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Scoot Blog: Effects of a Full Moon - Fact or Fiction?

There will be a full moon during “The Scoot Show” tonight and as I prepare for the show, I consider the ‘crazy’ callers and text messages that may come from some listeners.  I’ve heard that police and emergency room nurses and doctors always talk about an increase in strange activity during a full moon, but is it true? 

Tonight’s full moon is special – it’s a ‘blue moon.’  A blue moon is the 4th moon in a season.  Seasons usually have 3 full moons.  Another definition of a blue moon is the 2nd full moon in a single calendar month, which ordinarily has only 1 full moon.

In my anticipation of ‘crazy’ callers during the full moon, I did some research and discovered some interesting information about full moons and human behavior.

The moon has always been a mystical object in the sky to humans and even though man has walked on moon, the mystery of the power of the moon is still present in modern-day life.

The word, “lunacy” comes from Luna, the Roman Goddess of the Moon.  One definition of “lunacy” is those moments of insanity believed to be related to the phases of the moon.  A person who is acting in a crazy or abnormal manner is often described as a ‘lunatic.’  In 19th-Century England, lawyers actually used the defense of “guilty by reason of the full moon” to prove that their clients should not be held responsible for their crime!

The relationship between the moon and human behavior is well documented.  A Roman scientist and military commander believed that the full moon created a heavy dew, which made the brain extremely moist and affected behavior.  The power of a full moon to turn a human into a werewolf has been part of a literary myth since 1941.

It’s easy to understand how the full moon got this image.  Before modern lighting, the light of a full moon kept people awake at night and the lack of sleep led to behavior that was out of the ordinary.  The full moon also provided light for people to carry on drinking and participate in general debauchery well into the night.

The phases of the moon affect the tides of the oceans and the body is 65% to 75% water.  So, does the moon affect the human body?  Full moons have been blamed for increases in violent crime, suicides, epileptic seizures, sleep deprivation, births and even deaths.  

But is a full moon to blame for lunacy and abnormal behavior in humans?  The answer is – no!  Despite the belief by some police offices, ER nurses and doctors, mental health professionals and the general public the strange behavior increases during a full moon, there are no studies to support the myth that a full moon has the power to make people do crazy things.  There have been a scarce few studies over a 50 year period that established some correlation between a full moon and abnormal behavior, but follow-up studies have proven the original conclusions to be false.

So romanticize about a full moon, but if you actually believe there is a direct relationship between a full moon and human behavior – you’re a lunatic!

However, even in the absence of scientific evidence that tonight’s full moon will have an effect on the minds of listeners who call or text the show tonight – we may all be challenged to wonder – if not the full moon - then why did some people act way they did!

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08/20/2013 8:19PM
Scoot Blog: Effects of a Full Moon - Fact or Fiction?
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08/22/2013 12:30PM
Well, it is a FACT that Obama is the most incompetent president in modern history ...
but blacks are NOT held to the same standards of excellence as whites. The liberal media treats blacks as second class citizens and Obama has reaped this treatment. Obama is a clown, a failure and has destroyed the economy and the health care system, buthe is black so he is allowed to be an idiot and gets a pass.
08/22/2013 12:35PM
If Obama had to submit a resume in the private sector to be president he would
be laughed at ....
08/22/2013 12:37PM
Scoot is a clown ... a joke.
Scoot is a clown.
08/22/2013 12:37PM
Obama is the MOST incompetent president in modern history, but he has a race card.
Obama is the MOST incompetent president in modern history, but he has a race card.
08/22/2013 12:38PM
Scoot deletes post that do not heap praise on his Lord and Savior Obama ....
Scoot deletes post that do not heap praise on his Lord and Savior Obama ....
08/22/2013 12:39PM
Scoot would have NO response if we did not have mercy on him ...
he is a fill in when sports is not on ... nothing more.
08/22/2013 12:42PM
Obama is a piece of feces.
Obama is a piece of feces.
08/22/2013 9:35PM
Apparently most blacks are stupid .... they voted for a man in Obama who is
working very hard to keep blacks ignorant and unemployed.
08/22/2013 9:41PM
The backlash is coming to the EVIL Obama and the Washington Thugs ...
The people will rise up against this tyrant and his crew. Real greed exists in Washington .. it is broken.
08/26/2013 7:14AM
Full Moon
Apparently no scientific proof. I have to accept that, but on a personal note, there is way too much coincidence to just write off. I am a 40 year old guy who 4 days previous to full moon becomes someone else.Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. it always ends the day of the full moon. I have no idea why nor do i track these things. this last Blue moon has been the worst in years. I offer my body to science to explain, someone take it. To me it like Kennedy assassination....something went down , but i have no idea what. I cant help see the "Obama" comments here are overwhelming. Dang, I like the guy, he got swagger, I don't see any big wars, and you don't have to pay for the rectal exam anymore. As for his skin colour, you all tan to get like him ? Maybe a little envy here ?
09/07/2013 1:03PM
here's your answer
Does a full moon really affect the behavior of people? It's amazing to me that nobody has accurately explained the answer to this question...the answer is YES! The big question is 'How?' This is the question no one has answered.....but I can! It has nothing to do with tides or gravity or make believe.....but it does have to do with light and instincts. The worldwide electrical lighting up of the planet started only 100 years ago. For almost the entire history of the human race, the night sky had one strong source of light, the Moon. We all understand the principles of cycles and their presence in our instincts. For hundreds of thousands of years mankind wandered the earth in all hours that presented light. It was essential for survival to hunt during night if possible...to make war at night, if possible....to socialize at night if possible. When the moon did not glow, most human activity halted. As the moon light increased through the month, so did lots of human activity and by logic it is easy to see the cycle....more moon light=more activity.....less moon light =less activity. So all through our history we have been conditioned to a 'night life cycle'...it is in our instincts! and it is no longer dependent on actual moon light or any kind of light! IT IS NOW A TIME-CYCLE INSTINCT There are people, a large % of them, whose instincts have a clock....the moonlight clock from the beginning of life on earth. We've only gone one century without the moonlight itself....but we're still attached to the clock. The 'zombies' don't come out because of the moonlight anymore.....they come out because 'it's TIME to come out'.....the same time it has been every month since humans arose.
10/19/2013 3:53PM
Your all wrong Obama put in place to sort out wot all your war gods left !!
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