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Scoot Blog: Anthony Weiner ? 'living up to his name?'

What kind of person gets in trouble for doing something, and then continues to do it? Answer: a disgraced former Congressman who is running for mayor of New York City. There is something so perfect for the media about a guy named 'Weiner,' who loves sexting younger women!

Anthony Weiner says he is not dropping out of the mayor's race in New York City,even after new lewd correspondence with a young woman has emerged. In 2011, then-Congressman Weiner was embroiled in scandal when it was revealed that he has been sexting – texting explicit photos of himself – to a number of young females. Weiner resigned from Congress. 

A brazen Weiner has since announced he is running for mayor of New York City, and in the wake of new sexting with a young woman, he continues his campaign.  His wife, Huma Abedin, has now come out in his defense and is standing by him.  She said that she forgives him and believes in him, and that the sexting of young women is between them - as a married couple.

As much as we want to judge this guy, is she right? Is this a family matter and not a concern for the public? It is true that his wife would have to be the first one to forgive him for sexting, which according to surveys most Americans consider 'cheating.' But we also know that many couples stay together for convenience, money or the children... even in the wake of dishonest behavior.  There are women who 'stand by their man' no matter how humiliating the circumstances.

I can only speculate, but it always seemed to me that being the strong woman she is, Hillary Clinton would never have stayed with Bill after the Monica Lewinsky scandal; if she wasn't going to reap the benefits of being married to a president.  I can only image the conversations that went on behind closed doors between Bill and Hillary! Public opinion polls showed that most Americans did not approve of what Bill Clinton did, but still approved of the job he was doing as President.  So, does sexual indiscretion really matter to America?

We have to admit that we are a society that likes to peek into the personal lives of politicians and celebrities, but is our criticism of Anthony Weiner's serial sexting based on a real concern about his ability to govern; or is it more about our fascination with 'private' sexual matters? Even though private sexual matters may come into public view because the media feeds our innate curiosity, we are quick to denounce the inappropriate behavior as a way of proclaiming our own moral standards.

Should we even be concerned about what goes on in the personal sex lives of our politicians? YES! There is nothing wrong with asking and expecting a man or woman to be honest, even if their dishonesty is accepted and forgiven by their spouse or partner. Their sexual dishonesty touches other people in society and is not simply a marital issue. As long as the public can be impacted by the personal behavior of politicians, or anyone for that matter, then the public has a right to be critical.
While I understand that we are supposed to live by the Biblical premise – 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone' – and while we can admit we are all sinners, can't we judge the actions of sexting as an indication of dishonesty? And when any person fails to learn from their mistakes and continues the very actions that landed them in trouble in the first place, I think it's fair to judge the basic integrity of that person.

We still do have moral standards in America, and we do hold some people in our society to a high standard.  Politicians are among that group. Sexting is not only 'dishonest,' but it's also 'sleazy.' But aren't those two words that describe many politicians?

The ultimate question is – who does this?  Who is so proud of themselves that they send lewd pictures to another person?  I find nothing wrong with questioning the mentality of such a person.  Should his name have been a clue all along?

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07/24/2013 6:35AM
Scoot Blog: Anthony Weiner – 'living up to his name?'
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07/24/2013 4:58PM
Doesn't bode well
If his wife admits that it has taken a lot of "hard work" and a "lot of therapy" for her to save their marriage, what can Joe Public expect with this man servicing their interests? http://tracesofevil.com
07/24/2013 5:29PM
Doing Alot for the City
His wife says he'll do a lot for the city - will somebody PLEASE ask her if there isn't somebody else who can do alot for the city - and who isn't a perve?
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