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Scoot Blog: Women in combat -- Why It's time

The Pentagon has dropped its policy of excluding women from combat. If a woman meets the standards for a combat role, what justification would there be to prevent her from being in combat? The only thing I can think of is sexism.
Considering the advancement in equality of the over the decades, why has it taken so long for the United States to open combat roles to women? In his books “He: the Study of Masculine Psychology” and “She: the Study of Feminine Psychology” psychologist Robert Johnson argued that regardless of the evolution and socialization of humans, we will always intrinsically be male and female. His belief is that we can never completely shed ourselves of our natural masculine and feminine instincts.
The masculine instinct to ‘protect’ women is innate. It is not simply the manifestation of a male-dominated society. Rather, our male-dominated society is the result of the masculine instinct. Over time, humans have learned to adjust certain instincts to better fit the social and practical evolution of our species. 
The idea of shielding women in the military from combat roles is inspired by a basic human instinct. However, as our civilization advances we gain the practical understanding that some instincts are no longer needed for the survival of our species.
There is no question that many women are mentally and physically more fit for combat roles than many men. In the context of society today, the exclusion of women from such roles is unfair and detrimental to the evolution of our species.
Though I have just presented the case for accepting women in combat roles in the military, I do think that there is nothing wrong with accepting the reality that men and women are different and we should be allowed to respect the need for all-male and all-female bonding, like a football team or a women’s organization. 
Men who reject the changes that result from equal competition in the military or in the business world may be reacting to a threat they feel from women. We should all want the best person for the combat role to be in that honorable position of protecting our nation and our freedoms – whether male or female.

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01/23/2013 9:17PM
Scoot Blog: Women in combat -- Why It's time
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01/24/2013 11:27AM
Chris Landreneau
I don't think men are reacting to a threat from women who want to succeed. I think any good honorable man, think of chivalry, finds it his duty to protect women, childern & fellow citizens he may be called upon to defend. I have no doubt that those women who are physically & mentally capable would do the same. It's common sense to not want to subject women to possible injury or harm. Putting a woman in a foxhole with a guy opens up a whole pandoras box of potential psychological, hygene & physical problems for one if not both sexes.
01/24/2013 11:39AM
Thank you for being the kind of man that is proud to be a feminist. That is true strength. Great topic and great show!
01/24/2013 12:15PM
women in combat
I agree with all the callers and I am a women..... If you are in a middle of a gun fight you can not say "STOP" I need to go to the bathroom..... A women has monthly periods that do stink, So if you are at the front line that you can not leave for days.... How would you go to the bathroom to keep clean? She will sit there pee on herself and the hygen will be aweful.... I agree yew they can only if they had historectomy and have the skills needed.... Any man will tell you they are going to protect a women ever since 1901 this has been the case so how are they suppose to turn it off in there head...... And everything goes back to the society Why?
01/24/2013 12:57PM
Scoot: right on point!
An egalitarian military. everyone given the opportunity to excel or not. it is somewhat surprising so many alleged men have such strong feelings about this issue. if a woman volunteers to serve her country in the military, why close certain career paths based on gender? Want to excel in the military? you must have the opportunity to serve in combat. we like to say the military "kills people and destroys things". It is not a humanitarian line of work. You won't find many "support" people in the upper levels of rank. Wanna be a General grade officer in the Army. Select infantry or some closely related career field. A war is also helpful for career advancement. Sure, warfare has and will change, we should not substitute a "shrapnel ceiling" for the civilian "glass ceiling" regarding career development for women. war is not a video game, it comes with real life hardships, psychological, hygiene etc. Seems we use "potential" issues and a broad brush to camouflage our real motives. I understand in some countries they "protect" women from potential harm by not permitting women to drive autos. women who choose a military career do so voluntarily. I salute them as citizens who embrace full citizenship in our country. As a reward for this commitment, it would be shameful to treat them as second class citizens. it is apparently unthinkable for some for women to serve in combat. Public accommodations was unthinkable not long ago. Think of the ruckus caused when football teams first visited the city with non-white players. Women's right to vote was also considered an unthinkable and radical concept. There are apparently millions of young able bodied MEN who choose not to serve this country. They should thank those men who do serve and protect our country by taking their place as defenders of their freedoms. For women who choose the military as a profession," Thank you for YOUR service". No, not a social pleasantry spoken to our servicemen and women by a paper-mache patriot. Just a sincere thank you from a Vet.
01/24/2013 1:27PM
The military will open itself to potential problems
Physical issues, behavior, hygiene etc. Kind of like having a woman on a football team.
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