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Scoot Blog: Another blow to ?personal accountability?

The crusade to eliminate personal accountability from American society continues to march forward.
A bartender at the American Legion Post in Shelby, Ohio says she was recently fired because she called police when a patron who appeared to be drunk left the bar and got in his car and drove away. Police stopped the man and gave him a citation for driving under the influence with a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit.
Twyla DeVito said she received a call from her commander who told her that she was being fired because she was not good for business and did not follow protocol. She said there was no protocol for this situation. The man she reported to police for driving drunk was a board member of the American Legion Post.
Admittedly, there is a lot we don’t know about what happened. What if the bartender didn’t like the patron and calling police was a form of revenge? What if he wasn’t a good tipper? What if he tried to ‘hit on’ her? There are a lot of ‘what if’s’, but isn’t this ultimately a case of a lack of ‘personal accountability’ on the part of the bar patron?
It was not too many years ago when individuals were held accountability for their actions. Today, the diminished respect for the concept of ‘personal accountability’ transcends sex, race, age and socio-economic boundaries. Violent behavior in a young generation is now blamed on violent video games, rap music and a plethora of outside influences – everything except the individual who is actually responsible for the violence.
It may be an overused example, but it perfectly describes a major difference between society’s collective mentality today and that of the past. If I would have acted out any of the violent actions of the Three Stooges on my brother or sister when I was young, my parents would never have blamed a TV show for influencing my behavior – they would have immediately held me accountable. And that’s what is different today.
Generations of parents have conditioned younger generations to believe that outside factors are to blame for negative behavior. Those young generations are growing up without having learned a very important lesson for maintaining a civilized society. And even today’s adult generations have failed to recognize the importance of ‘personal accountability’.
Bartenders have now become our guardians and have the unfair responsibility of determining if and when we have had too much to drink. As a society, we have come to believe that as long as the bartender or waiter continue to serve us drinks, then we must be okay and we continue drinking! We now look to a bar or the government to set limits that we should be responsible for setting ourselves.
I realize that the intoxicated mind does not always make the right decisions, but the individual who makes the decision to get drunk should still ultimately be responsible for that decision.
There is no law in Ohio requiring bartenders to report drunken patrons who leave bars and get in their cars. Even if there was a personal issue between the bartender at the American Legion Post bar and the patron, the patron was determined by police to be drunk and therefore he is responsible for driving under the influence – not the bartender who served him and reported him.
As a nation, we are no better than the individuals who make up this nation and if those individuals are not held accountable for their actions – what can we expect from our nation?

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03/03/2013 10:37PM
Scoot Blog: Another blow to ‘personality accountability?
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