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Scoot Blog: The Hope of Every New Year!

As one year comes to a close and a new year begins, we look back on the year that’s ending and assess the meaning of that year – to ourselves, our families and our nation. Since more is known about the things that happened and not the things that have yet to happen, there is always more attention paid to the year that is ending. Was it a good year? Was it a difficult year? What will define that year as time passes?
Maybe we should focus as much attention on the New Year. What I love most about the beginning of a new year is the hope that a new year offers.  Even if 2012 was a great year for you, there are always things that you can look back on and wish you could change. This year, the New Year of 2013 begins at midnight Tuesday, January 1. On the calendar, it’s a just Tuesday, but in our instinctive search for new beginnings, this Tuesday will be no ordinary Tuesday. It will mark a new beginning in our lives. But it is up to us to take advantage of this new beginning.
Celebrating the beginning of a New Year is shared by cultures around the world. Maybe not always on the same day, but a New Year’s celebration is intrinsic to human nature. We like the idea of ‘wiping the slate clean’ and embarking on a fresh new start.
New Year’s Resolutions allow us to define the things we hope to change in the New Year, even though most resolutions fade away within days, weeks or a month. The exercise room in my apartment building has been quiet, but after the first of the year it will probably be bustling with residents who made the resolution to ‘get in shape’ in 2013. But within a few weeks it will once again be less crowded.
Declaring our New Year’s Resolutions makes us feel good, but we should make resolutions that lead us to change our behavior, not for a brief period, but for the entire year and for years to come.
‘Hope’ is a positive human asset and as you approach the beginning of the New Year of 2013, embrace ‘hope’ in every aspect of your life. But we can do more than just hope. We can believe. It is through believing that hope is manifested. Believe in yourself and believe in the things you hope to change and the things you hope will happen.
Like you, I have been through tough years. But no matter how difficult a year was, I always approached every New Year with the hope that the New Year would bring positive change in my life.
Look back on 2012 and remember the moments that were great, as well as the moments you would have handled differently. With that assessment of the past year, welcome 2013 with the hope and belief that this New Year will be an even better year!
Happy New Year and thanks for listening and making 2012 a great year! Let’s go forward and make 2013 even better!

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12/28/2012 12:32AM
Scoot Blog: The Hope of Every New Year!
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