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Scoot Blog: Are Falcons fans born that way

Passionate feelings lead to intense debates that often remind us how judgmental the world can be.

As the Who Dat Nation anticipates the exciting season-opener against the Atlanta Falcons Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, we know that our city will be filled with Falcons fans that will be here to support their team and to have a good time in New Orleans.  I know that there will be much judgment of Falcons fans and much concern about the impact their presence will have, especially on kids that will witness their behavior and ask questions their parents are not prepared to answer. 

It’s time we try to better understand and sympathize with Falcons fans.  I know this is a big controversy in our nation, but I think it’s important to address it. Though many believe differently, I believe that Falcons fans were born that way.  I just don’t think anyone would choose to be a Falcons fan if they could live another life.  Now, there is no scientific evidence to support this, but the question is - why would any fan chose to live a life that is so unacceptable to others?

I realize that many judge Falcons fans based on their belief in the Saints and believe that being a Falcons fan is an abomination.   Should you be so quick to judge people you simply don’t understand?  Let us try to look beyond our personal prejudice and judge all Falcons fans as people, too.

There is the growing controversy about whether Falcons fans are entitled to the same rights as Saints fans.  There has been a heated debate over same-Falcons fans marriages.  Should Falcons fans be allowed to marry each other?  Many are concerned that such unions will only lead to children being exposed to the Falcons and are then likely to become Falcons fans themselves.

Another controversy surrounds the bars for Falcons fans.  Some people don’t want to associate with such fans and many are afraid that a Falcons fan may actually hit on them in the bar!  But Falcons fans do not try to push their way of life on others who simple are not Falcons fans.

The growing acceptance of Falcons fans has caused many to believe that these fans free feel to openly show their love and affection for the Falcons in public places.   Parents are worried that this open display of Falcons love will cause their children to ask questions, like: “Daddy, why are those two Falcons fans holding hands?” or “Mommy, why are those two Falcons fan kissing each other?”  That would be an understandable nightmare for any Saints fan parent who is just trying to raise their child in a world where they don’t have to be exposed to such deviant behavior.

Many argue that the acceptance of Falcons fans will lead us down an immoral path.  If, for example, same-Falcons fan marriages are accepted – what is to stop a Falcons fan from one day marrying a Panthers fan or a Buccaneers fan?  Or God forbid a 49ers fan!  There are actual cases of Falcons fans marrying Saints fans. The biggest concern is that these mixed-fan couples is raising children in an environment that totally goes against the traditional values of Saints fan families.

It is time in our Who Dat Nation for us to be more tolerant and understanding of Falcons fans and not be so judgmental of their team-orientation.  They come to our city and spend money and all they want is the right to show love for their team - and each other.

I understand the outrage over their lifestyle, but we should accept them, even if we don’t understand their love for their team - or they way they dress, walk and talk.  In the Bible it says that we should not judge others.  Remember all Falcons fans will ultimately one day be judged by God!

So, this weekend for the Saints – Falcons game, try to be accepting of Falcons fans and realize that life is not easy for them.  Sure, we all don’t understand what they do in the privacy of their lives, but that should not be any of our business and long as they don’t hurt anyone else.  

I hope we can get behind the campaign promoting the greater acceptance of  Falcons fans and realize that if your raise your children with good values, they will not come out one day as a Falcons fan – even if they see them openly displaying their love for the Falcons in public!

Remember – hate the Falcons – but try to love the fan!

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09/05/2013 7:47PM
Scoot Blog: Are Falcons fans born that way?
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09/05/2013 8:50PM
I agree, Scoot. They may be falcon fans, but as long as they keep their team-orientation to themselves, they are not harming anyone. But when they show up at our saints gatherings at the superdome with picket signs for the purpose of promoting this orientation, as though who they believed in was better than us, I have a problem. While the bible says that all men are judged under God, I believe I also remember it saying that falcon fans should not lay with another falcon fan. Regardless, HE has a plan for his children, his Saints. God Bless, Em
09/05/2013 9:20PM
but they are dirty
They call themselves "Dirty Birds"! How nasty! It's ok for them to call each other that, but if I call one of them a Dirty Bird, then I'm wrong. What's up with that? Miles Paisant
09/05/2013 9:32PM
Yea, Love the Falcon fan and hate Obama ... LOL ...
Obama is the lowest of lows.
09/06/2013 7:21AM
Always walking in with a lot of talk, and walking out with their tail between their legs.
09/06/2013 12:58PM
If we played Atlanta every week, we'd finish the year 13-3.
With Sean Payton on the sideline, the Saints are 10-2 against Atlanta, a winning percentage of 83.3%. If we played Atlanta every week, we'd expect to win about 13 games a year. Rivalry? Not really, rivalry implies *competition*. Who dat. The mathematician.
09/07/2013 7:52AM
Obnoxious Falcon Fan
The worst are the obnoxious fans and they remind me of the bama fans, all talk and they jump on the band wagon. Let’s break the wagon wheels!
09/08/2013 8:57AM
Saints Fans
What's the problem with falcon fans? I think they show more class. The saints fans are arrogant and obnoxious. They think just because Sean Payton is back, the season is theirs. Here's to a great game. May the best team win.#rise up!!!"
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