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Scoot Blog: There have always been gay Scouts!

Scoot@wwl.com - Thursday, May 23, 2013 - Today, the Boy Scouts of America's national council approved a policy to accept openly gay boys as Scouts, but the ban of gay adults leaders remains in place. 
There have been gays in the Boy Scouts since the organization was founded in 1910, so what motivates the current hysteria over gays in the scouts? I have heard people express the irrational concern that if gay youths were allowed in the Boy Scouts then other youths would be taught homosexuality. There has never been any discussion about earning a merit badge by reaching a certain level of knowledge of homosexuality.

The other main concern seems to center on Boy Scout camping trips and what would happen if a gay scout went on a camping trip with his troop. The fact is that gay youths have been with straight youths in schools, on sports teams, in showers, locker rooms and on Boy Scout camping trips. You have been around gays all of your life. You may not have known if gays were around you, but they were. Did you become gay as a result?

When discussing this topic on “The Scoot Show,” I have been faced with the argument that if there is a gay scout sleeping in a tent with a straight scout – then that would be the same as if a teenage boy slept in a tent next to a teenage girl. As a male, I find it highly insulting to hear that we should not expect males, or females, to control their sexual instincts that are not appropriate.

If this premise is true and males and females should not be expected to be in close quarters with each other without having sex, then why should we expect males and females to ever control their sexual instincts? Without realizing it, we are all expected to control ourselves, even in situations that might seem tempting - like on a beach or around a swimming pool with hot, tanned bodies in skimpy swimsuits next to us or on an overnight trip with a co-worker we are attracted too.

The presumption that males and females cannot control their sexuality in mixed or same-sex company is the kind of mentality that has led to the increasing number of reported sexual assaults in the military. I would like to think that any parent would teach their child to be solely responsible for their sexual behavior and never allow opportunity to be used as an excuse for inappropriate actions.

We can recognize our sexual instincts and even the raging hormones of teenagers, but excusing inappropriate sexual advances at any age, on mere opportunity further diminishes the teaching of personal accountability.

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05/23/2013 6:31PM
Scoot Blog: There have always been gay Scouts!
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05/24/2013 10:26AM
Disallowed Post??
Why is my comment considered spam?
05/24/2013 11:10AM
WWL going Liberal
In the last year or so I have noticed that the WWL talk show hosts have leaned more and more to the liberal side. Going forth I will be much more selected to whom I listen to on WWL as there are other talk shows in our area.
05/24/2013 6:18PM
Scoot Blog: There have always been gay Scouts!
Why should we trust teen age males, who are the most oversexed creatures on earth, to just control themselves while sleeping next to a male they're really attracted to? Should we also let our teen age daughters sleep in tents with strange straight teen boys, and just trust the boys to control themselves? They wouldn't be tempted to touch her in her sleep and get carried away? And then threaten her so she won't tell?
11/15/2013 4:57PM
It's not a problem
I'm a closeted gay scout and I've never been tempted to do anything on camp. It is insulting, and this is the kind of attitude which is leading me to hold on until after explorers before coming out. I really want to come out but don't want to make camps awkward
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