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Scoot Blog: A Gay NFL Player - Does it matter?

Are NFL teams asking players at the combine about their sexual orientation?  And if so – why?

The public and media buzz generated by the idea that NFL teams might be trying to determine the sexual orientation of young, prospective college football players speaks volumes about the hysteria and hypocrisy sweeping America on the issue of homosexuality and, in particular, same-sex marriage.

America’s obsession with sexual orientation is reflected in the current heated debate over same-sex marriage.   This obsession reveals the hypocrisy of those who believe the government should not intrude into the private lives of individual citizens.  And what could be more private than what a consenting couple does in their bedroom?

This topic brings up more than a few memories for me.  So, let me compress it into a paragraph or three:

When the Queen of Disco Donna Summer passed away, I talked on-air on WWL about the times during the Disco Era that my wife and I went to “gay bars” back when disco was becoming the new craze.  Back then, the gay bars in the French Quarter were the places that featured the newest disco music.  The fact that these bars were “gay” was an afterthought.  I had not even the thought of getting hit on.  And, back then, no one questioned whether you were gay because you went to a gay bar.  It was simply the best place to go for the best time!

Fast-forward to today.  If someone hears me say, “I was in a gay bar last night,” then the response is, “OMG, he’s gay!”  Um, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but no, I’m not.  Please note that this repeated response does stop me and a date from going to a “gay club” to meet with friends, and other couples, of all persuasions.

So, should NFL teams, or any company, judge any potential employee on sexual orientation?  And if your answer is “yes,” then I ask you: Where does the intrusion into an individual’s private life stop?  Should NFL teams and companies question future players about whether they watch porn?  Whether they participate in “S & M” or whether they are ‘swingers’?  And, can they ask a future player (or employee) their views on abortion and gun control?   And, in closing, do you mind if we ask who you voted for in the Presidential race?

If you think this struck a never, you are correct.   How could personal sexual activity within the confines of the four walls of a person’s life have any impact on an individual’s ability to perform on a football field?

And then there is the obvious question – what about being in the locker room with a player who is gay? Well, whether you realize it or not, throughout your life you have been in locker rooms with students and health club members who were gay.  And nothing happened, right? The issue should be about proper behavior and not sexual orientation. Being uncomfortable in those shared situations says more about you than the person that is making you feel uncomfortable.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitution recognizes the precious right to privacy, one of the things that make America great.   Even if homosexuality is a “sin” in your mind, think about your favorite Saints or NFL player…Would their contribution to the team be any LESS because of what they do privately, and what they keep private?    

Because of my sexual orientation I have nothing to personally gain from the NFL accepting openly gay players or from the acceptance of same-sex marriage in America - other than knowing that I live in a country that respects the spirit of our right to privacy!

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02/28/2013 11:18PM
Scoot Blog: A Gay NFL Player - Does it matter?
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03/01/2013 4:10PM
Scoot, Why do you always talk about homosexuality?
03/03/2013 4:35PM
From Scoot
I talk about the top issues in the news. I'm not the one making gay issues or seam-sex marriage an issue. FOX News mentions it as much as I do.
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