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Scoot Blog: We Kneaux How to Party!

Mardi Gras parades roll through New Orleans this weekend as the countdown to Super Bowl 2013 begins! New Orleans is an exciting city on any weekend, but from now through Mardi Gras Day, Tuesday, February 12th, this city will be the nexus of the party universe!
As individual events, the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras transform our city into a media mecca, but this year with Super Bowl Week surrounded by Mardi Gras festivities, New Orleans is about the step into one of the brightest national spotlights in history. 
With all the attention and expectations, the pressure is on and New Orleans is not only ready for it, but we will once again rise to the challenge of promoting our city as one of America’s most outstanding cities. New Orleans is like the team that gets to the championship game and having won championship games in the past, we will win this championship, too. We have the right players, the right coaching and the right fans to demonstrate why New Orleans is the envy of America!
Imagine watching the Super Bowl and the Mardi Gras activities from another city. Wouldn’t you want to be here? Well, we are here! Even if you don’t have tickets to the Super Bowl or any of the official parties and even though parking is an issue, you should come downtown and experience all the physical signs that the nation is watching us.
It continues to amaze me that many people in the suburbs and near-by areas make a concerted effort to never come into the city. When I think of how many people travel across the country and even around the world to visit New Orleans every year, why would some people not take the time and effort to come to New Orleans from just outside of the city?
New Orleans has its problems and we can never stop addressing those problems, but this is one of the world’s most unique cities. The history, architecture, food and the people create an atmosphere that cannot be reduced to words – it must be ‘experienced’.
This moment in 2013 when the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras line up together is akin to those special astronomical moments when the planets align. And certain alignments of the planets are known to affect the Universe. Right now, New Orleans is the center of the Universe. So let’s get this party started!


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01/25/2013 7:55PM
Scoot Blog: We Kneaux How to Party!
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