/2013 9:12PM
Thought if one supported gay rights and abortion life would be utopia ...
well, we just ended up with more disease and death ...
08/28/2013 7:38AM
the people of New Orleans need to work hand and hand with the city council.
If residents would focus attention on learning all of the laws that would allow more volunteer support and not punishing the residents for trying to uphold the law when our UPHOLDERS are not around for whatever reason, the public could start to see a much more willingness to get involved.
08/28/2013 10:10AM
It's okay
It's a new government program. Think of it as a free buffet, any wanna be gangsta in the quarter has the right to prey on the drunk white folks no fear of retribution, it's not against the law.................till they pick the wrong person then it's headlines.
08/28/2013 12:28PM
Violent crime in New Orleans
If you visit this city, I suggest you wear a gun on your hip to protect yourself. It doesn't appear as if the NOPD can, or want to, protect you.
08/28/2013 1:19PM
Scoot whines but refuses to defend himself and bows to the gangster lobby
for fear of being called racist.
08/28/2013 1:22PM
Folks need to shoot back and gun down these thugs ... of course you will be called
a racist, but you will be alive.
08/28/2013 1:25PM
Democrats have created a culture of death ... we slaughter children by the
millions in abortion mills ... why care about crime? Scoot should be celebrating his party's success.
08/28/2013 1:29PM
Crime and murder is cool! Obama has invited gangster rappers to the
White House ... President thinks gangsters are hip like him ... why whine about crime ... ????
08/28/2013 1:31PM
Prehaps one day blacks will decide to just be Americans and quit being racist
and murderers of each other.
08/30/2013 10:19AM
Word to the wise
Don't walk women to their cars. They got there alone they can leave alone.
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