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Scoot Blog: Are you in the majority of American Catholics with your beliefs?

I am a Catholic and I go to Mass almost every week because I love it and I enjoy my weekly moment in the relative calm setting of the church. Often, I talk about being a Catholic when talking about issues relating to the church or religion on my radio show. And because I am open with my opinions and feelings I am occasionally criticized by a few who think I don’t have a right to call myself a Catholic since I do not agree with the Church on everything.

A new poll of American Catholics from CBS News shows that I’m actually in the majority among Americans who share my faith.  The main reason I get the criticism is because of my openness and the audience knows how I feel about issues. Most Catholics can keep many of their specific views on the more controversial topics to themselves and not in a position to be criticized by others.

I favor birth control and that has led to criticism that I can’t call myself a true Catholic. I think priests should be allowed to marry and that women should be allowed to be ordained as priests.
I am also in support of same-sex marriage and I’m pro-choice, but I’m against abortion. I am not in favor of abortion to be used as a convenient form of birth control because of human recklessness, but as a man I don’t think I should be in a position to judge what decision a woman makes with her body. That’s between her and God.

Having just read my positions on these issues, you may think that I’m not a Catholic. You have a right to your opinion, but the new CBS News poll shows that I am actually in the majority of American Catholics.

Here are some of the highlights of the new survey of American Catholics:
·       66% believe priests should be allowed to marry
·       66% believe women should be allowed to be ordained
·       79% (almost 8 out of 10 Catholics) favor the use of birth control
·       62% believe same-sex marriage should be legalized
·       74% believe in abortion with some restrictions
·       61% favor the death penalty
·       91% believe the next Pope should support condom use to help stop the spread of HIV
·       71% favor artificial methods of birth control

If you are a Catholic in America, are you among the majority or minority? It’s not important to be in agreement with most Catholics in America in order to consider yourself a Catholic and the majority of any group is not always right, but this does show that you are sitting next to Catholics in church and standing in the communion line with Catholics who, like me, do not agree with ALL of the teachings of the church.

I set myself up for criticism by being open about my opinions, but a majority of Catholics in America are just like me on many of the opinions that draw criticism. Most Catholics keep their opinion private – but remember God knows what you really think and feel and that’s more important than what your fellow Catholics think.

And for the many Americans who are religious and quote the Bible and use the Bible to condemn those who do not share a strict interpretation of the Bible, many Biblical scholars agree with me when I talk about respecting the fact that the Bible reflects society during the time in which it was written.

For example, as a civilization, our views on the basic relationships between men and women have changed and no longer reflect exactly what the Bible tell us about the role of women relative to men. I also oppose the Church’s policy on divorce and sex after being remarried. The Church says that if you are divorced, remarried and having sex with your new spouse, then you are not welcome to communion unless your previous marriage was annulled. I thought we were taught through Jesus that God forgives. If He does, then we are forgiven for divorce and should move on and enjoy a new life with a new spouse.

It is not my goal to change your views of the Catholic Church. However, before you are quick to criticize those few Catholics who are open with their opinions, consider that you share mass and communion with many Catholics who do not agree with ALL of the teachings of the Church. Their beliefs, however, remain private.

I received an email from a woman who says she used to listen to my shows, but no longer listens because of my opinions. The email was harsh and expressed hope that I would change my ways and find God. After being attacked by four males early Wednesday morning as I walked to the station and living through an experience that many do not live through, I think it’s safe to say that God IS with me – and He accepts me even knowing my opinions!

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03/08/2013 5:36AM
Scoot Blog: Are you in the majority of American Catholics with your beliefs?
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03/08/2013 9:50AM
Not true Catholics
Sadly to say, but there are many so called Catholics that are "pick and choose Catholics," or "cafeteria Catholics." They believe what suits them and not what God and His Church preaches.
03/08/2013 1:12PM
I believe you are correct!!!
I too believe as you do. Not everyone is open minded. People tend to change in life as things happen to them pwesonally. I know God was with you!! I lost my husband a few years ago, I am only 59years old but as difficult things happen it shows us what we are made of, KEEP the faith and hang in there!! Diane
03/08/2013 5:50PM
Not so
You can call yourself a Catholic but really you are not. If you do not believe in the beliefs of the Catholic religon, then you are not. You kid yourself if you think otherwise. You are a CINO, Catholic in Name Only! Regarding that poll by CBS, I would be interested in knowing where it was taken since CBS can not be considered anything else but liberal. Join the Unitarian Church instead.
03/12/2013 2:51PM
This comment is seriously flawed:
"I don’t think I should be in a position to judge what decision a woman makes with her body. That’s between her and God."The fallopian tubes, uterus, birth canal, etc., is part of the woman's body and is hers to do with as she pleases, HOWEVER, if a CHILD(not merely a "fetus", "embryo", or "choice", or any other term the ignorant feminists like to use to dehumanize the child and thereby justify its murder) happens to occupy the uterus, then that child has rights of his or her own, independent of the will of the woman, and therefore it is our duty as citizens to protect that child from harm, just as it is our duty as citizens to protect children outside of the uterus from abuse or neglect. Abortion = BRUTAL MURDER OF A CHILD = EXTREME CHILD ABUSE. Termination of a pregnancy is justified only in the most extenuating of circumstances, and convenience is not one of them.
03/12/2013 8:39PM
worrying about a pope
good grief .the whole thing is so hokey .if it black smoke no deal ,white smoke ok we picked one .how silly . catholics they really are too much . 1.2 billion followers .how they know ,how can you count that .
03/12/2013 10:57PM
I don't subscribe to any Religious Organization ie Catholic,Luthrine, Baptist. The BIBLE ,but all this orgnaized religion.I've seen many people go to church and it should have fallen on them,not good people,not nice people at all and I don't think that this is the deciding factor if you go to Heaven or somewhere else. As for Birth Control I don't believe in having kids you perhaps can't support.A lot goes into that 18yrs of dependency and if a person is not up for that responsibility BY ALL MEANS use Birth Control.I don't care who the Pope is .He doesn't run my life.JESUS sits beside me as I write this.I don't have to go to a church to find him.I went to one years ago and Marvin Gorman was having sex with another preachers wife lol lol.
03/14/2013 2:15PM
There is a place for you too
It's just not in the Catholic Church. There are churches out there that believe exactly as you do. Join one of them. Saying you wish women would be ordained just shows you understand little of your claimed faith. The cafeteria is closed.
03/19/2013 7:59PM
Check out a real source
I be,I'd've you need to tune in to EWTN to get some real insight on the catholic teachings. CBS is not a good reference in you trying to prove a point. Your station is obsessed with same sex marriage.
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