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Scoot Blog: Another Shooting, another Round of Gun Control Debate

It only took hours after this morning’s tragic mass shooting at a Navy yard in Washington, D.C. for the debate over gun control to be resurrected – proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Americans are hysterical about guns and gun control!

During his daily press conference today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was pressed by a few reporters on whether President Obama would use the mass shooting to promote stricter gun control laws.  Carney refused to take the bait and appropriately maintained that there were too few facts known about the case to connect the gun control debate with the shooting.

The instinct to raise any aspect of the gun control debate in the immediate aftermath of a tragic mass shooting, like the shooting this morning in D.C., is not only an embarrassment, but it further proves that too many partisan Americas are willing to use a tragic moment to advance their political agenda.  I wish I could say that I am surprised, but I am not.  This is another sad reminder that partisan Americans are more interested in pushing their beliefs about guns or gun control than they are in trying to figure out real solutions.

As I write this blog, there is still a lot that is not known about the shooter, who has been identified as Aaron Alexis, and his motive.  Alexis was a 34-year-old civil military contractor from Ft. Worth, TX, who recently began working at the Navy yard in Washington, D.C.

Though this may be a monumental challenge for those Americans on both sides of the gun control issue who have become hysterical, let’s try to think about this logically.  I did say – try.

For those on the ‘left’ who will be quick to bring up the need for stricter gun control laws in the wake of this morning’s shooting, I would love to know which specific new law would have prevented this tragedy from occurring?  And for those on the ‘right’ – I would love to know how more guns would have prevented a gunman from entering a military facility with the intent of shooting innocent people?  And exactly how would the idea of everyone being armed have stopped it?  If only the answers were that simple.

I also think it is also fair to point out that not everyone who commits mass shootings against innocent people is a ‘mental health’ case walking the streets without mental health proper care.  Let’s face it – some people are just evil and some evil people are motivated by a hate that lives within them.

There is still so much we don’t know about the alleged gunman in today’s mass shooting, but it is too soon to argue that this event demonstrates the need for stronger gun laws.  The very idea that some partisan Americans would even bring up the gun debate at a time like this should convince everyone that the thinking behind such debates is irrational.  And so is any debate that everyone needs to be armed or that since this happened in the nation’s capital every American should go out a buy guns and ammunition before the federal government takes the right away from you.

Neither side of the gun control debate is innocent when it comes to the irrational use of a true tragedy to advance their agenda.  The shooting this morning took place on a secure military area.  If the alleged shooter was a military contractor with access to the Navy yard, then security around the yard was not a problem. Since this mass shooting may have been the action of a civil military contractor, then perhaps the government should develop a better plan for screening contractors?  This has also been talked about following NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who was also a military contract worker.

However, it is unreasonable to believe that stricter screening, stricter gun control, the call for everyone to be armed or better mental health will prevent future tragedies.  Politicians and advocates relish in the thought that the legislation they support will solve a problem because that’s part of the scorecard they keep to attract supporters and funds.  But any logical American should be quick to dismiss the most tangible solutions to mass shootings when the unpredictability of human behavior, including the power of hate, is the real source of the problem.

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09/16/2013 5:52PM
Scoot Blog: Another Shooting, another Round of Gun Control Debate
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09/16/2013 9:17PM
NO worries Scoot ... Obama will still let you have anal sex ... this is a minor
problem. We live in a an Obama utopia lest you forget. Are you a racist or what? Gee, I dare you suggest that America is not a utopia now that Barry Bam is President.
09/16/2013 9:18PM
Yes, Obama and his leftist brothers HATE America as founded ... the leftist kook
shooting will continue.
09/16/2013 9:20PM
Scoot you should be proud ... more leftist human debris on display today ...
Obama loves this. He gets to try again to take guns away from law abiding citizens ...
09/16/2013 9:21PM
Guns do not kill ... liberalism is destroying American. It is a cancer that needs
to be removed.
09/16/2013 9:22PM
Obama is colon cancer ...
a common piece of feces.
09/16/2013 9:28PM
Too funny ... sad that too many ignorant black folks are still dancing around
trash can fires worshiping their Lord and Savior Obama .. American VOTED for a culture of death, poverty, and hate and got it ... congrats to Obama and Harry Reid ... keep up the great work ... Satan is so proud of you both.
09/17/2013 12:52AM
AP-- Abortion Clinics 'Closing at Record Rate'... oh, no ...
now fewer liberals will be killed ... too bad ...
09/17/2013 12:55AM
The liberal human debris in Washington passed ObamaCare and then
EXEMPTED themselves from it ... GO TO HELL B!TCHES.
09/17/2013 12:57AM
Another black man killing people ... nothing new here ...
seems some races just cannot get it together.
09/17/2013 8:24AM
Well, what do you expect Scooter ...
the country is currently ruled by the leftist monkey boy Obama and his b!tch Harry Reid ...enjoy!
09/17/2013 8:31AM
It would really not take that much for this country to descend into chaos ...
Washington is corrupt to the core. There is NO respect for so-called leaders--mostly hatred which they have earned. America is ruled by evil men and women and will eventually fall ... but at least Obama supports anal sex ....
09/17/2013 8:52AM
Obama is a walking load of feces ... how does the Secret Service crew
stand the stench.
09/17/2013 9:09AM
Will Obama say that this latest black terrorist could be his son? ...
Will Jesse Jackson lead a million man march on Washington because this clown lost his life while committing murder? Stay tuned ... you just never know what the monkey boys will do .. LOL ...
09/17/2013 9:15AM
Relax, this is a minor setback .. good news is that Obama is working behind
the scenes to make sex with animals legal .. now you feel better ...
09/17/2013 9:57AM
As the clowns in Washington continue to provoke and rape the American tax payers
it is not a surprise that those with some mental issues will strike back at our corrupt government in ways that really do not get at the problem but only kill the innocent.
09/17/2013 10:07AM
The opportunity for success has never been greater for those who are not lazy ...
with so many people in this country (over 51% and rising) refusing to work and accepting Obama’s call to become government chattel, those who do want to work and risk have little or no competition. The only downside is that if you are successful without government Obama HATES you and will target you for punishment via high taxes and regulation. Obama is a NASTY aye-hole.
09/17/2013 10:21AM
Gas prices set record: 1,000 days above $3 a gallon... Congrats to DemoRATS
who HATE big oil ... Obama is stuck on STUPID and the American people suffer.
09/17/2013 10:23AM
Privately Obama is the most HATED president in modern history ...
folks do not want to be called a racist so they pretend to like the clown. Obama proves black people will always need affirmative action in order to get ahead.
09/17/2013 1:30PM
Most blacks are ignorant, slaves on the Democrat Plantation who worship
their slave-masters Harry Reid and Obama for a few welfare pennies—what a sad, pathetic bunch.
09/17/2013 3:27PM
Obama is just an arrogant pr!ck that has a warm place in hell waiting on him ...
there is NOTHING to respect about this clown.
09/18/2013 9:32AM
and Obama both hate America ... perhaps the shooter could be Obama's son ... he already has a thug Trayvon in his family ...
09/18/2013 9:35AM
Well, liberals will love the Navy shooter,he hated America too just like liberals do ...
liberals need to kill more of their young via abortion ... we need to thin out the herd of human debris.
09/18/2013 9:44AM
Liberals should NEVER breed ... they merely create more human debris ...
liberals need to have more car crashes with other liberals ... LOL ...
09/18/2013 9:50AM
Anytime we hear of a liberal dying it is good news ...
leftists deserve all the pain and suffering they seek to impose on others. Leftists are tyrants--evil.
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