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Scoot Blog: Boston explosions - who?s to blame?

What was your first reaction to the breaking news of the explosions at the finish line at the Boston Marathon today?

Two explosions killed two people and the injury count continues to rise. Today is an annual holiday in Boston and this would have been a prime spot to use terror to make a political statement. That was my first reaction, but we still don’t know who is responsible for the explosions.

As I watched video of the first explosion just behind the spectators at the finish line of the Boston Marathon I noticed that the concussion of the explosion shook a row of flags representing nations around the world. This visual was a stark reminder that there is ‘hate’ in the world.

Regardless of who is behind today’s explosions, this was an act of terror on the part of someone. It has yet to be determined if this was the work of a terrorist group, or an individual. Surveillance cameras will provide video of the movement of individuals prior to the explosions and that could lead to identifying those responsible.

But until we know who is responsible our instincts will lead us to initial conclusions. After the explosion at the federal building in Oklahoma City, there was early speculation that Muslim terrorist were behind it. But it was an American, Timothy McVeigh, who with the help of a few others bombed a building out of hate for America.

In America, we are quick to define ‘hate’ as something that comes from those who are different from us, but there are too many examples of ‘hate’ coming from American citizens to dismiss homegrown hate leading to terrorism.

As a society, we want instant answers because we want to know who to blame. At this point, we don’t know who - or why. Regardless of who is responsible for this attack on a day known as “Patriot’s Day” in the great American city of Boston, we should be reminded that whether it’s from the outside or inside America, the hateful tone of political discourse everywhere should make anyone a suspect.

As I thought about the vulnerability of the crowd gathered at the finish line of the Boston Marathon today, I instantly thought about the large crowds we were in over the weekend during the French Quarter Fest. I also thought about all the times we are in massive crowds in New Orleans and throughout the South with our festivals and celebrations.

Perhaps we could all do a better job of being vigilant when we are in crowds. What happened in Boston today could have been an individual dropping a backpack on the ground. If someone did that during the French Quarter Fest would you defined that as something to report?

As Jim Morrison and The Doors sang years ago, “People are strange!” Without encouraging over-reaction to people in crowds, let’s try to learn from yet another tragedy. Even if it doesn’t look that suspicious, if you see anything that might seem strange to you – report it.

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04/15/2013 8:17PM
Scoot Blog: Boston explosions - who’s to blame?
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04/15/2013 10:25PM
I'm extremely disappointed in Scoot's show tonight. I understand being politically correct with a show that is heard in 38 states. Scoot is telling us not to rush to judgement, mentioning Timothy McVeigh over and over. Also he keeps using the word "conservative" with the term "right wing extremist" over and over. Scoot is obviously a liberal, though he denies such. Why doesn't Scoot look at the statistics, the vast majority of terrorism attacks are caused by radical Muslims from countries that hate the U.S. ? It is only natural to assume that they may be responsible. Also Scoot says most of the "hate" emails and texts that are coming in to the show are from conservatives. Well, duh, the majority of WWL's listening audience is conservative, but I would question Scoot's definition of real "hate" mail.
04/15/2013 11:14PM
It's a good thing DHS was focused on all of us Right Wing Christian Extremists. I am sure they are rounding up the tea party leaders as we speak to get to the bottom of today's tragic events. We wouldn't want to profile or be UN-PC now would we? MSM and the Obama administration can barely bring themselves to the point of calling this a terrorist attack. We are a country being run by spineless cowards. I am so thankful 9/11 taught us the importance of securing our borders, and tightening security, from those with visas from countries known to breed terrorism. I am glad they "like us" now simply because Obama is President. Do you feel safer knowing Obama is going to "get to the bottom of this?" Does that mean when he is going to write an angry letter telling them to please stop? Will he ask them to stop killing us? That will show them. Are we proud of this nations leadership right now? As far as I can tell we have none. Am I supposed to trust the same administration that continues to cover up Benghazi? Am I supposed to trust the administration that covers up the gun running to Mexico? C 'mon Scoot...wake up.
04/15/2013 11:50PM
Boston again
Scoot, I heard you read my first post. I also wrote the second post. You left out the part about the conservative listeners...again you do this to not offend anyone. This touchy feely society that we live in is the reason for our troubles. Say it, mean it. I'm still a devoted listener and love you. You are part of our New Orleans history. Kenny B. Montz
04/15/2013 11:52PM
In 2009, Daryl Johnson, a decorated analyist reported to the DHS about actual right wing extremist organizations operating in the United States. Not "conservatives." Not "republicans." Right wing neo nazi groups operating in our country. For this research, Johnson was punished by being run out of the DHS. Following the release of the report, DHS slashed staff assigned to studying non-Islamic domestic terrorism. I am not saying the Boston incident was in any way related to extremism of a political nature. But I will say the reaction of the prior posters is telling. Using this incident to paint Scoot as being on the side of the political spectrum you dislike, or being defensive about your personal politics simply because the honest possibility is being addressed, when domestic terrorism and extremism does exist, is foolish. One need only read blog comments in relation to any hot button political issue, to see that irrational and potentially dangerous people live among us, and should be exposed and decried by ALL Americans, personal politics aside. Denying the existance of domestic extremism will not make us safer.
04/15/2013 11:58PM
Also, Scoot's job (as with any host on WWL) is not to reflect the audience's perceived politics. It's to stimulate discussion. If you're looking to simply hear your beliefs reflected back to you by a radio program, that's disappointing.
04/16/2013 12:01AM
above post
I don't disagree. I'm happy that you stated "Not conservatives or Republicans". That was my main point along with Scoot's leaning toward a domestic terrorist mentioning McVeigh, almost like he knows it was an American goofball.
04/16/2013 2:44AM
The people of Boston are in my prayers. Obviously, certain people want to harm us. Who are those people? Most will blame Islamic terrorists as I would think initially. Many news stations are blaming right wing "Conservative" groups. It is unbelievable that the liberal media can portray this as a domestic job. While it is possible that another Timothy McVeigh could be among us, don't concentrate on domestic terrorism and somehow correlate it to Republicans or Conservatives. How does this liberally biased media get away with such propaganda? Why shouldn't I think that Islamic terrorists are not responsible? They have killed thousands in the recent past, millions over the centuries. It is what they do. How am I supposed to be confident in a government that supplies ammunition to the Islamist Brotherhood? How am I supposed to trust a government that slips Benghazi under the covers? Why should I trust a government that wants to take my guns, yet sends weapons to the Mexican drug cartels that kill Americans? Oh yeah, the liar in Chief, Obummer says he will take care of it, so stick your head in the sand and get that government cheese.
04/16/2013 2:50AM
New Orleans
After 9/11...the Homeland Insecurity Department was created to stop terrorism. The U.S. Coast Guard was incorporated into HSA. Numerous new regulations were put into place to supposedly stop terrorism. Most of you know that I'm a Conservative, but I blame this on George Bush, he allowed the post reactionary crowd to dictate policy. Transportation Worker's Identification Cards (TWIC) were created to help stop terrorism. Anybody that works in any mode of transportation such as trucking, shipping, rail, maritime, etc. must pay $132 bucks to get a TWIC. It does nothing to stop terrorism. It just created another government entity that collects money from the hard working American. Eventhough my TWIC supposedly goes through extensive background checks, the TSA won't even recognize it as a from of identification. My point is that whoever wants to blow up something...no government regulation is going to stop them. The government regulations just create more bureaucracy and burden on the American taxpayer.
04/16/2013 2:53AM
New Orleans
U.S.C.G. regulated vessels are strictly monitored by them. In New Orleans and all major ports, we have Automated Identification Systems (AIS) to identify those vessels. These systems cost around $4000 each. However, any pleasure yacht or large shrimpboatis not required to have AIS. So lets say a terrorist wants to blow up New Orleans....he could just ride a shrimpboat up the river and set it off....and I don't think anybody would check his TWIC card.
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