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Scoot Blog: Overacting to Colorado shooting

Why have guns sales skyrocketed in Colorado since the movie theater massacre last week? Are people arming themselves to go to movies now? Are people concerned that suddenly their right to own a gun will be taken away?

There is no logical reason for gun sales to have dramatically increased since the shooting in a movie theater in a suburb of Denver last Friday. The tragedy, like so many tragedies, was an isolated incident and there is no reason to believe that there is now an increased threat to our safety. The person who commits such an atrocity only represents his own maniacal tendencies and is never part of a growing movement that threaten all of us. I’m curious why someone who didn’t feel the need to own a gun before now feels compelled to be armed?

Let’s set the record straight: Regardless of what New York Mayor Bloomberg and others threaten, your 2nd amendment rights are not about to be taken away. This is not the first tragedy where guns were used and today we still have the right to own a gun. After the ban on the sale of assault weapons expired 8 years ago, neither party has embarked on a campaign to ban guns in America.

The sudden increase in the sale of guns following the movie shooting is just another example of a ‘hysterical’ America overreacting.  While reaction to such a horrific moment should never be apathy, let’s realize that we, as a nation, have an instinctive tendency to overreact in ways that will not make us any safer.

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07/25/2012 9:10PM
Scoot Blog: Overacting to Colorado shooting
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07/26/2012 3:15PM
Rights being chipped away, oh yea baby! Sure
I think people worry too much about gun rights, they obviously are not going anywhere. I do not own a gun, do not feel I need to. I agree with one caller who said our rights are taken a little at a time. I am a woman,so, I see that here in MS where I live, after having abortion rights voted down, the government went ahead and voted to more a less make it impossible. Therefore, a woman has no rights as to if she is able to carry through safely with giving birth, not that I am someone who is seeking an abortion, however, that is a right for women and little by little that is being chipped away and no one seems to care, but, heaven forbid, we speak about doing away with assault rifles. Go figure.
07/29/2012 4:08PM
Overacting generally
I think we're overacting on this. Yes there were innocent people who died in the shooting and we mourned. But why take things to another level? Unwanted events like this happens everyday. People around the world die every second, innocent and not. People in Iraq live everyday in fear, people in africa live everyday in very hard struggles. I don't see any reason why we should over-react in a long term state. Heck, charities even plan to distribute $2 million dollars to the victims' families which could be used for the poor and the needy, donations to calamity-stricken countries, and even the charities themselves. Time to wake up, we're not "more" special than anyone else to be treated like this when some of us die.
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