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Scoot Blog: Are You an Adult at 18

At the age of 18, you are old enough to join the military and get married, but you are not legally old enough to drink when off duty or at your own wedding.  So, when are you an adult?

Child psychologists in Britain have presented new guidelines advising doctors to change the age of maturity from 18 to 25.  The new guidelines are based on recent research showing that emotional and hormonal maturity associated with adulthood does not generally occur until age 25.

Researchers divided adolescence into three stages: the early period between 12 and 14, the middle period between 15 and 17 and ‘late adolescence’ from 18 to 25.  The new research indicates that mental and physical development that defines adulthood is not manifested until age 25.

There has long been a debate in America about the age of adulthood.  Should young people be considered adults at 18 or 21?  The British researchers want the age of adulthood to be defined at 25, but the debate in America has continued to be focused on redefining adulthood at age 21. Even without this new research on the age of adulthood, it should be obvious that individuals experience substantial growth on every level between 18 and 21.

When I was ‘coming of age,’ the legal drinking age in Louisiana was 18.  The state was pressured by the federal government to raise the legal drinking age to 21.  If the law allows individuals to enlist in the military or get married at age 18, then why should the legal drinking age be 21?  This is just one of the inconsistencies that leads to confusion.

Making the argument that the ‘world has changed’ should include the premise that with technology and the evolution of society today’s 18-year-old is smarter and knows more about life than an 18-year-old decades ago.  If past generations were considered mature enough to drink at 18, then what is the argument that today’s 18-year-olds are not mature enough to legally drink?

Rather than encouraging maturity and independence, is America actually stunting the maturation of America’s youth?  More young people are living at home with their parents.  Many are still at home in the early adult years and many have moved back home.  In some ways we recognize how advanced young people are today, but at the same time we have also become a society that is coddling younger generations.

In the animal kingdom, offspring are forced to be on their own as soon as they are physically able.  I’m not promoting that parents push their children out into the real world before necessary, but we can see that America has collectively trended toward becoming overly protective.

Understanding that every generation of parents should learn from its mistakes and pass their learned wisdom onto their children’s generation, I struggle with the feeling of hypocrisy when dealing with the debate over the drinking age being 21, when I legally drank at 18.

If nothing else, should we strive for more consistency?  If our society says you are adult enough for some things at 18, but not adult enough for other things until the age of 21, the message about adulthood is ambiguous.  The age at which an individual is considered an adult should be either 18 or 21 across the board.

I don’t expect the drinking age to ever be lowered to 18, but it is appropriate to point out the obvious inconsistencies in our society.  From your personal experience in life, why were you old enough to drink at 18, but argue that today’s 18-year-olds are not old enough to participate in that activity?

Raising age limits can be a sign that the adult generations making the rules have concluded that ‘personal accountability’ cannot be taught, therefore the only way to protect young generations is to simply raise the age of participation.

A young male or female is trusted with the responsibility of defending the principles of America on foreign soil – but not with drinking responsibility? Think about it.

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09/25/2013 5:42PM
Scoot Blog: Are You an Adult at 18
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09/25/2013 6:46PM
The 21 drinking age is not only hypocritical and ageist, but it is also the greatest alcohol policy failure since Prohibition. Just Google "Miron and Tetelbaum" and you will see that any supposed lifesaving effect (that is, the primary justification for raising the age to 21) was essentially just a mirage all along. Nearly every other civilized nation on Earth, including our neighbor to the north, allows 18-20 year olds to drink legally. And many of these countries (such as Canada, Australia, and the UK) have seen similar or faster declines in traffic deaths than the USA despite NOT raising the drinking age to 21. Whatever the age America sets for adulthood, it should be consistent. There is no good reason for the drinking age to be higher than the general age of majority, which is currently 18 in nearly all states. The haters can't have it both ways. Either you are an adult at 18, or you are not, plain and simple. Let America be America again, and lower the drinking age to 18. If you're old enough to go to war, you're old enough to go to the bar. 'Nuff said.
09/25/2013 7:31PM
Sadly Obama never became an adult ... he is still a common pünk.
Hope the B!TCH keeps smoking.
09/25/2013 7:38PM
IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing from Obamacare Slush Fund...
Obama and Nasty Harry Reid are SH!T!
09/25/2013 7:41PM
Sad that Obama and Dirty Harry Reid lived past 18 years old ... if their
sperm donors had been better liberals they would have been aborted, or better yet killed after they survived and abortion ... Obama supports infanticide.
09/25/2013 7:47PM
ObamaCare is already falling apart. Obama is a Marxist and his policies
have been rejected by the American people in poll after poll. However, he is black and a celebrity so he personally survives. The Democrats, however, are in much more trouble than the left-leaning, lap dog media and the Dems let on.
09/25/2013 8:02PM
Most blacks are willing slaves on the Liberal Plantation ...
they are mere dogs on a leash to Dirty Harry Reid ... stupid really.
09/25/2013 9:06PM
Democrats need about 20% of the country to be bottom-feeders to remain in
power. Democrats WANT people ignorant, poor, and dependent on government. It is the primary source of their power.
09/25/2013 9:09PM
The above said ... it is obvious that Democrats have been successful at
keeping most blacks ignorant, poor, and dependent on government. Odd that blacks choose to stay stuck on STUPID voting for the very clowns that keep them in economic chains.
09/25/2013 9:12PM
How do you get an Obama voter to run fast?
Yell, “want some free stuff?”
09/25/2013 9:16PM
Harry Reid makes love to his Obama Blow-Up Doll daily ...
LOL ...
09/25/2013 9:22PM
How many Obama supporters does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: None; they prefer to be in the dark.
09/25/2013 9:25PM
scoot, you can still have þutt sex ... just do not drink.
09/25/2013 9:42PM
Democrats can take their ObamaCare and shove it up their nasty þutt holes!
Go to hell BîTCHS!
09/25/2013 10:12PM
Obama is a deadly cancer that is eating away at out freedoms and prosperity.
Obama is managing the economic collapse of the US.
09/25/2013 10:16PM
Pìss on Obama ... he is a Marxist pùnk.
09/25/2013 11:34PM
Ted Cruz is a real man ...
Obama is a pìss ant.
09/26/2013 10:51AM
ObamaCare raised the cost of healthcare, further destroyed the relationship
between doctor and patient and worst of all 30 million are and will still be uninsured. ObamaCare is just another tool of the left to bully taxpayers and control elections. It has NOTHING to do with improving healthcare. Once the government owns your healthcare they can control your behavior and threatened you if you do not vote a certain way. Obama has already shown he would use the IRS to try to destroy those who disagree with him. Obama is pure evil as are most liberals. They are tyrants and hate-based. Blacks, for the most part, are a lost race. They will NEVER escape the slavery of the Democrat Party. Except for some celebrities, sports stars and a few conservatives among them, they are basically ignorant and dependent and likely to remain stuck on stupid.
09/26/2013 10:53AM
Will be great when older liberals are killed because ObamaCare cannot afford
to care for them. They deserve to die.
09/26/2013 10:57AM
Obama Has Raised Debt Ceiling Seven Times, Costing $43,000 Per Household...
Obama is SH!T!
09/26/2013 11:01AM
No wonder their are often flies around Obama’s head when he speaks ...
09/26/2013 2:08PM
POLL: Americans Think Putin Better Leader Than Obama on Syria...
no SH!T ... my dog is a better leader than Obama.
09/26/2013 2:11PM
Obama represents the total dysfunctionality of the black community ....
as a group, blacks are a lost race ... they never assimilated into just being fully functional Americans. They remain, for the most part, slaves——slaves owned by the Democrat Party.
09/26/2013 6:32PM
Obama adviser compares Republicans to terrorists, kidnappers, arsonists...
we compare Obama to Hitler ... LOL ... Obama is SH!T!!!!!!
09/26/2013 6:33PM
The Democrats can BURN IN HELL. fuçk you B!TCHES!!!!
Hope all your dems get CANCER and die a SLOW, PAINFUL death!!!!!
09/26/2013 7:14PM
Certainly Obama could be easily considered a domestic terrorist ...
he has abused his position as president to target Americans he considers his enemies which is half the country. Obama has brought down a reign of terror on the US economy not seen in many years. He is a confessed Marxist and hater of America as founded. He is a threat to the prosperity of the country and has carried out his threats. We live in a shameful time. Corruption and treason at the highest levels.
09/26/2013 8:13PM
Wow, a lot of ignorant and off-topic comments
I believe the topic of the article is the drinking age, not President Obama. I guess the teabaggers are out in full force tonight, huh.
09/26/2013 8:16PM
Not to mention racist as well
After reading these comments, there is no doubt that racism is unfortunately still alive and well in the USA.
09/26/2013 10:05PM
Yes, Obama and the Left are a racist bunch!
... and not that bright either.
09/26/2013 10:10PM
Well, seems the Obama SH!T eaters are out tonight ...
they are dancing around trash can fires chanting praises to their Lord and Savior Obama .. lol
09/26/2013 10:13PM
The incompetent Obama is the worst president in modern history ...
and the racist blacks worship him ...
09/26/2013 10:15PM
The Obama welfare crowd is worried about 18 year old people getting to drink
while Obama SH!TS on the country every day.
09/26/2013 10:20PM
Off topic??? LOL Really??? Who gives a SH!T. guess the above poster is going
to ENFORCE some rule ... we are all worried ... get real whiner ... this is just a silly blog by the clown Scoot ... if he did not have folks having fun here, he would have few if any responses.
09/26/2013 10:26PM
Obama has made an absolute mess of the economy, wrecked the health care
system and cannot find his rear end with both hands on foreign policy and the clown above is all worried about staying on topic ... LOL ... no wonder Obama could be elected so many STUPID people.
09/26/2013 10:49PM
A joking aside going on here, those that think Obama has done a great job
are the real kooks here.
09/26/2013 11:01PM
Scoot wishes he were 18. He is an aging hippié living on coffee and
testosteroné boosters.
09/26/2013 11:49PM
Obama called Romney a murderer and a tax cheat and his surrogates called
Sarah Palin a WH0RE and a çunt and the leftist poster here thinks Obama is some victim of racism ... LOL ... please ... leftist wrote the book on HATE speech ...
09/27/2013 12:26AM
What do you get when you mix Obama with feces ... and even worse odor...
liberals ... we laugh at them.
09/27/2013 7:20AM
Would have been better if Obama was white ... he would have NEVER been
re-elected with his failed record, but then whites are held to a higher standard in our culture.
09/27/2013 7:22AM
The race cardf is pretty much all Obama has left.
It was really all he ever had.
09/27/2013 7:26AM
Liberalism is based on lies and deceit and relies on an ignorant population
to survive. ObamaCare is the greatest bait and switch ever pulled off.
09/27/2013 7:37AM
37% of all abortions are obtained by black women,
young black men murder 14 times more than young white men, blacks as a whole remain poorly educated, the out-of-wedlock birth rate among African Americans today is 73%, and the black poverty rate is 33.4% (about 3 times higher than the white rate). Blacks vote in the 90% rage for leftist politicians and now have a Marxist Black President. It is fair to say blacks continue to fail as a race and remain ignorant about success and proper behavior. White liberals hold blacks to very low standards because they need a bottom feeder class to remain in power.
09/27/2013 7:40AM
Well, with all those abortion and black-on-black crime at least this dysfuctional
race keeps its numbers down somewhat.
09/27/2013 7:41AM
No wonder most blacks hate conservative blacks ... they envy their
ability to function in society and succeed.
09/27/2013 7:44AM
Obama has set the black race back 50 years
and likely they will never assimilate but rather remain second class citizens as wards of the state.
09/27/2013 8:32AM
Liberalism is one of the great evils ... Liberalism seeks to get rid of standards
and discipline and caters to the worst in human nature. Liberals celebrate failure and target achievers for punishment via high taxes and encouraging class warfare and hatred.
09/27/2013 8:43AM
Democrats and Obama enage in the worst kind of racism daily by suing
states that try to help poor blacks get access to better schools. Obama will never send his children to a failing school, but works hard via the courts to keep poor blacks in them. Liberals fear blacks being exposed to private education especially Catholic or other Christian schools. Children that receive a private education often leave the Democrat Plantation as adults. They learn self-respect and that success is not being dependent on government and that there is a better way.
09/27/2013 8:46AM
White liberals give the race pìmps a seat at the political table in exchange
for helping to keep most blacks ignorant and dependent. It is much like the fact that blacks enslaved other blacks in Africa and sold them,
09/27/2013 9:39AM
The word "racist" has little meaning anymore. Democrats believe everyone
is a racist except them. If you oppose higher taxes or sex with animals you are a racist so it has become a joke. Blacks call each other racist names all the time and have little respect for themselves so again you leftist clowns can yell “racist” all you want, but sane, fully functioning people don’t care.
09/27/2013 9:43AM
Democrats want higher and higher taxes so they can pay more people NOT
to work. If you oppose their agenda two keep blacks ignorant and poor you are a racist ... too funny, but true.
09/27/2013 9:55AM
As ignorances increases the easier it is for tyrannical governments to enslave
people. Obama has orgasms over massive ignorance.
09/27/2013 12:09PM
Obama and his band of thugs have tried to overthrow this country as founded ... of course most sane, freedom-loving, people are angry. Obama is a tyrant.
09/27/2013 12:29PM
Obama and Harry Reid are no better than domestic terrorists.
They are some of the worst þutt-holes to ever hold office.
09/27/2013 12:44PM
The reality is that compromise to Dirty Harry Reid and the þutt-head Obama
simply means you do whatever THEY want.
09/28/2013 12:25PM
A Christian Nation cannot put up a Christmas scene of the baby Jesus in
a public place, but the Muslims can stop normal traffic every Friday afternoon in NY by worshiping in the streets.... Something is happening in America that is reminiscent of what is happening in Europe.
09/28/2013 12:31PM
The B!TCH Obama and Harry Reid can BURN in HELL!!!!!!!!
09/28/2013 12:43PM
The Lap dog media will continue to suck Obama’s limp dìck ...
but who cares ... WHO are they? ... just a bunch of leftist, freedom-hating clowns.
09/28/2013 12:48PM
Obama LIED his sorry âss off about ObamaCare!
09/29/2013 9:40AM
Looks like the B!TCHES Obama and Reid will shut the government down ...
well, they do spend too much money ..
09/29/2013 1:24PM
Hey, Obama, go suck Dirty Harry Reid’s dìck some more ....
you love it!
09/29/2013 6:58PM
Would rather have a Morman businessman in the White House than a
Black Marxist any day.
09/29/2013 7:05PM
So many STUPID white people think they are being cool by claiming to
support Obama because he is black. He relieves their genuine guilt over their hidden racism. Reality is many white Obama supporters are real racists trying to appear superior to others who have a disagree with Obama over issues. If you do not kiss Obama’s naked rear end, or at least desire to, you are a racist ... LOL
09/29/2013 7:17PM
Obama’s House of Lies ... Obama should be in JAIL.
02/05/2014 5:44PM
"Can-die-for-one's-country" is NOT the same as "in-the-line-of-fire"...
Just because one can die for one's country when they are 18, does NOT mean they have enlisted, gone through boot camp, or served even a single day in a war zone. NOTE: "Can-die-for-one's-country" is NOT the same as "in-the-line-of-fire" or "served-in-a-war-zone".
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