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Scoot Blog: Is a request to take down an American flag an attack on patriotism?

Have we become overly sensitive when it comes to judging patriotism?

A Facebook post about a U.S. soldier who was asked to take down his American flag has sparked a heated debate.
Staff Sgt. Brandon Weir and his wife Lauren of Huntsville, Alabama received a note from the owner of their condo complex requesting that they take down their American flag because it violates the condo rules. The post went viral and several veterans groups and concerned citizens went to the complex to protest in favor of the soldier. The Facebook had over 2,500 “likes” as of last night!

The manager of the property, Carol Coffey, said she has been bombarded with phone calls and emails supporting the U.S. soldier. Coffey said in comments to WHNT.com from an article at foxnews.com that the request is not intended to be criticism of America or the flag. She said, “I served in Afghanistan, I served in Iraq and I served in Kuwait. I am not anti-veteran and I am not a communist.”

I understand the initial reaction to any request to take down an American flag, especially a flag put up by a U.S. soldier, is outrage, but isn’t it also an indication that our judgment of patriotism can be misguided?

I don’t agree with many of the rules and codes that certain residential complexes or neighborhoods include in their bylaws, but the rules and codes are designed to protect the aesthetics of an area and prevent individuals from destroying the visual landscape with outrageous colors, items or architecture. Residents are usually made aware of the codes of the community and those codes are usually changed by a vote of the residents.

Carol Coffey said that the condo association is now considering changing the bylaws to allow a certain number of American flags to be flown outside of each unit. But until the bylaws are changed, is it really an attack on patriotism to request that the basic rules of a community are followed?  Isn’t there something innately patriotic about abiding by rules established by a majority?

As a country, let’s focus on the things and actions that pose a real threat to our nation and our sense of patriotism. Requiring even a U.S. soldier to follow the rules of the community in which he resides is not un-American – even if the item in question is an American flag!

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02/27/2013 6:12PM
Scoot Blog: Is a request to take down an American flag an attack on patriotism?
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02/27/2013 9:05PM
Liberals will always find excuses
When there was a protest against building a muslim mosque alongside the new World Trade Center, on the very site where muslim terrorists had flown airplanes into the twin towers, liberals were in favor of it to show our tolerance and inclusiveness. Why are liberals not willing to show the same tolerance and inclusiveness when it comes to the American flag or a cross?
02/28/2013 2:57AM
HOAs aren't democratic.
The rules aren't created by the "governed" residents. They're created and enforced by the property management company. I doubt the residents got together and established a set of rules when the condo complex was first built, and Idoubt the "violation notice" was the result of a complaint by a resident.
03/01/2013 7:21AM
Condo rules written by lawyers.
Condo rules and regulations are written by the lawyer of the original developer and enforced by the property management firm.
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