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Scoot Blog: Ambushed Deputies


When I woke up this morning to the breaking news of an “ambush” shooting of police officers in St. John the Baptist Parish, several thoughts immediately came to mind.  First, an “ambush” shooting suggests the police officers were targets.  But why?  I wondered if there is a drug war in New Orleans and surrounding areas that officials don’t want to acknowledge.  I also thought about “hate” groups and disgruntled employees. There are many rumors about the motivation behind the shootings, but police are not speculating on a motive as they continue their investigation.  Five suspects, males and females, are either in custody or in the hospital. LA State Police are leading the investigation and vow justice will be served.

This tragedy taking place in a closely-knit community outside of the city of New Orleans serves to remind us that there are criminal minds with no regard for human life everywhere.  Often people want to blame inner city plight, welfare mothers, kids having kids and a disregard for human life for tragic shootings in New Orleans. Yet, early this morning the calculated killing and wounding of police officers occurred in what could be described as a safe, quiet neighborhood.

The uncle of one of the deputies killed said the shooting took place very close to the deputy’s parents’ home.  He said they heard the shots that killed their son.  Crime is more prevalent in New Orleans than outlying areas, but before you condemn the city for festering criminal minds – take a moment to remember where today’s tragedy occurred.

St. John the Baptist Sheriff Mike Tregue said at an afternoon press conference that ‘law enforcement is an occupation where you can take a life, save a life or give your life.”  This morning, two deputies gave their lives at work.

We don’t know the people who ambushed those police deputies, but we can say that some form of “hate” was at the root of their evil motive.  And “hate” lives everywhere.

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08/16/2012 8:49PM
Scoot Blog: Ambushed Deputies
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08/16/2012 9:44PM
Trailer Park shooting
Sir, There is probably a very good reason why the race of these suspects havent been released. The biggest reason is for investigative purposes. That would be the only reason in this case why it wouldn't have been released. if Im not mistaken, the sheriff of St John Parish is black. This whole discussion is going to end up being pointless.
08/16/2012 11:50PM
Sir, You haven't posted this in your blog but I am compeled to say that you can bet that the shooters in this terrible incident didn't worry about gun laws much less anything else. An assault weapon by design is a fully automatic weapon. My understanding at this point is that is what the suspects used. These weapons are already banned by the Gun Control Act of 1968. If this is the truct then they were banned already and the suspects got them anyway. So where was that Ban? A new ban does nothing. Enforcement of the existing laws is the proper course by the BATFE no the passage of more restrictions or bans or laws that makes a criminal out of the law abidding citizens of Louisiana or the United States.
08/17/2012 9:06AM
Can the families bury their dead before people make it an excuse to preach their gun-love message? There is no evidence at all about the legality of the assault weapon used to shoot these officers. Have some consideration for the families to not exploit this tragedy for political propaganda.
08/18/2012 10:35AM
good job
Let the investigators investigate! I'm sure they will do a good job,as they know many eyes are upon them.
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