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Scoot Blog: Halloween - Satanic?

10.31.12  scoot@wwl.com - The idea that Halloween is an “evil” celebration is alive and well!  A group of Catholic bishops in Poland is urging believers not to observe this Halloween.  One bishop said in a letter to parishioners that using the fun of Halloween as a guise, this day can be “destroying the spiritual life.”  He wrote - the “tricks” hide “diabolical attitudes” by encouraging the willingness to harm others.  Another bishop wrote that the message of Halloween defies the teachings of the Catholic Church by promoting the “occult and magic.”

Enough!  Regardless of the origin, Halloween in America has become a fun time to experience that unexplained human desire to scare and be scared.  Children have always looked forward to dressing up in costumes and “trick or treating.”  However, not too many years ago, there were religious zealots who decided Halloween was evil and a time to honor Satan.  Nothing could be more ridiculous.

The idea that dressing up like a scary character, even the devil, would somehow draw children into a satanic cult is the obvious manifestation of subconscious insecurity with one’s own religious beliefs.  If this day is considered a satanic celebration by anyone, it is only because religious crazies assigned that meaning to Halloween.

When we were kids, we loved Halloween.  And now as adults, we love it even more!  Over the past few decades, Halloween has become as much fun for adults as for kids.  And as an adult, I’m okay with that!
This past weekend the French Quarter and clubs all over the metro area were packed with adults enjoying Halloween and tonight will be a continuation of the celebration.  And, when you see some of the costumes adults wear for Halloween, it may be true that Halloween does conjure up “evil” thoughts!

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10/31/2012 7:09PM
Scoot Blog: Halloween – Satanic?
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11/01/2012 12:07PM
Welcome back to the 14 Century, and don't eat meat on Friday
This is the kind of outdated thinking that is losing young people from attending Catholic churches. What's next? A witch hunt?
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