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Scoot Blog: Obama is being transparent - but in the wrong way!

Whether the Obama administration is guilty in any of the potential scandals it currently faces has yet to be determined, but the administration is failing to assure the country that it is living up to its promise of transparency.

Facing possible damaging scandals from how the information about the terror attack on Benghazi was released, to obtaining reporters’ phone records, to the IRS targeting political enemies of the President, and now the most recent information about the administration collecting the personal phone records of millions of individuals in America in the “fight against terrorism,” President Obama has presented an arrogant attitude that gives the suggestion of hiding the truth – even if that’s not the intent.

The President finally had something today about the email/phone monitoring program.  According to the Associated Press, Mr. Obama says "safeguards are in place," and says "nobody is listening to the content of phone calls."  He's also saying that Congress approved the programs.  (Click HERE to listen to President Obama's full comments...)

There is still much we don’t know about the actions in question, but a president should have the ability and the responsibility to project honesty.  If Obama is being honest, he is definitely failing to use his charisma to project honesty and transparency.  Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton would be doing a much better job of reassuring the American public that the truth will be revealed.

I hear calculated words and statements about investigations and holding any wrongdoers accountable, but I get the impression that protecting the image of the administration is more important than the truth.  I am not suggesting that a more charismatic and convincing approach are more important than the truth, but presidents serve as figureheads and leaders that bear the responsibility of convincing the country that the truth trumps protecting an image and a legacy.

Perception is reality - and right now there is a growing perception that President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are on a mission to deflect controversy at the expense of uncovering the truth.  The New York Times endorsed President Obama twice and is now saying that the Obama administration has “lost all credibility.”

If there is transparency in the Obama administration – it seems transparent that it is NOT being transparent.  Only the President can fix this perception. Otherwise, missteps, no matter how small, will be magnified.

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06/07/2013 11:54AM
Scoot Blog: Obama is being transparent - but in the wrong way!
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