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Scoot Blog: Adam Levine said "I hate this country" but does he?

Yes, I am defending Adam Levine of the band “Maroon 5” for saying “I hate this country.”  And, anyone who refuses to read further and simply reads that opening thought could easily come to the very misleading conclusion that “Scoot agrees with the statement, “I hate this country.”

Headlines, opening thoughts and sound bites can be very dangerous and misleading to those on a mission to exploit, condemn and/or sensationalize any person or story in the news.  I’m sure you have seen, heard or read the headline that Adam Levine, one of the coaches on The Voice, said “I hate this country” on the show Tuesday night. He was off-camera when the comment was picked up on his open mic.

On Tuesday night’s show, two of Adam’s contestants were voted off by America. The comment “I hate this country” seemed to be an obvious reference to Adam’s disagreement with the national vote that eliminated two of his team members, but the comment has spread through the media and social media sites as Adam Levine’s contempt and hate for America.  That blows the comment out of proportion and adds false intent to the words.

To say you “hate this country” during a discussion about the qualities of America is quite different from expressing discontent about the results of a collective vote. How many Americans, who love this country, might have had thought, “I hate this country” following the election and re-election of Barak Obama?  How many people might have had the same feeling when George W. Bush was elected and re-elected?

I remember that a few liberal celebrities threatened to leave America if Bush was elected – I don’t know of any who followed through with that, but that was a subtle way of saying they “hated” this country because of the collective vote of the people. I recall hearing some conservatives express complete disgust with America for electing and re-electing Barak Obama.  Couldn’t they have felt in their hearts and minds that they “hate this country” without meaning that hate America, but at that moment they hated the voice of the people of America?

In a statement to US Weekly, Adam Levine said, “I obviously love my country very much and my comments (last night) were made purely out of frustration.” “(Last night’s) elimination of Judith and Sarah was confusing and downright emotional for me and my comments were made based on my personal dissatisfaction with the results.”

That is an understandable and acceptable explanation for the comment, but that true motive doesn’t attract headlines like – Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and The Voice says, “I hate this country.”  It is the responsibility of audiences to read behind the headlines that are designed to attract attention and stir controversy.

I would not be defending Adam Levine if he were a political candidate and made that statement in the context of a speech about America. But he’s a citizen who, like many citizens, expressed his frustration over a vote of the people. Ever had the same thoughts?

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05/30/2013 7:57PM
Scoot Blog: Adam Levine said "I hate this country" but does he?
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05/31/2013 7:52AM
I agree with you. I also voted for Judith and was very disappointed in the results and not fair at all.
05/31/2013 9:48AM
I agree
If you watch the show you would understand his frustration at that moment. Many viewers at home may have also expressed the same sentiment.
05/31/2013 10:50AM
I totally agree with you. I was so disappointed and surprised that Judith was let go. Adam was merely expressing his shocking disbelief.
06/03/2013 11:16PM
Kristen Fuller
I totally agree with you and when I heard it in the media because I missed that show that particular night and knew there must be some misunderstanding and once I heard the comment and the context in which Adam Levine meant it, it was not a hatred for his country, it was just simply frustration that those two have so much talent and were voted off by America!!! his remark was totally different than that of the Dixie Chicks, Natalie Maines, years ago regarding our President, George W. Bush, and she DID mean she hated her country and because of that one statement, she ruined all three of their careers....and she showed since then that she still has a BIG mouth and can't keep it shut! Very sad considering all of their talents!
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