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Scoot Blog: Did LSU-Bama decide the election?

OK, here’s a piece that’s a little different from all the talking-head political pundits we’ve put up with the last few months, all the so-called “experts” who are predicting the outcome of tonight’s election. 
Was the election decided Saturday night in Tiger Stadium? 
Stay with me here:  Since 1984, the outcome of the LSU – Alabama game has predicted the presidential election. When LSU won, the Republican candidate won the White House, and when Alabama won it was the Democratic candidate who the race.  Check it out: 
1984: LSU 16 – Alabama 14. Ronald Reagan beat Walter Mondale.
1988: LSU 19 – Alabama 18. George H.W. Bush defeated Michael Dukakis.
1992: Alabama 31 – LSU 11. Bill Clinton beat George H.W. Bush.
1996: Alabama 26 – LSU 0. Bill Clinton defeated Bob Dole.
2000: LSU 30 – Alabama 28. George W. Bush beat Al Gore.
2004: LSU 26 – Alabama 10. George W. Bush beat John Kerry.
2008: Alabama 27 – LSU 21. Barack Obama defeated John McCain.
2012: Alabama 21 – LSU 17. ???????????????
I really don’t think trends like this actually predict the outcome of elections, but it is an interesting trend to watch and the polls indicate that the LSU – Alabama rivalry could predict this election.  It’s that close.
Seriously, though, even though America is going to the polls at a time when politics is filled with hate, and there are legitimate reasons to feel that nothing will change, it is important to vote! Since it is the Electoral College that actually elects the president and not the popular vote, every state should follow Maine and Nebraska and assign a proportion of the electoral votes based on the popular vote of the state. That would allow the popular vote nation-wide to more directly determine which candidate wins the presidency.
Since Louisiana is a ‘red’ state and its electoral votes will certainly go to Romney, should you bother taking time to vote at all?  ABSOLUTELY!  If President Obama is your guy, even if it may already be determined that the state will go for Romney, the privilege of casting an individual vote is so precious that all registered voters should be inspired by a civic pride to vote.  And, the same goes if you’re a Romney supporter.  Just because Romney has an overwhelming lead in our state, that doesn’t mean you should leave it up to your neighbor to vote for Romney/Ryan…After all, what if everyone thought that way?  
The talk show I do at night on WWL has exposed me to the poisonous nature of political debate today. After this election, one side will be very upset and predict doom and gloom for America. I was on WWL in 1992 and remember that there were many citizens in this state that predicted a Clinton victory would be bad for America. I did my show live from Washington, D.C. during the inauguration of Bill Clinton and got the sense that as young as this country is relative to the world, we were still strong and stable enough so that no one president could ruin America. I feel that way today…but be certain that an overwhelming amount of negativity will follow this election.
In every election in the history of this country, one candidate wins and one loses. There is never a guarantee that your candidate will win. And with the polls so close leading up to Election Day, both sides should be prepared for disappointment. But isn’t this something we, as a country, should celebrate? 
We are the United States of America and while we are far from perfect, a free election and smooth transition of leadership are some of the things we do best. I only hope that we can be the ‘United’ States of America after this election.

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11/06/2012 9:53AM
Scoot Blog: Did LSU-Bama decide the election?
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11/12/2012 11:26PM
Veterans Day 2012 and the Presidential Election
Scoot: As a proud New Orleanian, Catholic, and active duty Soldier with several deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I want to say thanks to you for publicly giving thanks to our Vietnam veterans on the 12Nov 2012 Scoot Show. They deserve our honor and respect. This is very kind and I deeply appreciate you for this. As far as the Presidential election is concerned, I support what you said regarding freedom of speech. As Americans we must allow, and promote, all quarters to express their views in a public forum. Bottom line: Everyone counts. I believe that diversity is a specific reason why we continue as a global leader. America’s rich cultural tapestry is our strength. It is important to think and vote as an individual, not along political party lines. We have to move on from the election results and work together on improvements to our infrastructure, education, economy, and other things for our common good! Bipartisanship is crucial. By the way, the Saints victory yesterday over the previously undefeated Falcons was great! WHO DAT! I hope that Coach Payton stays in NOLA. In closing, as I stream your show from wherever in the world I may be, I’m glad that you came back home to NOLA and are on WWL. GEAUX TIGERS!P.J. WatkinsMajor, U.S. Army
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