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Scoot Blog: The War on Abortion - 40 Years Later

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling, Roe v. Wade, the ruling that declared abortion legal in America based on an individual’s right to privacy. The battle to end legal abortion has, so far, failed.

A new survey shows that a majority of Americans do not think Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Why has the pro-life movement failed? Is it because the idea of ‘right to privacy’ is so important in America that someone can agree with that basic right, but not always agree with the actions resulting from that right? Can a person be pro-choice and against abortion?

The passions on both sides of this issue are intense. The pro-life movement argues that even though Americans have a right to privacy, no one has a right to take another life. The challenge of the movement should be to convince America that the ‘life’ that begins at conception is protected by law.

According to the Supreme Court ruling, a fetus is not protected by the law until about the 7th month or when the fetus can live independent of the mother’s body. There is a growing effort to pass legislation that defines a fetus as a person and is therefore protected by law, but that effort has not been successful nationally. Not yet.

The pro-life movement experiences setbacks every time a politician says something ridiculous about abortion. In the election this past November, several ignorant comments were made about rape and abortion and that enhanced the image that the Republican Party does not care as much about women as Democrats. Obama won the female vote by 11% points over Romney and about 53% of the voters were women.

The debate over abortion may never end. I think the pro-life movement would gain credibility if it would focus as much attention protesting unprotected sex as it does legal abortion. If more were done to promote ‘no sex’ or ‘responsible sex’ then the abortion rate should decrease dramatically.

So why isn’t that the equal focus of the pro-life movement – because that strategy is not as dramatic and compelling to the media.

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01/22/2013 7:55PM
Scoot Blog: The War on Abortion - 40 Years Later
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01/23/2013 6:14AM
Liberal positions
And Scoot finds another liberal position to defend. How predictable. Right to privacy? What does privacy have to do with abortion, and who made up this "right? - jsp
01/23/2013 10:21AM
Oh if it only that simple.
Nice try Scoot. I share your views in general. Perhaps this is the best example of we humans,"know what we know and we believe what we believe". I am still trying to understand what people mean by " INNOCENT" life. I suspect it is code of some sort. Is there "GUILTY"life? in my view, the words of a song says it nicely, life is life. only thing wrong with that is I don not get to sit in judgement of others. Wow, what a novel thought, let people live their own lives. time to stop. Stop. thanks for the ideas.
01/23/2013 2:12PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
You can never stop the fight for life. Life begins at conception and the unborn child cannot defend him or herself and depends on us to do so. The problem with our society is that good is no longer good but evil and evil no longer evil but good.
01/24/2013 11:19AM
Chris Landreneau
For those who support abortion I challenge you to read "The Revenge of Conscience" by J.Budziszewski & then try to convince me of the fact that killing a developing human being in the mothers womb can be rationally justified.
01/30/2013 1:51PM
I think the pro-life movement would gain credibility if it would focus as much attention protesting
That is the point that the Pro-Life side will never talk about. Most believe that birth control is a sin, in fact anything short of "just say no" is as far as they will go. If you want to reduce abortion in America arm teenagers on up with the means to PREVENT the pregnancy. If that is not in your religious beliefs, than you should not have an issue with adopting and caring for the child. Most of these kids are not wanted by the mother or society. The Pro-Life crowd only supports the child up to birth, then, sorry now you are on your own.
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