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Scoot Blog: Scoot?s Top 10 Best Concerts Ever!

When I read TIME’s Top 10 Arena Rock concert list, I began thinking about some of the top concerts I have been to through my radio career.  First as a morning disc jockey on music radio and then as a talk show host, I have been blessed with many opportunities to see some of the best on stage!  And it wasn’t easy coming up with my list of top best 10 concerts ever!

Before I give my top 10 list, here is the list of the Top 10 Arena Rock concerts from TIME.com.

10)  KISS - Anaheim Stadium - August 20, 1976
  9)  Aerosmith - The Cotton Bowl - July 1, 1978
  8)  U2 - Wembley Stadium - June 12, 1987
  7)  The Beatles - Shea Stadium - August 15, 1965
  6)  The Who - Pontiac Silverdome – December 6, 1975
  5)  The Foo Fighters – Wembley Stadium – June 6, 2008
  4)  The rolling Stones – Hyde Park – July 5, 1969
  3)  Led Zeppelin – Madison Square Garden – July 27, 1973
  2)  Queen – Wembley Stadium – July 11, 1986
  1)  Paul McCartney & Billy Joel – Shea Stadium – July 16, 2008

This is a list of the Top 10 ‘Arena’ Rock concerts and I was surprised to see The Foo Fighters on that list and shocked that the Paul McCartney/Billy Joel concert in 2008 was #1!  I was also surprised that Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen did not make the list.
When you think about the ‘best’ concerts you have been to in your life, the ‘best’ concerts are more than just the band and the songs.  The best concerts are defined by the band, the songs and the crowd’s reaction at that moment in that band’s career.
Because of the access I have had to great concerts over the years, this was not an easy list to compile!

Scoot’s Top 10 Best Concerts:

10)  Diana Ross – Baton Rouge – January 28, 1982
  9)  Alice Cooper – New Orleans – June 7, 1975
  8)  Prince – New Orleans – February 1, 1985
  7)  Hall & Oates – New Orleans w/Huey Lewis + Neville Brothers – May 18, 1986
  6)  Sting – New Orleans – October 24, 1985
  5)  Kid Rock – New Orleans – February 21, 2013
  4)  Bon Jovi – Biloxi – February 12, 1987
  3)  Bruce Springsteen – New Orleans - May 13, 1976
  2)  Led Zeppelin – Baton Rouge – May 19, 1977
  1)  Duran Duran – Baton Rouge – February 14, 1984

I’ve experienced so many incredible concerts with lasting memories that didn’t make my top 10 list, I feel the need to mention some of them: The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Poison, Goo Goo Dolls, Pearl Jam, Rod Stewart and No Doubt.

Do you agree with me?  What is #1 on your list to the ‘best’ concert ever?  I’d like to know, so respond to this blog and I will share some of your comments on the show!

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08/16/2013 12:46AM
Scoot Blog: Scoot’s Top 10 Best Concerts Ever!
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08/16/2013 6:49AM
Concerts Top 10
Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix - Woodstock, 1969 Peace Brother
08/16/2013 7:02AM
Your audience must be in diapers.
08/16/2013 7:22AM
Best Arena Concert Ever
Queen at the Municipal Auditorium on Halloween night, 1978.
08/16/2013 7:23AM
Mott The Hoople & Queen 1974 or King Crimson The Warehouse 1973
St. Bernard civic auditorium.. queen was it's 1st american tour supporting at the time.
08/16/2013 7:53AM
My Favorite
1974 or 75 Jepperson Stadium, Houston, TX: Beach Boys, The Eagles and CSN&Y's farewell tour. This concert has always stuck in my mind through out the years.
08/16/2013 7:56AM
Styx's at the Warehouse..
Styx's at the Warehouse.
08/16/2013 7:59AM
Alice Cooper at Municiple Auditorium 1973
Billion Dollar Babies Tour Apr.73 w/ original group
08/16/2013 8:03AM
Black Sabbath at the Warehouse 1971
Almost peed in my paints!
08/16/2013 8:15AM
CCR, Bo Diddley & Tower of Power
Municipal Auditorium 1971
08/16/2013 8:18AM
Led Zeppelin BR 1977
Definitely, what I remember. There was a lot of smoke in my seating area!:)
08/16/2013 8:23AM
Opening concert of the Superdome 1975
The Allman Brothers Band / Marshall Tucker / Wet Willie / Charlie Daniels
08/16/2013 8:23AM
That was the final concert at Shea before demolition and Joel was a surprise guest. Sir Paul's first and only return to Shea.
08/16/2013 9:03AM
Best Concerts
1-May '77 Led Zeppelin 2- June '75 Alice Copper
08/16/2013 9:07AM
Best Concert
Alice Cooper at The Warehouse. July 1981
08/16/2013 9:10AM
Chicago 1970 Warehouse
They had just come on the scene.
08/16/2013 9:15AM
The Rolling Stones with The Doobie Brothers and Van Halen
July 13th 1978. the price was $12.50. My first concert. It was awesome
08/16/2013 9:19AM
Best Concert I've seen
Scoot, the best show I've seen, weirdly, was Toto at the Saenger in 1981 or 82 (I can't remember the year). It was awesome, they put on a great show. The second best, oddly (and I, too, have seen a bunch) was Asia at the Saenger in 1983. They had a great stage show and the music was awesome. Just real cool. Chris Perkins
08/16/2013 9:32AM
My top 3
Led Zeppelin at the Municipal Auditorium, NOLA 1969 Pink Floyd at the Warehouse. Bob Marley on a Snday Afternoon, Waikiki Shell 1983
08/16/2013 9:39AM
Best outdoor concert
Chicago played on the UNO baseball field in 1985? 1986? Not sure which year.
08/16/2013 10:03AM
toto saenger also
watched Steve Lukather use same guitar thru whole show. excellent of group musicians could not hear for 3 days had 3rd row ctr seats
08/16/2013 10:52AM
led Zeppelin 75 or 77
Scoot I called your show last week on 8/7 during the Warehouse topic. I gave you a list of all the dates Led Zeppelin visited new Orleans and surrounding area. There was speculation that they pissed the Warehouse which they did not. When I told you that they played in Baton Rouge in 1977 you sounded surprised only remembering that Robert Plants don died just days before a scheduled date at the Superdome. Could it be that you have your date wrong and that you saw them in 1975 (Baton Rouge) instead?
08/16/2013 10:53AM
Mac's Top 11
Wishbone Ash/Joe Walsh - Municipal Auditorium - Aug 19, 1973 Elton John - Pete's Palace, LSU BR - 1974 Bruce Springsteen - Municipal Auditorium - May 13, 1976 Led Zeppelin - Municipal Auditorium - May 14,1973 Jethro Tull - Municipal Auditorium - September 18, 1973 Moody Blues - Municipal Auditorium - October 6, 1971 Jimmy Buffett - Pete's Palace, LSU BR - April 11, 1995 Rolling Stones - Pete's Palace, LSU BR - June 1, 1975 The Who - Pete's Palace, LSU BR - November 21, 1975 Paul McCartney - Louisiana Superdome - April 24, 1993 The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over - Superdome - July 21, 1994
08/16/2013 12:50PM
Great Concert
First Day of Rock 'N' Roll in The Superdome 1981. Van Halen, Boston, Nazareth, Ted Nugent, Heart, Foreigner, Blue Oyster Cult. Can't remember the rest. I seem to remember the show ending around 2:00 am.
08/16/2013 8:28PM
great concerts
First day of rock and roll in the Superdome June 10th 1979...Boston,Heart,Van Halen,Nazareth,Blue Oyster Cult and Sammy Hagar and my #2 is Rush and April Wine March 6th 1979 at the Municipal Auditorium.
08/17/2013 10:34AM
NYE 2000. Big Cypress. Life changing festival. Midnight to sun up final set.
08/17/2013 11:40AM
Judas Priest 1982 Biloxi
08/17/2013 12:22PM
Van Halen 1984 - 1985 Baton Rouge
05/31/2016 8:16AM
a few of my favs
I live in Southern Illinois I'm 57 Pink Floyd arrowhead stadium Kansas city 1994 rush 2010 st Louis triumph Kiel aud st.Louis 1986 sammy hagar st.Louis arena 1983 April Wine st.Louis arena 1982 aerowsmith,Nazareth Kiel aud st.Louis 1977
05/31/2016 8:40AM
My favorites (10)AprilWine 1982 st.Louis (9)Kansas st.Louis Atena 1979 (8)Steve Miller Band Kiel aud st.Louis 1977(7)arrowsmith & Nazareth Kiel aud 1977 (6) montrose & ted nugent Kiel aud 1976 (5)rush st.Louis 2010 (4)vanhalen st.Louis arena 1982(3)Sammy Hagar st.Louis arena 1983(2)triumph st.Louis Kiel aud 1986 (1) Pink Floyd arrowhead stadium Kansas city
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