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Scoot Blog: The Republican Party has been lost - is it finding its way?

The only way to be a credible talk show host is to express honest opinions regardless of reaction. The amount of hypocrisy coming from many popular talk show hosts indicates more respect for divisive sensationalism and ratings than for honesty.
With nothing to lose, I continue to strive toward adhering to my honest opinions rather than reduce myself to the level of talk show prostitute.
Today, some prominent Republican senators joined Democrats for a press conference to announce the blueprint for a compromise on undocumented immigrants in America. This compromise on immigration is the result of the continuing autopsy on the Republican Party following the loss to President Obama in November. The loss was shocking because the republican candidate lost at a time when the incumbent was running for reelection during a down economy, when unemployment was high and his major accomplishment was an unpopular heath care reform plan.
As I witness the loud call for post-mortem changes in the Republican Party, I can’t help but think that the party is now reading my blogs and listening to some of the shows I did before the election. I expressed opinions about the mistakes the Republican Party was making during the campaign when it came to immigration, abortion-rape and same-sex marriage and how focusing on social issues and the elite in America were out of step with mainstream America. My opinions, which are now being expressed by prominent republicans, were criticized by many conservative listeners. If “The Scoot Show” was so out-of-step with America, why then is there now an echo of changes expressed before the election?
Being ‘conservative’ means opposing change, but change is the basis of everything and change among a population is inevitable.  It’s worth exposing the motive for change. Republicans now seem open to changes in America’s immigration policy that are similar to the changes proposed by President Obama. Those changes were vehemently denounced by conservatives. If the motive for change is for the purpose of securing more votes from the Hispanic community, then democrats could point out that the Republican Party is changing, not because it believes it is the right and humane thing to do, but for the business of getting votes.
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) told a crowd at a republican retreat in North Carolina recently that, “We need to stop being the stupid party!” Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour agreed.
As long as the Republican Party is driven by a far-right ideology and the continues to have the image of favoritism toward the elite, the party will be out-of-touch with mainstream America and struggle to gain victories during the mid-term elections in 2014 and struggle to win the White House in 2016.
And if I’m wrong, why are many prominent republicans now agreeing with observations I made before the presidential election? For those who thought that I should not be expressing opinions that differed from the majority of the population in a ‘red’ state – I remind you that Rush Limbaugh started his conservative talk show in a ‘blue’ state.

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01/28/2013 8:22PM
Scoot Blog: The Republican Party has been lost - is it finding its way?
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01/29/2013 9:41PM
No, not lost it's way, just trying smoke and mirrors.
Political expediency, lipstick on a pig? I guess they think it is worth a try. if you loose, you loose. We are AMERICANS.
01/30/2013 8:17AM
As long as you have a Rush Limbaugh as a spokesman, the Republicans have a big problem
His comments about minorities do nothing but alienate them from the Republican party.
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