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Scoot Blog: Assaulted Downtown

Yesterday morning walking from my downtown apartment to the studio I was assaulted and robbed by four males. I’m fine, but I realized at the moment, and especially as I look back on that moment, it could have ended quite differently.

One of the first things I wondered was whether or not the assault in my own neighborhood would change my opinion of New Orleans. It hasn’t! I still LOVE New Orleans and I LOVE where I live. I don’t blame the city or NOPD for what happened – I blame the degradation of a segment of our city that preys on opportunity. And whether from anger, frustration or a fundamental lack of respect for others, this segment of our city goes through life with the attitude that they are ‘entitled’ to take what they want and void of any humanity, they steal – not only property, but they steal an innocence individuals and a city.

When I talk about New Orleans and the French Quarter I always let those who are visiting or new to the city know that you should stay off of side streets. Yesterday morning, I was on a side street. Because it was well-lit and because I have walked that way to and from work countless times over the past year, I developed a false sense of security. I would occasionally pass people in the morning or late at night and there were never any problems. Yesterday morning was different.

Four males approached me and the moment one of them said, “Let’s see what you got in your pockets” and began patting my pockets, I realized this was not one of those moments of just passing someone on the street who shares unusual hours with me.

I pulled myself away and as I moved down the street one of the four pushed me to the street. When I rolled over to get up to try to get away, he began punching me and patting my pockets saying, “What you got in your pockets?” To which is replied, “Nothing. I have nothing in my pockets.”

As he was hitting me I was kicking him and I don’t know why he stopped but he did. I couldn’t imagine that he didn’t feel my wallet, but he then grabbed my briefcase and ran off. There was a moment when I was possessed with the thought that he or any of the other three might have a gun or might beat me to the point of unconsciousness. But that didn’t happen and I feel blessed! God was, and always is, with me and I immediately thanked Him for protecting me.

Click HERE for a computerized photo sketch of the chief suspect in the robbery...

Even though this was a street downtown that was well-lit and a street I have walked along many times, it was a side street and it was 3:55 am. The culture of those on the street changes from about 2:00 am to 5:00 am.

Since bars are open late and in some cases all night, it’s not unusual to see people still heading home or back to their hotels after midnight, but after a certain point, there are people on the street who are looking for opportunities. I was an opportunity. But I was an opportunity because I put myself in that position.

If nothing has happened to you walking or driving and you have a sense of security, please realize that I had that sense of security and I should not have been on a side street even though I had done it so many times. That’s the lesson for me and for you.

I want to sincerely thank ALL of you who have called, sent text and Facebook messages and emails. I am fine and will learn from what happened. I’m not sure how this will ultimately change my life, but I will make changes. I am very grateful and blessed!

This is Miss Linda and the Crafty Ladys on N. Broad who found my planner:


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03/07/2013 5:16AM
Scoot Blog: Assaulted Downtown
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03/07/2013 6:50AM
Left city in 1993 and will NEVER come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Count your blessings. These thugs are getting more and more evil and do not care about your life. I'm pretty sure they didn't even know you were a radio personality. You may not be so lucky next time.
03/07/2013 7:14AM
If more citizens started shooting these thugs, a lot of this stuff would stop. They have nothing to fear.
03/07/2013 7:42AM
A Great City
So glad you are OK. New Orleans is a great city; Wherever we live, now days, you have to be mindful of our surroundings..
03/07/2013 7:52AM
A city we loved
I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. My wife and I started leaving the city just before dark for that reason. We use to geaux to the Frecnh Market just about every weekend. But now we hardly ever geaux any more because of all the crime that plagues New Orleans. We still love her (New Orleans) but the city is not loving us back.
03/07/2013 8:14AM
Not worth the trip
I like going to New Orleans around Jackson Square but anywhere else forget it. If I have to constantly worry and look over my shoulder for something to happen then its not worth it.
03/07/2013 8:27AM
Going to be more careful
I work downtown and will be more careful late at night thanks to your story. As far as the yellow vests and 4 at the time, I would have been taken off guard also. Walking to the lot between Cotton Mill and Woodward Wight in the middle of the night is eery too. You can see the American Sector Restaurant and the business of the sides streets, but the lot is eery. All the residents use this area and I hope they are reading your blog and will be more careful. I love New Orleans and love working downtown too! CM
03/07/2013 8:51AM
The ladies who found and returned the planner
What a nice picture of honest and upright citizens!
03/07/2013 9:21AM
Glad you're OK
I listen every day, LOVE your show, you're real! Please be careful in the future!
03/07/2013 9:27AM
Go ahead and admit it...
You conveniently omit the race of the "four males". If they were white, I am certain you would have stated such. Are you ready to admit that they were BLACK males? Or are you going to continue the typical media subterfuge of not reporting black on white criminal activity?
03/07/2013 10:08AM
Opportunity is right ...
Long time listener from the Parish during the Stash days in Village Square! Sorry you had to learn from this. Commenter above said something about “now a days.” We both know this has been happening since at least the 70’s (when I was a teen) and earlier. My dad is retired NOPD x27 yrs. When we lived in ByWater, he would lecture me on where to go and where not to go; always travel with a friend; never walk down side streets, no matter how well lit or how late you might be (shortcut); never walk on the same side of the street where cars are parked; be leery of dark alleys where someone can hide; same thing with hedges, bushes, etc. where people can hide … the list goes on and on. I’ve passed all these precautions on to my kids (adults now) and now my daughter’s boyfriend, who is from the Philippines, and has no clue! Good luck in your travels man, and glad all is well.
03/07/2013 10:47AM
Only a matter of time
There is really nothing anyone(even the police) can do for thugs of this mentality. Sad but TRUE.
03/07/2013 11:25AM
Safe City???
Ive heard you say that ad nauseum. Safe? Right as long as you don't stray down side streets, venture into unlit areas and of course ,be anywhere in N.O. at the wrong time! Will it take a bullet to convince you to cut this nonsense???
03/07/2013 11:45AM
Sinking ship.
City is a garage heap. Got two blocks yesterday before being attacked by a thug well known to local police on Magazine and Pleasant. Riding my bike to Delgado for classes, I always signal, use good judgement and am hyper aware of my environment, so when a taxi turns without a signal while I have the right of away then almost attacks me for yelling OI which got him to not turn into me... then I get home and one of the local POS is screaming profanities about drugs into his phone next to a local park with lots of kids in it... this city is sick, Katrina gave us a chance to finally heal the patient but healing this city would mean we all stand-up and take our city back, stop coddling the street trash, demand a professional police force and judiciary.. things that will never happen, can not wait to leave this hole... nothing that nothing that is allowed here would EVER be acceptable in any major city that isn't Detroit, and we put up with this for the "culture" of being able to drink anywhere all the time.
03/07/2013 11:58AM
gravier street
lots of muggings the last year on gravier st.
03/07/2013 12:08PM
TO: Go ahead and admit it
If you were listening to Scoot yesterday morning you would have heard him refer to his attackers as "4 black males". Quit being an ---. The man could have been seriously injured. Sign me-Thankful listener that Scoot is still alive and well totalk about it.
03/07/2013 12:33PM
As my grandma always told me as I was growing up, nothing good ever happens after midnight.
03/07/2013 1:14PM
lets face it .... it the Blacks in NEW ORLEANS....
IF the black will leave .. just think !!!!
03/07/2013 1:17PM
when visiting LA
I carry a gun. When visiting NO, I carry 2.
03/07/2013 1:25PM
To: TO: Go ahead and admit it
"Quit being an ---. " Exactly what were you going to say here? Very juvenile of you. I was not privy to Scoot's comments yesterday morning because, unlike you, and others like you, I have a JOB and do not sit at home all day listening to the radio. I expect truth in news reporting (which includes no "convenient" detail left out, ie, race), and there is far to little of that these days. Far too often, the media prefers not to report black on white crime, but will jump all over incidents like the Trayvon Martin incident, until they found out Zimmerman was Hispanic. Then they refer to him as a WHITE Hispanic, in order to promote their agenda of racial animosity.
03/07/2013 2:08PM
This is exactly why we don't visit from Baton Rouge any longer. It's happening in the quarter more and more and more. Someone pulled a knife on us a few months back in the middle of the day in the quarter!!! Why don't they lock up thesethugs and KEEP THEM LOCKED UP???????
03/07/2013 4:15PM
These folks will not be caught,
03/07/2013 4:53PM
Defend yourself, no one else will
Get a gun
03/07/2013 5:24PM
I Pray
I am Black and a New Orleanean. I am glad you are safe Scoot. I pray the attackers will be found. I pray that our city receives healing and purging of all races of thugs. Unlike many Americans, crime is color blind.
03/07/2013 5:29PM
Residential Boom in CBD
After Katrina, a number of office buildings were converted into apartments for mixed income tenants, thanks to GO ZONE funding. With the increased resident load, muggings can only increase. They need to increase patrols in that area. We take better care of guests than we do our own residents, considering the super bowl and mardi gras police presence. With the reassessment of property, there should be a lot more money in the cauffers.
03/07/2013 5:46PM
Glad you are OK
We give that same advice to visitors.
03/07/2013 6:25PM
Scoot, speaking positive and keeping a "glass half full" attitude about the city, does not change reality. New Orleans is one of the WORST when it comes to violence. You cant tell me you would not have felt safer if you saw four WHITE men walking towards you. Its not the messengers fault that the majority of the culprits are BLACK!!!!
03/07/2013 6:45PM
Nothing changes in N.O.
Black boys doing what they do best!!! They all need killinng asap ! Why are y'all protecting them so much over there? These little black kids are destroying a beautiful city!!! Y'all better stand up and unite against them soon. They are killing people and revenues!! Don't the elected officials see this ?? And for what ? Just to protect black people ? The hell with them ! Let them all go to Houston. So sad for N.O. That's why wealthy people spend 100 K to live in subdivisions. So blacks won't bother them. Black people ruin EVERYTHING they put their hands on !!! When are y'all gonna see it ? Maybe too late next time Scoot??? That would have been a bad phone call your son had received if you weren't so lucky brother. Think about that !! Every one of those little bastards without a job needs killing! They hate white people and it's time y'all realize it and fix the problem.
03/07/2013 7:49PM
NOLA.com Picture
The picture on the NOLA.com story has the caption: "Radio host Scott Paisant", but it looks more like Rod Stewart. Is that you Scoot?
03/07/2013 7:55PM
But a Bike or Scooter
I use my mountain bike downtown all the time. I used to have a Honda scooter that got 95 miles per gallon and I could park it anywhere. If you keep walking those streets at night you better stop at Old St. Patrick's Church on Camp Street and light a candle.
03/07/2013 9:07PM
Be more aware
Very glad you are ok, don't let what happen to you , change you, I got chased by a man at the park that I walked every night after work ( thank god a couple came to my aid before he could get to me ). Ran straight to the store bought masse and a whistle, didn't walk a couple of days because I was scared, then thought NO not going to let him change what I enjoy most into life , so got back to walking , but was more careful and aware of people and what was going on around me .. Again glad you are safe !!!' God bless you
03/07/2013 10:09PM
To the person who said they will never come back....
Great!! We don't want you here anyway. Running away won't solve the problem. There is crime everywhere. Guess you don't watch the news in your current city.
03/07/2013 10:32PM
Black? White? Who cares???
Who gives a bleep what race these people are?! I am a female and I was walking up to my apartment at night and saw a WHITE man walking towards me. I decided to speed up because I had no idea what this person was up to. Point is, I don't care what race you are when I'm alone at night I'm vigilant!! Race goes out the window. Why would Scoot feel anymore safe if the men were White? That's ridiculous. But if we're taking score. The country's most notorious serial killers have been White!!! That may not be the issue plaguing the city of New Orleans but once again one race shouldn't strike anymore fear in you than the other. You racist idiots with the audacity to make such comments are no better than the thugs who committed the crimes!!
03/07/2013 10:52PM
Respond to above
So why does most STATISTICALLY RECORDED crime happen in the hood. I bet you would walk through a rich, white, gated neighborhood before you walked through the projects, right? And comparing serial killers to the everyday reports of murders and muggings in the black community is like comparing a grizzly bear attack to people getting bit by their domestic dogs a hundred times a day. DEEENIal!!
03/07/2013 10:54PM
The Truth....
Glad you are ok. Also, wanted to let you know that I agree...God was and is always with you. Don't confuse me as a "crazy Christian fanatic" just a Christian that is happy and blessed to be crazy about Jesus and Praise Him at every opportunity. In my opinion, and I'm sure to many it doesn't matter, the problem could be solved if people would realize how things would change for the better if we stopped trying to take God out of our states, schools, and character. This country was built on the principals and fundamentals of The Bible and The Word of our Lord, now it's "Politically Incorrect" to Pray in public, or proclaim your belief and faith in God. We have become a nation of tolerance by allowing non believers to bully God out of the world He created. Imagine, our beautiful children being taught love, kindness, and compassion as a way to treat others as you wish to be treated. I truly believe if we started treating our children as the precious gifts they are, the would grow into adults that would never commit an offense such as the one you suffered. I enjoy your show, and I also agree with you in loving our city, no matter what. A suggestion for those that think our city, world and future is broken beyond repair...join hands with a group of friends and pray together at the same time for the same intention, our Salvation, and experience the Power and Strength of God and His Promise; 2Chronicles 7:14, John 3:16, Psalms 91, and Phillipians 4:12. God Bless!
03/07/2013 10:58PM
These pusses think they are tough using the "Power in Numbers" method. I would love the opportunity to whip each of these wimps, one on one.
03/07/2013 11:20PM
Your citing what's "statistically recorded" however you ignore that most deranged people probably look like YOU!! Is downtown New Orleans "the hood"?? Oh ok. Crimes happen everywhere. I'll walk wherever I want!!!! There's a huge difference between stating facts and being a racist. State the facts as much as you want but the racism is unnecessary. Surprisingly it doesn't happen more often with the blatant racism displayed by you idiots!!!
03/07/2013 11:35PM
Dowtown New Orleans is not the hood, but its predominantly black, LOL. Thats my point. Look at the prisons, jails, gangs. Your absolutely right, it's not about color, it's about being honest enough to speak the truth and not letting pride getin the way. Cause every time someone tries to get to the root of the problem, someone like YOU shuts progress down, because I mentioned a color. NOW WHOS RACIST?
03/08/2013 1:19AM
Stay Safe
Scoot I hope all is well and that you feel better soon
03/08/2013 7:31AM
Fellow Radio Host (Competing Company) that works near where this happened
Scoot! I remember listening to you before I even got into the radio biz! I've been in it for 20 years now partly because listening to you inspired me to follow my dream. Any how, we do a morning show on another radio station and we talked about this on the air this morning...even gave you and WWL Radio a mention by name because we felt your pain. Our building is right near there and we come in at around the same time so you can imagine how scary this was for us to hear about. We are posting your video on our websites and facebook pages in hopes that someone recognizes the perpetrators. Please keep us posted!
03/08/2013 8:29AM
Side Streets
It doesn't matter which street, a friend of mine had it happen on Canal Street between St Charles and Camp around 9 pm. Four on one the same as your case.Glad it was not worse physically.
03/08/2013 9:19AM
It's a Shame
Most of the crime in NO is committed by young black males. Why? I don't know the answer, but until we figure it out, we need to be on guard 100% of the time.
03/08/2013 9:41AM
Be more careful
You are a brave person and also a very trusting person. Please be more cautious. Miss you in the night program.
03/08/2013 12:41PM
Scoot, i am so relieved that you are ok. I see you out and about all of the time and i am very sorry that you had to experience something as terrible as this. Take care scoot!
03/08/2013 4:10PM
I'm glad that you're ok. Have you thought about taking any self-defense classes, such as Krav Maga? I hear the best place to train is on the West Bank! It works!
03/08/2013 5:04PM
Relieved you're physically intact and hope the psychic component is minimal.I love N.O. Educated, married and now part time resident of vieux carre.Reality of living in the Big Easy is that we must remain vigilant and minimize the risk of being victimized.
03/08/2013 5:58PM
Forget the self defense classes
Forget the self defense classes and get a .357 Magnum revolver with crimson trace lasers.
03/08/2013 9:52PM
"street smart"
Scoot, It was your lucky day to have an encounter with four young males and survive with minimal damage. Don't let your love of the city of New Orleans keep you from being street smart. We need you on the air. Louisiana has its own laws about where a citizen can legally have a gun. A starter pistol available at Academy is just as loud as a gun and would be a deterrant in some instances. Police strength mace available at police supply stores is a good extra thing that can be carried in a pocket. But I have to admit the only time I used mine was when I accidentally sprayed my rear end at a parade from my pocket. Something good always comes out of something bad. God bless you and hope you have many more years on the radio.
03/08/2013 11:36PM
You are blessed!
Scoot: You are blessed not to experience something worse and possibly much worse. My family and I are very glad you did not. Our thoughts and prayers were with you and hope these delinquents will be quickly apprehended. Concealed carry permits are available along with easy to be concealed hand guns. Your experience has alerted us to make changes in how we handle ourselves out in public. We have become much more aware of what and who is around us. From faithful listeners in Thibodaux/Houma area.
03/10/2013 9:53PM
when i heard what happen to scoot . i went out and purchased a 45. caliber pistol with 13 round clips .i carry it in my coat pocket when walking in the cbd/ french quarter . if African heritage person wants to relive me of my hard earned cash i shall give him 13 reasons why he shouldn't .,!
05/13/2013 5:47PM
Just found you again Scoot. Use to listen to you all the time when you were in Portland OR. I am so thankful you survivedthe assult. TAKE CARE Scoot andhope to hear you on radio
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