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Scoot: A message to the Republican Party!

Top Republican leaders are in New Orleans attending the Republican Leadership Conference.  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will be among the speakers.  Jindal appears to be positioning himself for a run for the White House in 2016.

The information the Republican Party needs in order to win the White House in 2016 is in the Scoot Blog tonight – but will Republicans pay attention?

During the presidential campaign in 2012 – I was talking about the mistakes the Republican Party was making and after what was considered a shocking defeat, many party leaders began to echo what I had said leading up to the election.

This year, I have written three blogs about the direction of the Republican Party and discussed it on “The Scoot Show.”

Last week’s blog was titled, “Another New Direction for Republican?” focused on a newly released 121-page policy manifesto written by a group described as “reform conservatives” that establishes a new message for the party to attract middle-class voters.

In January, the Scoot Blog, titled, “Should the Republican Party Change?” dealt with the Republican National committee winter meeting in Washington, D.C., where a new strategy, titled, “Growth and Opportunity Project” was revealed to Republicans.  That strategy was designed to expand the Party’s reach to include more women, minorities, gays and younger voters.

There has been a not-so-civil-war raging within the Republican Party since the presidential campaign of 2008, when Barak Obama was elected president.  The Tea Party and the ultra-right are two groups that continue to fight for control of the party’s direction, but both factions are contributing to the image problems of the Republican Party.

The Tea Party, which originally stood for smaller government and fiscal responsibility, has been hijacked by right-wing extremists, like radio/TV host Glenn Beck, who helped redefine the Tea Party movement by making social issues part of the agenda.

Conservative talk show hosts, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and countless local conservative personalities, who have sheepishly followed their lead, continue to contribute to the exodus of voters from the Republican Party.  Even the power of the Fox News Channel has been challenged.

The newest ratings show that Fox News has hit the lowest point in the ratings in over 12 years in the key 25-54 demographic.  Fox News continues to dominate MSNBC and CNN in that key demo, as well as in the total audience ratings. MSNBC is now #2 and CNN is back down to #3.

What these ratings show is that much of the Fox News audience is 55 and older. Polls continue to show that younger voters – voters under 45 – do not support hot-button issues, like same-sex marriage or legalizing marijuana, in the same percentages as older voters.  America is changing and the today’s Baby Boomer Establishment, which has defined every era it has occupied, is losing ground to new younger generations.

Younger conservatives do not share the views of Establishment conservatives on many of the important social issues, yet Republicans, in general, continue the ill-fated practice of being on the wrong side the same-sex marriage debate, the legalizing pot debate, immigration and the abortion debate.  It is the “moral police” within the Republican Party that alienate many voters, who reject the idea that politicians and government should influence personal decisions.

Supporting the government banning same-sex marriage, for example, defies the foundation of conservative ideology – which promotes the power of the individual over the government.  There is no way to escape the fact that opposition to same-sex marriage is based on moral and religious beliefs and therefore directly endorses the government dictating morality.

The initial support of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher who has been in a dispute with the government over his cattle grazing on government property or the support of conservative rocker Ted Nugent, who expresses hateful and ugly contempt for President Obama, have not been denounced strongly enough by a central voice for the Republican Party.

The image of the Republican Party has also been damaged by the “birthers,” the “truthers” and now those who are following the conservative pied piper, Karl Rove, in questioning the stability of Hillary Clinton’s brain.

Republican leaders have turned condemning President Obama into a spectators sport.  The focus on condemning the Obama Administration has distracted from the core Republican issues of fiscal responsibility and smaller government.  That’s what the Republican Party should be promoting and that is a direction that WILL attract younger voters.

Republicans were factually wrong about people signing up for Obamacare.  Fox News has desperately resurrected the investigation of what happened in Benghazi and the alleged IRS scandal, neither of which have yet to be proven to be true scandals, except in the minds of those blindly beholden to the far right.  Those who are so easily influenced by the hysteria on social media have elevated the rhetorical claim that Obama is a socialist – to Obama is a communist.  Simple understanding of communism makes such a claim ridiculous.  Yet, some persist.

We should know the truth about both Benghazi and the IRS targeting groups with political agendas, but investigations have not gone the right way for conservatives hoping to bring down President Obama.  That’s not to say that these, or other controversies, will not reach a tipping point, but the crusade to bring down President Obama, along with the moral crusade of the more conservative factions within the Republican Party, have literally chased away some Republicans and failed to attract crossover voters. 

The Republican Party has lost the popular vote in 5 out of the last 6 presidential elections and in January, a Gallup poll showed the party’s favorability rating had fallen to 32% - down from 43% after the re-election of President Obama in 2012.

Republican candidates Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, who openly suggest that their specific religious beliefs into their campaigns, will continue to hurt the image of the Republican Party.

America has been down this road before.  During the presidential campaign in 1960, John F. Kennedy, a Catholic, actively convinced voters that he would NOT allow his religious beliefs to dictate the decisions he made as president.  Kennedy won the election and became the first Catholic to occupy the White House.  Lesson learned.

The message to the Republican Party is simple – be bold enough to divorce the far right and have the courage to be more centrist and promote smaller government and government getting out of the way of business and individuals and stop trying to be the moral police of America.

One definition defines “conservative” as “holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.”  As long as the Republican Party rejects a changing America and the influence of voters who are not white males – it should not expect to win the White House.

There is a great line in one of the early hits by Hall & Oates that says, “The strong give up and move on – the weak give up and stay!”

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05/29/2014 7:22PM
Scoot Blog: A message to the Republican Party!
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05/29/2014 7:36PM
That as times change, the perception of what is "left" and "right" has permanently shifted. Liberals have the same tug of war with progressive elements, but in the end, they seem to unify more than the GOP. However, it's possible that the most stubborn of the far right will not ever accept that the window has shifted, and they will continue to believe they are in the center of real America - and as long as they pass those views on to their children, they will remain a thorn in the side of the GOP or irrelevant "protest voters" that can't win an election without the GOP party machine. Either way, America has been far more center right than any of our allies, including Canada, England, Australia, etc. - perhaps what this is, is a painful but needed shift to synchronize with the rest of the world.
05/29/2014 7:42PM
Liberal socialist
Your propaganda of young republicans views is just spouting of liberal moral decay. You are a selfish liberal who will never see ratings like gle beck, rush or mark levin. You are jealous
05/29/2014 8:04PM
Scoot rates higher than Levin. WWL beats Rush consistently. I've seen the books. You're a liar.
05/29/2014 8:06PM
This RLC lineup is proving the GOP is doubling down on the lunacy. Phil Robertson - famous for being a stereotype with ignorant comments regarding civil rights. Donald Trump - a self promoting birther who exists only to promote Donald Trump Herman Cain - failed presidential candidate caught in se_x scandal Michelle Bachmann - need I elaborate? Rick Perry - failed presidential candidate, presider over huge numbers of executions and low wages, poor education and lack of healthcare in “booming” Texas David Vitter - call girl frequenting future gubernatorial candidate, embarassment to Louisiana Steve King - compared illegals to drug trafficking “mules” with calves the size of cantelopes, other wild statements (the male Michelle Bachmann) Louie Gohmert - another in the King/Bachmann mold Dinesh D’Souza - made a factually inaccurate film claiming Barack Obama hates America and was elected to enact his revenge on white people. Recently convicted of campaign finance fraud. Blames the Obama administration, of course. Ted Cruz - shutting down the government, filbustering by reading Green Eggs and Ham, makes outlandish comments and is the son of a theocracy promoting preacher who believes in government imposed religion. Rick Santorum - failed presidential candidate that wants to legislate Catholic views of birth control, claimed non-procreative intercourse was not a legal right and could be left up to states to decide. One attendee said that new immigrants and Hispanics are “Republicans, they just dont know it yet.” Yet when you poll these people, they are far more supportive of strong laws protecting the public and restricting bad practice on the part of big business, the social safety net, etc. The Republicans live in a fantasy land where one day, if they just put out the right “image” people will fall in love with them, ignoring the fact that short of serious reconstructive surgery, the odds are against them.
05/29/2014 8:13PM
Tickets to Hillary Speech On Sale, 66% Off ... LOL apparently Hillary is not that liked.
05/29/2014 8:16PM
"Ratings" is still sucking Scooter diçk ... LOL ...
Democrats believe people in general are too stupid to manage their own affairs and so they believe in 24/7 government oversight—the Nanny State. Of course most Democrats see themselves as victims and need oversight.
05/29/2014 8:18PM
Scooter is a Democrat that hates conservatives .... nothing new. He stays in a state of rage ... LOL
He needs to relax. No doubt it would do Scooter good to take three or four days off. He has gone through so much persecution from God, the Catholic Church, and Christians in general. Spending some time with his buddies at the bathhouse lighting candles, sucking some diçk and really reconnecting with his feminine side would be refreshing for him. Take a break Scoot it will be good for you.
05/29/2014 8:21PM
Local Dj
Scoot you are just a local DJ. Your numbers are no where near the nationAl radio syndicates you are jealous of
05/29/2014 8:22PM
Scoot Republlicans should NOT listen to YOU. We would rather win.
— Americans reject Obama’s “change”: The latest Pew Research survey shows that Americans have, by and large, rejected President Obama’s brand of change. “Some 65 percent of Americans want the next president to pursue policies and programs that are different from President Obama’s. Just 30 percent want someone who will pursue similar initiatives, and only 5 percent are undecided,” Adam O’Neal writes at Real Clear Politics. “Obama’s policies remain slightly more popular than President Bush’s. Seventy percent of Americans wanted a leader who would pursue different policies at the same point in Bush’s presidency (April 2006). Only 23 percent wanted a president who would act similarly (7 percent were undecided).” The still stagnant economy and negative opinions about Obamacare are driving Americans to reject President Obama’s agenda. The sour mood on those issues is driving the upcoming mid-term election to Republicans, who now hold a 4-point lead in the generic congressional ballot.
05/29/2014 8:27PM
Scoot most men are not excited about sticking their pénis in another guy’s rectum.
... and they could really care less if you want to. Your attempt to trash conservatives as extreme is hypocritical. You and the clowns in your party are very extreme in the behaviors and policies you promote. Government is your God and religion.
05/29/2014 8:36PM
The Only Person Obsessed
With men's private parts is YOU, troll. Get your mind out of Scoot's pants already!!
05/29/2014 8:38PM
Scoot you are a hater. Rick Santorum will be all of your liberal dead wod candidates.
05/29/2014 8:38PM
Polls on the American mindset are very mood based, but saying they want "different policies" doesn't mean much. The American people are not policy wonks - they are responding on mood and personal well being. For all we know, they may want more liberal policies than Obama has enacted. Parts of the healthcare law, consumer protection, gun background checks, etc all poll very well. Not liking the messenger doesn't mean you reject all parts of the message, but again, that's a nuanced debate and not something our resident troll will likely respond to with anything more than his toilet humor.
05/29/2014 8:54PM
Strange that Democrats hate good values
Apparently Democrats believe that it is a bad thing to aspire to live a moral life and raise children with a set of values that encourage discipline, work and the pursuit of success. Democrats rather pursue all manner of deviant behavior and reward laziness and greed. Any fool can be a democrat. It requires no character. I guess like roaches that is why there are so many of them.
05/29/2014 9:04PM
Hollywood Fads
Scoot you and your Hollywood friends are obsessed with gay issues. This is and never will be a republican issue.
05/29/2014 9:10PM
Democrats aspire to be government chattel.
Wow, that really motivates folks.
05/29/2014 9:10PM
Plenty of hard working, successful, family oriented people are Democrats. Your statement is as ignorant as saying all gun owners are like Joe The Plumber - pathetic to stereotype entire groups of people.
05/29/2014 9:21PM
We are one quarter away from being in another recession.
Obama and most Democrats oppose pro-growth policies and promote share misery. Minorities and the middle class have been hurt the worst under Obama’s crony capitalist policies.
05/29/2014 9:25PM
Scoot is a partisan hack.
The United States is losing ground to China because the policies adopted by Obama and Congress and the Federal Reserve prevent Americans from investing their own money in the economy. China has surpassed the United States as the largest economy in the world and that is a stark reminder of how the American people are harmed by the welfare-warfare state, crony capitalism, and fiat currency. The only way to avoid continuing collapse is to finally reject an interventionist foreign policy, stop bailing out and subsidizing politically powerful industries, and restore a free market in money.
05/29/2014 9:45PM
People of faith are no longer welcome in the Democrat Party.
It has been that way for a while now.
05/29/2014 10:07PM
People of Faith
Except, you know for Mormon Harry Reid, Christian Barack Obama, Catholic Joe Biden, etc. etc. - yeah, you are right - Democrats have it in for people of faith *eye roll* could you possibly be any more of a fact-free troll?
05/29/2014 11:22PM
"Does Obama hate Christianity, or just Christians?"
He hates both. All Muslims do.
05/29/2014 11:49PM
Is not a Muslim. Idiot.
05/30/2014 5:00AM
There are some in the GOP that would rather lose “on principle.” There is a political victim mentality that you have referenced in the past that enables “losers” to continue to raise money. There are many GOP related groups that court the far right and can only alarm and raise money if they are LOSING the “culture wars.” Too many jobs and cushy positions depend on the GOP not always winning. To these people, losing IS a win when it comes to their bottom line.
05/30/2014 7:05AM
Teens turn themselves into freaks and victims and the wonder why they are treated as such.
05/30/2014 7:07AM
Reply to GOP (aka liberal troll)
Too many jobs and cushy positions depend on keeping big government big and growing so the leeches in the Democrat Party and continue to feed.
05/30/2014 7:08AM
Obama is NOT a Christian.
He is an àsshole.
05/30/2014 7:12AM
The Democrat Party has been taken over by the far left lunatics and is no longer mainstream.
05/30/2014 7:19AM
The Democrat Party is like a bunch of roaches under a rock.
They have to hide who they really are and lie about what they really want to do to the country to remain viable. A corrupt press and an ever growing population of government dependents feeds this party of human debris. Democrats appeal to the lower nature.
05/30/2014 7:29AM
The Democrat Party is a collection of incompetent leaders, victims, misfits, and government chattel.
Morir perras!
05/30/2014 7:38AM
Obama and the Democrat Party funnel tax dollars to public sector unions
which if given back in campaign donations. Obama and the Democrat Party support open borders because they need another generation of dependent bottom feeders to shore up their base.
05/30/2014 10:06AM
Amazing to watch the ever growing Democrat hatred of Christians and
all peoples of faith. As Democrats seek approval of their various deviant behaviors, they respond in rage when their behaviors are not endorsed by others.
05/30/2014 10:32AM
If Obama visited Sudan, he would be welcomed as a Muslim.
05/30/2014 1:08PM
Obama surrounds himself with incompetent people like himself.
He needs to fire himself ....
05/30/2014 1:14PM
Message to the DemWIT Party ...
Media hard-pressed to tell truth on shrinking economy... 1 in 6 Men Between Ages 25-54 Not Working ... you can be thankful that over half the media lies to the ignorant daily. Truth is beginning to catch up with the clown Obama.
05/30/2014 1:17PM
More racist Democrats
Dem to Hispanic Republican: 'We Need to Send Her Back to Wherever She Really Came From'... Alan Webber latest whack job DemWIY candidate. http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/dem-hispanic-republican-we-need-send-her-back-wherever-she-really-came_793932.html
05/30/2014 2:11PM
At some point even a sleazeball like Carney gets tired of lying everyday on television..
05/30/2014 2:26PM
Mad Arsehat Tea Party
The number one problem with the Tea Party is that they're useful idiots for the GOP. Some of them really, really are concerned about the deficit and government overreach etc. So concerned, that they don't notice the ring in their nose.
05/30/2014 2:58PM
GOP Is Not Fiscally Responsible
WASHINGTON -- Democrats charged Republicans with passing a "Twinkie subsidy" in a package of tax breaks Thursday that will add $304 billion to the deficit over 10 years. The subsidy is actually a break for companies that donate unsold food to food banks that cannot be marketed for various reasons, but remains "wholesome." Such food can be past its expiration date, have damaged packaging or just be out of season, such as Halloween candy as Thanksgiving approaches. It has to be edible, but not necessarily healthy. The tax break, worth about $2 billion over a decade, allows companies to claim up to twice the cost of the donated food. Democrats supported the idea of encouraging donations to help feed the hungry, but objected that the measure allows corporations to use the tax break as a way to unload aging junk food.
05/30/2014 3:21PM
Complains about people buying junk food with food stamps then gives tax breaks to corporations to unload antiquated junk food on the poor who need healthy food more than anyone. Ironic.
05/30/2014 3:43PM
Phil Robertson
Said last night that the GOP needs religion. I agree. The GOP needs to act more like Jesus and stop throwing people they hate under the bus, start caring for the needs of individuals as opposed to the establishment powerful & Pharisees, and support healing the sick (healthcare.) Republicans like to be the party of "values" and "faith" but Jindal will run around claiming to be religious while denying Medicaid to impoverished Louisiana citizens. Hypocrisy!
05/30/2014 3:58PM
GOP Supports Corporate Ripoff of Workers Earnings
WASHINGTON -- Early Friday morning, House Republicans voted down a measure that would have discouraged the government from giving contracts to companies that have committed wage theft. The Democratic-sponsored amendment to a funding bill would have denied taxpayer money to firms with documented wage violations while under government contract. The idea, championed by members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, was to make sure public dollars don't go to companies with low-road labor practices. The amendment, proposed for the commerce, justice and science appropriations bill, failed by a vote of 196-211. All Democrats who cast votes supported it, while 10 Republicans crossed the aisle to join them.
05/30/2014 5:28PM
Rabbi Irwin Kula Speaks Wisdom
Kula said he believes the labels Americans have given each other — whether they be communist, socialist, capitalist, liberal or libertarian — “block us from looking into someone’s eyes and saying, ‘What are their real fears, and what are their real hopes, and what is he really saying behind those words?’” Kula said that everyone has come to their beliefs for a reason, and that there are very few people who are “100 percent bad.” So when we discuss or criticize the beliefs of one another, Kula said “what we have to do is confirm, first, the partial truth of what they’re saying, affirm who they are.”
05/30/2014 6:30PM
Real Republicans
Phil Robertson, Sara Palin, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachman portray the correct social philosophy for the Republican Party. Scoots recommendations in this blog are pleasing to the devil himself
05/30/2014 7:12PM
Scoot s blog should read Rebel Yell
Morality of Eyes without a Face.As you see Scoots a Billy Idol look and act alike
05/30/2014 7:29PM
Scoot, the Republicans have run middle-of-the-roaders in the last TWO presidential elections - where did it get them? Let's run a real conservative, for a change, and see what happens. The Republican Party needs to get rid of the RINOs!
05/30/2014 8:07PM
The GOP candidates pulled to the right. McCain brought on Palin. Romney had to run to the right of his own record on healthcare, social issues, etc. The GOP needs independents and swing voters to win Presidential elections (admittedly, not midterms at this point) but the base always swings them hard right. The GOP needs a moderate, mainstream Republican but won't allow the nominees to do what they need to do to be true to themselves. Otherwise, you'd see President Romney in office today. The 2012 election was Republicans to lose, in a bad economy - but Romney had to hide who he was. Far right doesn't win Presidential elections.
05/30/2014 8:13PM
What is this RINO cliche anyways? Are you suggesting Republicans are obligated to have ideological homogeny or they'll be booted out of the party? Do Democrats complain about DINOs given that some red state Democrats aren't in agreement with the more liberal Democrats on gun control or spending? Should they kick out their moderates too? That's a risky path. You have to allow your members their individual intellectual freedom and ability to take different viewpoints under the broader banner of the party.
05/30/2014 8:24PM
scootts ideal wedding
characterized by Billy idol video -White wedding. Check it out.
05/30/2014 9:15PM
Lessons from VA scandal ...
Single payer wherever it is in place is fraught with corruption, doctor shortages, rationed care and poor care. Those who support ObamaCare are stupid are just plain hateful. There is no government utopia. Government does few things well. No wonder Democrats have supported failing schools. They needed to dumb down the population so they would accept such failed ideas.
05/30/2014 9:33PM
I'm "hateful" for supporting people being required to buy private insurance so they don't freeload when they go into the emergency room? I suppose I'm hateful that Louisiana law requires car insurance too and I'm glad of it. Obamacare isn't even a government program. It's a set of regulations that operate within the framework of a private insurance market. Love it or hate it, it's far from socialism, or national healthcare, which practically all our allies - Canada, the UK, Australia, etc. all manage to operate with just fine.
05/30/2014 9:38PM
Was first implemented by Mitt Romney, created by the Heritage Foundation and supported by such noted lefties as Bob Dole during the Clinton administration.
05/30/2014 10:46PM
You live in an apartment in the Quarter at your age with nothing to show for yourself and you try to lecture those of us with a clue on our beliefs? What skins on the wall do you have? If you want to sound like an intellectual, pick up the Word of God, follow it and base your commentary on it, and then maybe you would be taken seriously. Until then, put a sock in it.
05/30/2014 10:59PM
The Quarter
Brad Pitt and Matthew McConnehey own apartments in the quarter and throw beers to each other off the balcony, gonna criticize them too?
05/30/2014 11:04PM
http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/05/30/gop-says-hey-ladies-but-little-else-about-winning-women.html - most of the women had walked out by the end of it. LOL!
05/30/2014 11:32PM
Scoot why not admit you are gay.
05/30/2014 11:38PM
Hollywood proud
Scoot why do you always mention Hollywood types. They are nothing special. They tend to be self centered and self serving
05/30/2014 11:46PM
Self Centered
You mean like corporate executives that bang on about how their taxes should be lowered? Kinda like that?
05/30/2014 11:55PM
When you argue points of immoral nature you favor you always mention you did not bring your bible to review with your deflectors calling. Why are you so hard headed.Bring your bible with you and start reading it for true knowledge
05/31/2014 8:23AM
Obama is a lying piece of SH!T that threw his on mother under the bus to save his sorry àss.
Hope the BIOTCH keeps smoking.
05/31/2014 11:08AM
Obama takes a SH!T everytime he opens his mouth.
The smell at his press conferences must be unbearable.
05/31/2014 11:12AM
Obama Sounds Alarm: 'Climate Change' Growing Threat to Health...
Great News!!! Obama thinks he is going to die ...
05/31/2014 3:39PM
Obama is a criminal that has broken his own laws but gets a pass because much of the press feels sorry for him because he is black so of course he is hated and not respected.
05/31/2014 4:02PM
Republican Party to Scoot.
Scoot you are free to have all the sex parties you want as long as no minors are present. We have no plans to stop you. Enjoy. You are more likely to die from exposure to one of Hillary Clinton’s fàrts than ever be bothered by us. Try to keep a safe distance from the former Secretary of State.
05/31/2014 4:31PM
WWL-AM faces increasing competition from other media outlets such as satellite radio and Internet streaming. Listeners have many more choices than they did 10 or 20 years ago. Sports Talk keeps WWL-AM relevant as solid interest in the Saints and LSU and even high school sports trumps all other shows presented on the station.
05/31/2014 4:40PM
Democrats judge Obama by the color of his skin not the content of his character ...
... which makes perfect sense since Obama is a man of bad character.
05/31/2014 5:37PM
The continued failure of liberal radio ...
Democrats in New York City, who outnumber Republican voters by more than six to one, had a bittersweet New Year. As the ball dropped in Times Square, the city’s last progressive talk radio station went silent, flipping its format to Spanish music and leaving liberal voices out in the cold in the nation's top broadcast market. WWRL bade farewell to veteran hosts Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, and Alan Colmes, extending a coast-to-coast wave of progressive stations sinking in a sea of listener apathy— especially in big liberal cities. The same day, Clear Channel’s KTLK, the last liberal-dominated talk station in Los Angeles, the nation’s No 2 market, flipped Rhodes, Stephanie Miller, Bill Press, and David Cruz for conservative talkers Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. The company’s KNEW in San Francisco did the same, booting liberal voices for more conservative ones. And talk stations in Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash., said goodbye to their liberal formats and picked up sports programming. It turns out that progressive talk doesn't bring in enough listeners or advertisers to be financially successful in today’s highly competitive radio industry.
05/31/2014 5:46PM
True Dude.
Liberals just don't get it. Liberal ideas, venom, propaganda, and policies just don't work...never have...never will!
05/31/2014 5:58PM
The sex party post was hillarious.
But with a face like Scoot's I doubt he will get much play from women or men.
05/31/2014 7:13PM
Analysts: Most employer-provided insurance will disappear as ObamaCare takes hold
All the ignorant Democrat bottom feeders thinking they are getting something free with a job ... LOL.
05/31/2014 7:14PM
Continued Failure
Should be more aptly titled failure of AM radio. WWL has 50,000 watts and an FM. Most other AM stations in New Orleans and other major markets aren't doing so well. Clear Channel simply needed a secondary AM to keep its syndication products on. Ratings for KEIB and KNEW are in the basement, somewhere around 0.8 percent - being beat by college radio stations, kids playing garage bands! AM Talk radio in general is suffering - right or left.
05/31/2014 7:16PM
There's only one radio station in America that takes its name from Rush Limbaugh's radio empire and that's KEIB in Los Angeles -- the EIB mirrors Limbaugh's "Excellence in Broadcasting" motto. Clear Channel, which syndicates Limbaugh's program nationally, owns the station and flipped the call letters to KEIB in honor of him when the company announced he was leaving his longtime Los Angeles radio home, KFI, and moving to KEIB in January. There, according to Clear Channel, he would anchor a new, all-conservative lineup of Republican-friendly talkers, including Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. Three months later, Limbaugh's KEIB is a ratings disaster, coming in 37th place in the second largest radio market in America with a .5 rating share in March, the most recent month available, according to Nielsen ratings.
05/31/2014 7:17PM
Rush is Being Flushed
How small is KEIB's audience? So small that eleven non-English radio stations have larger audiences in Los Angeles. And so small that KEIB actually trails four college-run, non-commercial stations in the market.
05/31/2014 7:19PM
Stay Classy, Rush!
Shortly after Bill Clinton took office, the undisputed leader of the American conservative movement and the de facto leader of the GOP Rush Limbaugh had a syndicated TV show. Rush asked his audience, "did you know there's a White House dog?" For his punch line, Rush showed a photo of a 12-year-old Chelsea Clinton.
05/31/2014 8:45PM
no class Scoot
His show theme is shames ex marriage, abortion, contraception and ogling bands of 2014 comparing them to bands of 1980s. Please change this boring format for the morally inept
05/31/2014 9:22PM
More stupid black politicians ...
05/31/2014 9:23PM
Rush is doing just fine ....
The leftist rectum boy poster here is not. His dream is to take it up the rear from Harry Reid ... LOL.
05/31/2014 9:24PM
Yep Chelsea Clinton is a dog and sad she was allowed to breed.
05/31/2014 9:28PM
Scoot is a fill in when sports is not on.
He does have the loyal support of Rectum Boy, his bath house buddy and blog defender.
05/31/2014 9:31PM
Funny how the leftist whack poster here trashes Rush.
His liberal radio heroes are all but gone and have no ratings. Gee, morõn, I would not be chirping with your guys lousy record. More appropriate for you to put a gun in your mouth, lõser ... LOL.
05/31/2014 9:47PM
President Barack Obama's national security flops just keep coming.
Incompetence and Failure = Obama. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/10866863/President-Barack-Obamas-national-security-flops-just-keep-coming.html
05/31/2014 9:57PM
Bill Clinton took advantage of an intern, cheated on his wife and lied about it ...
and that is the left’s big hero. What a bunch of human debris.
05/31/2014 9:59PM
Only Obama Zombies believe anything Obama says.
About all one can do is spit on Obama.
05/31/2014 10:53PM
Why is WWL Radio so crappy?
Angela Hill, who basically does fluff New Orleans radio.
05/31/2014 11:10PM
The Top Talk Radio Audiences
Did not notice Scoot was on this list. http://www.talkers.com/top-talk-radio-audiences/
05/31/2014 11:14PM
Why Does WWL Get Ratings
Because it's local, and isn't all right wing rants 24/7. Local news, local opinion, and the sports people in this region care about. Tommy, Angela, Garland & Scoot are pros. Change the dial if you don't like it. #winning
06/01/2014 12:26AM
Democrats oppose choice.
At the annual conference with governors Bobby Jindal asked president Obama why he does not support school choice and was told that “states and parents cannot be trusted to make the best decisions for our children.” A double insult to any parent as Obama suggests that the average parent does not know best and that somehow all the children belong to him. Apparently most Democrats agree that they are not competent enough to make good decisions for their children and their children belong to the Federal Government.
06/01/2014 5:09AM
Bobby Jindal
Never made a decision that was to benefit a person as opposed to a corporation. Terrible governor.
06/01/2014 8:07AM
^^^ Lazy Losér.
Perhaps the liberal troll should get off the dole and get a real job.
06/01/2014 8:10AM
Well, Scooter spent the weekend at the bath house with his rectum buddies.
He lighted candles, watched reruns of Obama speeches and engaged in all manner of deviant behaviors while trying to think up new ways to trash Christians, the Catholic Church and anyone that does not pray to his Messiah Obama ... good thing NCAA Baseballdominated WWL programming.
06/01/2014 8:37AM
Scoot and WWL Radio is absolutely obsessed with homosexuality.
Scoot spends a lot of time demanding everyone endorse homosexuality behavior. Scoot just needs to announce he is gay and move on. Maybe he will get a tryout with the New Orleans Pelicans.
06/01/2014 9:00AM
Well, eventually Scoot and the Democrats will be promoting special rights for those who practice bé
Scoot has mentioned liking a bunny.
06/01/2014 9:12AM
Why I am NOT a Democrat.
'Welfare State' Doesn't Adequately Describe How Much America's Poor Control Your Wallet The term “welfare state” does not begin to encompass the totality of America’s commitment of resources to aid the poor. It is more like a vast empire bigger than the entire budgets of almost every other country in the world. America’s welfare empire encompasses close to 200 or more federal/state programs, including 23 low income health programs, 27 low income housing programs, 30 employment and training programs, 34 social services programs, at least 13 food and nutrition programs, and 24 low income child care programs, among others. Federal and state governments spend a trillion dollars a year just on these means tested welfare programs, which does not include Social and Medicare. That is more than we spend on national defense. It adds up to roughly $17,000 per person in poverty, over $50,000 for a poor family of three. The Census Bureau estimates that our current welfare spending totals four times what would be necessary just to give all of the poor the cash to bring them up to the poverty line, eliminating all poverty in America.
06/01/2014 9:18AM
Yea, Obama would rather a person go on welfare or unlimited unemployment
than work at a job and with Obama’s failed economic policies that is what has happened to a record number of Americans.
06/01/2014 9:58AM
The real ruth ... the liberal trolls and Scoot here lie often.
The liberal left likes to pretend smugly that only they bear any concern for the poor, and only they support a social safety net. They like to pretend that Republicans and conservatives don’t care, would terminate any social safety net, and would let the poor starve or die from lack of health care or other material want if that is the consequence. But the major social safety net programs were mostly adopted on a bipartisan basis (except for the mistake of Obamacare, where free market conservatives and Republicans support a superior health safety net). When Republicans have been in power, instead of eliminating the social safety net, they continued to expand those programs, probably too much given the adverse consequences of those policies as discussed above. Indeed, the Earned Income Tax Credit came from Ronald Reagan, first expressed in historic testimony before the Senate Finance Committee in 1972, as a way to offset the burden of payroll taxes on the working poor. His famous welfare reform policies centered on eliminating hand outs for those who were not in poverty, and actually increasing benefits for the truly needy. The Child Tax Credit came from conservative Republicans as well, when Newt Gingrich was leading the Congress as Speaker of the House in the 1990s.
06/01/2014 10:20AM
Scoot and Democrats rant and whine about homosexuality while conservatives pursue solutions to real
welfare reform, spearheaded by conservatives and Republicans, and enacted on a bipartisan basis in 1996, has proven highly beneficial for the poor as well. Those 1996 reforms of the old Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program returned the share of federal spending on the program to each state in the form of a “block grant” to be used in a new welfare program redesigned by the state based on mandatory work for the able bodied. Federal funding for AFDC previously was based on a matching formula, with the federal government giving more to each state the more it spent on the program, effectively paying the states to spend more. The key to the 1996 reforms was that the new block grants to each state were finite, not matching, so the federal funding did not vary with the amount the state spent. If a state’s new program cost more, the state had to pay the extra costs itself. If the program cost less, the state could keep the savings. The reformed program was renamed Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). The reform was shockingly successful, exceeding even the predictions of its most ardent supporters. The old AFDC rolls were reduced by two-thirds nationwide, even more in states that pushed work most aggressively: Wyoming (97%), Idaho (90%), Florida (89%), Louisiana (89%), Illinois (89%), Georgia (89%), North Carolina (87%), Oklahoma (85%), Wisconsin (84%), Texas (84%), Mississippi (84%). As a result, in real dollars total federal and state spending on TANF by 2006 was down 31% from AFDC spending in 1995, and down by more than half of what it would have been under prior trends. At the same time, because of the resulting increased work by former welfare dependents, the incomes of the families formerly on the program rose by 25%, and poverty among those families plummeted. Haskins reports, “[B]y 2000 the poverty rate of black children was the lowest it had ever been.” Consequently, a promising strategy to counter poverty would be to extend these same 1996 block grant welfare reforms to all of the nearly 200 federal/state means tested welfare programs referenced above. With these programs currently expected to cost more than $10 trillion over the next 10 years, the potential for resulting savings for the taxpayers is enormous. At the same time, with power and control over welfare restored to the states, such reform has the potential to succeed where the War on Poverty failed, and actually eliminate poverty in America. Future columns will discuss what the states could do with that power to achieve that ultimate goal, and other promising, anti-poverty policies.
06/01/2014 10:30AM
Well dude, nice stuff on welfare.
But all Scoot cares about is trying to get the Pope to endorse þutt sex. Scoot claims to disagrees with Obama at times but he give Obama a pass because Obama supports the homosexual agenda and that is what matters most to Scoot.
06/01/2014 11:39AM
Keeping them stuck on stupid.
Politico, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS.......forgot to tell America that the economy is half way in recession. This keeps the lo-infos from worrying about their welfare checks.
06/01/2014 12:25PM
Just leave the Republicans alone
With spokesmen like Limbaugh, they are alienating themselves from younger voters. Just give them all the rope they need - they are hanging themselves!
06/01/2014 1:02PM
The GOP Is Dead
The GOP is only looking for few good fascist, homophobe, racist woman hating candidates to represent them. Phil Robertson is a good choice to be their candidate.
06/01/2014 1:08PM
I Wonder
What our resident troll thinks about corporate welfare, or businesses like walmart pushing their low wage workers onto government assistance - thus the government enables corporate greed, when these companies should instead pay a liveable wage.
06/01/2014 1:13PM
^^^Liberal Rectum Boy is back.
He needed a break form his rimming activities.
06/01/2014 1:14PM
Seems with a serial liar and general all-arounf incompetent like Obama in charge.
The Democrats are hanging themselves. They would hang Obama but he is black. LOL
06/01/2014 1:19PM
All the so-called younger DemWIT voters are way too busy ...
keeping their Facebook® page updated, worrying about JayZ and the Beiber, joining gangs, getting pregnant, bullying each other and then attending anti-bullying concerts to be concerned with voting and most of them don’t even know there are not 57 states.
06/01/2014 1:22PM
Apparently most of the people that work at WWL are homosexuals.
Probably not a good idea to use their bathroom if you ever visit the station. Poor Angela Hill likely to die from an STD, but then her show is dying.
06/01/2014 1:31PM
Well only 3% of the population is actually gay.
That is why the Democrats are going after the Mexican vote. They are giving away welfare, healthcare, and registering Mexicans to vote at the border ... citizenship is no longer required.
06/01/2014 1:39PM
Wal-Mart pays well and create more real jobs than Obama ....
The complete list of faltering or bankrupt green-energy companies ... Gee, Wal-Mart knows a lot about creating real jos than Obama and the leftist trolls here. Evergreen Solar ($25 million)* SpectraWatt ($500,000)* Solyndra ($535 million)* Beacon Power ($43 million)* Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million) SunPower ($1.2 billion) First Solar ($1.46 billion) Babcock and Brown ($178 million) EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)* Amonix ($5.9 million) Fisker Automotive ($529 million) Abound Solar ($400 million)* A123 Systems ($279 million)* Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($700,981)* Johnson Controls ($299 million) Schneider Electric ($86 million) Brightsource ($1.6 billion) ECOtality ($126.2 million) Raser Technologies ($33 million)* Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)* Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)* Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)* Range Fuels ($80 million)* Thompson River Power ($6.5 million)* Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)* Azure Dynamics ($5.4 million)* GreenVolts ($500,000) Vestas ($50 million) LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($151 million) Nordic Windpower ($16 million)* Navistar ($39 million) Satcon ($3 million)* Konarka Technologies Inc. ($20 million)* Mascoma Corp. ($100 million) http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/15/us-walmart-us-idUSBRE90E0MB20130115
06/01/2014 1:41PM
The DemWITS are desperate. Funny to watch them destroy themselves.
What a pile of human debris.
06/01/2014 1:49PM
Funny. All the Democrat Radio hosts cannot hold and audience of any size.
Their shows fail. LOL. Rush, Hannity, Levin, and countless others had “banner years in 2013. People can launch a protest in a matter of minutes and start pummeling some company’s email address with threats of fleeing customers But companies have learned something very valuable, and that others are waking up to the reality, the truth was, they (boycotters) weren’t customers.
06/01/2014 1:56PM
While the leftist trolls here are getting denied jobs at Wal-Mart due to incompetence,
Rush Limbaugh has been busy winning Children's Book Award: http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2014/05/15/rush-limbaugh-wins-childrens-book-award the Dem Dogs bark, but the train moves on ...
06/01/2014 2:06PM
The reality is many Democrats simply do not want to work hard.
My first cousin, a female, started out working in fast food places in Texas later married a man in the Coast Guard and ended becoming the manager of the Anchorage, Alaska Wal-Mart. She has since moved to Florida managing a store there. Liberals tell young people the world owes them, they get them in deep debt in college often with useless degrees, and then doom them to a life of false expectations and no understanding of how real success is created.
06/01/2014 2:18PM
Meanwhile ....
At a recent private White House gathering of friends and supporters of President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama presented Sandra Fluke with a check for $25,000.00 to go to her Whôres are People Too Foundation. Fluke plans to use the money to purchase condoms for affluent women in the New York City area who are unable to acquire birth control.
06/01/2014 3:37PM
LOL .. Funny post about Fluke.
You can go to almost any bar in New York and get free condoms. This woman is too stupid to do that. Of course she should be mocked. HA!
06/01/2014 5:30PM
More people watch and view the so called "liberal media" than watch Fox News or listen to talk radio of any kind. Oh well! As for your cousin - wow! Walmart manager! I'm so impressed. A lot of Democrats are wealthy job creators - difference is, they don't want to subsidize Walmart with tax loopholes and funds to their lower paid workers when they could be paid a fair wage instead of having to get foodstamps. Sure, support giving them help but they know how business and accounting works, and realize if they were paid well for the value they add to the company, the government wouldn't have to help them so much. You are a moron.
06/01/2014 5:32PM
Obama Sounds Alarm: 'Climate Change' Growing Threat to Health...
Hopefully Obama will scare himself to death ... now that would make the rest of us feel safe.
06/01/2014 5:34PM
Birth Control
Ms. Fluke's testimony was relating to women who needed it for health reasons being unable to get it paid for on the same health plans that were paying for the blue pills so men could be cured of E_D. Not so she could go have recreational s_x. You are again WRONG on the FACTS. Facts are what rational people use to evaluate issues and public policy, not troll nonsense, Tea Party memes, and Glenn Beckian carp. Must be blissful living in your fact free universe.
06/01/2014 5:36PM
Word Filter
Seriously, WWL, your adult audience can't handle the words "E_D" or "S_ex" in a topical discussion? Very restrictive - but you won't delete racism and sexually explicit trolling? OH THE IRONY.
06/01/2014 5:50PM
Ted Cruz
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has won the latest 2016 presidential straw poll at a conservative summit in Louisiana. Cruz took 30 percent of the vote at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. He edged out conservative speaker and author Ben Carson.
06/01/2014 5:54PM
Cruz Control
The potential 2016 presidential candidate said that across the country, people tell him that they are scared – of losing their freedom, losing their constitutional rights, and bankrupting their children and grandchildren. - BWAHAHAHA! He should have pulled a Wayne LaPierre and thrown in "rapers" and "knockout gamers" for good measure. What a dolt. RUN TED RUN!
06/01/2014 6:16PM
On Trolls
Trolls are generally a combination of stupid, loud, and persistent. They embody the sentiments of Charles Bukowski when he said, "The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence."
06/01/2014 10:16PM
Republican conservatives fail to separate their moral vs. social values and think they are God; THEY ARE NOT GOD. God created humans not individuals and are entitled to our own ideas and opinions; ALL BRAINS ARE WIRED DIFFERENT and that is why we are equals. Get out of your stupid box and think. Learn to Compromise and learn to change. When you stop thinking is the day you die. Not everything is black or white but Gray. Republicans what to brink back Regannomics, which was great for big business but bad for the workers; in the long run it lowered taxes for the rich; and the tax rates for the poor and middle class remained unchanged. Outsourced manufacturing jobs and right to work in 49 states; increase of corporate buyouts and suspended anti trust enforcement, which allowed price fixing and raised the deficit
06/02/2014 9:10AM
^^^Leftist Troll and Rectum Boy are back ... LOL
Pretty Sad.
06/02/2014 9:11AM
Obama continues his war on energy and jobs while the DemWIT trolls here fight for more þutt sex.
06/02/2014 9:15AM
Democrats ARE the status quo. They live in the past with the same old playbook.
They recycle their failed policies over and over again under new names. They have been reduced to race baiting and trying to scare the ignorant into believing we will all die of climate change in 500 days if taxes are not raised. It is amazing to watch.
06/02/2014 9:22AM
This is not the Democrat party of your father or grandfather.
Obama and his cronies took 1/6th of our economy, the health care industry, and now put it in the control of the govt. Obama and his cronies now want to sound the alarm for global warming so they can take ANOTHER significant percentage of the economy and put it in the hands of the govt. Obama and his cronies want to open the flood gates to unskilled, uneducated peoples from the south. We are not the United States of the late 1800s or early 1900s and such an influx of low skilled, uneducated will not only cause a burden to the entitlement program, but will also depress American wages and significantly affect the demographics America has had since the 1600s, ie predominantly a European based culture. I could go on and on, ie, attacking religious organizations/beliefs, forcing the insured to subsidize others as well as wholesale abortions/birth control, etc, but then this post will get too long to read. The main point here is the Democrats have proven to be a party made up of fringe elements, whose sole purpose is to bend the will of the majority, put a collective boot on the throat of the individual, and turn our society into a nanny state. While the GOP fairs little better, they are a welcome relief to the Democrats controlling our govt. This is not the Democrat party of your father or grandfather. This party has been hijacked by liberal extremists.
06/02/2014 9:27AM
Funny to see folks here claim they are smarter than others and yet they believe everything Obama say
LOL ... you have to be stupid to be a Democrat today.
06/02/2014 9:31AM
Amazing that folks would admit they cannot tie their shoes laces without government oversight.
The Democrat Party today is mostly a collection of tart monkeys.
06/02/2014 9:42AM
Hillary will NOT be the nominee of the Democrat Party in 2016. That would be a gift to the Republicans. Hillary has way too much negative baggage and ugly bags under her eyes.
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