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Scoot Blog: Another politician, another ignorant comment about rape

Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) said today during a House Judiciary hearing on his abortion bill that he opposes an exemption for rape victims to have an abortion because the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy is very low.

It is true that pregnancies resulting from rape are rare, but in any case where that might be the result, I believe it is still wrong for a politician to force a woman to have a baby conceived under such a horrific human act.

Congressman Franks is not alone in his strict opinion about abortion, even in the case of rape. Last year during the presidential campaign, several Republicans running for office tainted the image of the entire party by making statements about abortion that reinforced the belief that Republicans don’t care about women.  The female vote was one area where Mitt Romney and the party failed to attract enough votes to win.

The Republican Party continues to change its image with women, minorities and young voters.  Today, Gabriel Gomez (R), a candidate for the Senate from Massachusetts, commented on Congressman Franks’ statement, saying – “I have no idea what goes into the mind of a moron like that…these kinds of comments only come from a moron and they shouldn’t be tolerated one bit.”

I understand that opposition to abortion in all cases is extremely passionate, but for a man, who does not understand rape from the perspective of a woman, to demand that the survivor of rape have a baby resulting from rape further widens the gap between Republicans and a presidential victory.

More Republicans, like Gabriel Gomez, should stop being afraid to offend the base of the party and publically denounce any ignorant comment made by a fellow Republican concerning rape, abortion or issues that have continued to inspire desertion from the party.

As a man, there are things I don’t understandabout being a woman – but that is the first step toward men actually understanding women.

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06/12/2013 9:04PM
Scoot Blog: Another politician, another ignorant comment about rape
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06/12/2013 11:08PM
Kenny Montz
Hey Scoot...love your show as always. You push the boundaries and sometimes I get really ticked off at some of your opinions...but then I keep listening and most of the time you win me over. As far as the abortion issue concerning the dumb Rino comments. Its very simple, if you believe that abortion is murder, then all abortions are murder, no matter how they were concieved. If you believe that abortion is o.k. then it does not matter no matter how the baby was concieved. Personally I believe that abortion is murder, so if the baby was concieved by rape...how is that the baby's fault? The idiots in Congress don't care about whether abortion is murder or not...all they care about is votes to stay in power and they will say anything to get the majority vote whether it is their true opinion or not.
07/07/2013 11:20AM
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