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Scoot Blog: A ban on saggy pants...Unfair?

Over the weekend I saw a guy walking down the street holding a soft drink in one hand and holding up his pants with the other hand. Males who wear ‘saggy pants’ are looked upon as menacing. I thought that this guy wasn’t “menacing” or a threat to anyone – both of his hands are occupied!

While I admit that I don’t understand the trend of wearing one’s pants down so low that underwear is exposed, I do understand that every young generation has its own trends. When I was growing up, my parents’ generation was very critical of my generation’s fashion statements with hair and clothes and they didn’t understand either.

The city of Bogalusa has begun a 30-day warning period for all those who wear ‘saggy pants’ in public. After the warning period comes the enforcement of penalties. The maximum penalty is $500 or 30 days in jail, or both. A bit severe, perhaps?

On “The Scoot Show” (8:00 pm – midnight), the debate over whether wearing ‘saggy pants’ with underwear exposed is obscene has come up often and will be debated on the show again tonight. This is obviously not just an issue in Bogalusa, but throughout New Orleans and across America. It’s a trend, like it or not. But should it be illegal?

Here’s what I find interesting about this debate:  I also see females walking around with the t-back part of their underwear exposed above the waistline of their jeans. Why is this not part of the debate?
Could it be because this is still such a male-dominated world that the sight to the underwear of a male is offensive but not the sight of a female’s underwear?

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11/27/2012 7:26PM
Scoot Blog: A ban on saggy pants...Unfair?
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11/28/2012 5:32PM
Racist Law
this is just another way in which the racist white establishment shows its hatred an contempt for black men. It is also a way to draw federal dollars from th govt it claims it hates while superficially inflating the local population with inmates that will be counted on the census for the purpose of getting more federal funding which is supreme hypocrisy. Inmates are shipped like cattle from parish to parish to get this process to work. Its sick an disgusting an bound to get a reaction at some point. Bougalousa is where the "deacons of defense" came from ya know. Next i guess it'll be illegal to use your hands while talking. Who does that the most i wonder????
12/02/2012 7:48AM
Everything is racist
If any law affects blacks, it is automatically racist, according to blacks. As to the ones wearing those outsized pants they have to hold up or keep pulling up, I think they look unbelievably stupid.
12/03/2012 10:56AM
If the people who like to show their underwear don't think it's disrespectful, then just answer one question. Why don't they wear their clothes like that when they go to court? (Oh Thats Right, The judge might be offended) It's alright for my wife, daughter, grandaughter, or mother to see but "I better not wesr that in front of the judge" Also for these people wesring their clothes like that to job interviews, how can an employer hire someone to work in their shop, office, etc. thats not smart enough to buy clothes that fit?
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