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Scoot Blog: Why can?t everyone be polite?

After seeing the movie “The Purge” over the weekend and commenting on the movie on the show last night - now it’s time to talk about the audience!

Since I live downtown, I have spent the past year and a half going to movies at the Canal Place Theaters. If you have never experienced a movie at Canal Place – treat yourself! Each theater is smaller than the big suburban theaters and each seat is similar to a first class airline seat - complete with a retractable tray. Your seat is reserved and you are presented with a full drink, wine and food menu upon being seated by the wait staff. There is enough room to walk down the aisle without everyone getting up as you pass. The first row, which is actually not too close to enjoy the movie, features ottomans. It is quite a movie-going experience!

Having been admittedly spoiled by going to movies at Canal Place, I found myself bothered by the rudeness of the general movie-going audience at a big suburban theater. Why was the crowd so different? There was constant talking during the movie and that was very distracting. The woman in front of me was texting and the light on her damn phone was very annoying. Did she care?

If the ambience of the posh Canal Place Theaters attracts an audience that, on average, is more sophisticated, then that suggests that less sophisticated people are naturally less polite. Should we expect some people to be less polite? Politeness should transcend sophistication, education and economic status.

When you go to a movie – I don’t care who you are – be polite. We should all expect that. A whisper to the person you are with is not the problem, but lengthy commentaries during the movie, either to the person next to you or to the movie itself, are rude and unnecessary. And DO NOT kick the seat of the person in front of you, either.

If you want to talk and kick seats and use your cellphone while you watch a movie, then do us all a favor and stay home and rent a movie. Otherwise, we expect you to be polite and respectful of others.

Perhaps something needs to be added to the announcement to shut off cellphones when the movie begins – SHUT YOUR MOUTH, TOO!

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06/11/2013 8:37PM
Scoot Blog: Why can’t everyone be polite?
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06/11/2013 9:06PM
What happened to manners?
We don't frequent the suburban theaters as much as we used to since in latter years we have experienced rude teenagers and rude adults and therefore, cannot enjoy our experience. Everyone needs to be polite and have respect for other theatre patrons.
06/12/2013 11:21PM
Kenny Montz
Great subject Scoot, It amazes me how impolite people can be. In the Big Easy, most people are courteous and polite. I find that most rudeness and impoliteness is from the younger generations. I just had a conversation with my daughter and son-in-law about this very subject tonight. We had a little get together tonight...threw some steaks on the grill. Well a couple that showed up that ate my steaks and sides...left without telling me goodbye. I'm offended by that. Young people have no manners. My Mom and Dad taught me to hug and kiss the ladies goodbye and shake the men's hands if not hug them also. Also, if I'm at dinner and having a family conversation...I don't check my email and FB while dining with them. It is impolite and rude.
07/12/2013 7:06PM
It starts at the top ... Obama is a rude, common thug who slanders and lies ...
calls out Supreme Court Justices says "they bring a knife, we bring a gun in speeches ... gee, perhaps young people are just following the example set by your Lord and Savior Obama.
07/12/2013 7:20PM
There is very little worth respecting anymore ...
Obama, Washington, the Media are all corrupt and deserve to be spit on rather than respected. The culture is in decay. People worship celebrity not decency. The Hollywood Left is littered with human debris. Of course youth without parents who engage become like the trash that is today's so called leaders and movie stars.
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