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Scoot Blog: A question about Syria no one is asking

The one question that no one seems to be asking is, “why did the Assad Regime order chemical weapons to be used of its own civilians?”  Videos of men, women and 426 children suffering a painful death or the sight of their dead bodies were certain to ignite a response from President Obama and the United States. 

Syria is no military match for the United States and Syrian President Assad would be well aware of our military capabilities – so why would he attack civilians that posed no imminent threat to his power?

Russia and Iran are allies of Syria.  Syria borders Jordan and Israel – two of our allies in the region.  Could there be a strategic reason for Syria inviting the U.S. to launch a military attack?  I realize there is not always logic behind the decisions of evil dictators, but I can’t help but wonder if Syria, and its allies, are setting the U.S. up for military strikes that would become an excuse to broaden the current civil war and further disrupt the region?

Today, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to give President Obama the authority to use military force against Syria in response for Syria’s use of chemical weapons against its own people.  And the debate over whether the U.S. should launch a military attack against Syria seems to get more confusing every day.

Republican Senator John McCain, who Saturday said he supported the President’s plan to attack Syria, now says he does not support the resolution passed by the Senate panel because it does not go far enough in terms of the use of our military.

Saturday, President Obama said that he wanted to turn the decision about using military action against Syria over to Congress because Congress represents the voice of the America people.  However, today speaking to reporters in Sweden, the President said that he retains the right to attack Syria, regardless of whether he gets the approval of Congress.

According to a new Washington Post/ABC poll: nearly 60% of Americans oppose military strikes against Syria - fewer than 40% support it.  Democrats and Republicans are even divided on this issue – demonstrating that bipartisanship may not be completely dead in Washington.  Among Democrats:  54% oppose action against Syria and 42% support it.  Among Republicans:  55% oppose the action and 43% are in support.  The opinions of Independents were more lopsided with 65% opposing any military action against Syria with 25% supporting it.

Americans, and the world, are still coping with the overwhelming intelligence that led us into Iraq in search of weapons of mass destruction only to be embarrassed that our intelligence was not accurate.  Understandably, Americans are war-weary because of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and still the wounds of Vietnam are part of this nation’s psyche.

With respect for many of the politicians who have expressed their support for President Obama’s plan to punish Syrian President Assad for the use of chemical weapons, I have yet to be convinced that a military attack on Syria is also in the best interest of our national security.  Also, the projected goals of the Administration seem confusing.  The plan is not to remove Assad from office, but some reports seem to indicate that removal from office is a goal.  Any attack to weaken Assad’s forces would benefit the opposition forces that are diverse and have ties to terrorist organizations, like al Qaeda.
I have heard it said that there are no good options.  If that is the case, would no action against Syria be a better option than launching military strikes that could lead to numerous, unpredictable ramifications?

I am still haunted by the possibility that Syria’s use of chemical weapons against its own people could be a deliberate attempt to engage the United States. And if that is the case – then why?

You and I may not be politicians or military strategists – but by turning the decision about attacking Syria over to Congress – President Obama has symbolically turned the decision over the us – the America people.

So – what do you think we should do?

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09/04/2013 7:54PM
Scoot Blog: A question about Syria no one is asking
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09/04/2013 8:54PM
Do we know that Assad actually ordered the attack?
Scoot, Your question is a good one. My question is similar but from a different angle. Last week when the UN met they came to the conclusion that all we have verified is that someone used chemical weapons but they were not convinced that we knew it was Assad. My questions are: 1) do we have evidence enough that the attack was ordered by Assad? 2) Why would he order it as you stated? 3) And if we do not know for sure who ordered it, then have we considered the possibility that the rebels gases their own people in order to get the US to attack Assad? Or was it someone else who wants Assad out? Too many questions to make a commitment to use lethal force. Dave
09/04/2013 10:21PM
This isn't about chemical weapons. It's about gas pipelines and Assad said no. Qatar is the worlds largest LNG exporter and they want a pipeline across Syria to a port in Turkey. The Saudis want their man to replace Assad so they control the pipeline. Both have spent a lot supporting foreign fighters. Iran wants to build a pipeline across Syria. Israel wants the US to get rid of Iran. Qatar and the Saudis want the US to get rid of Assad. The US wants to get rid of Assad, Iran and to thwart Russia. Russia now supplies most of Europe with gas. Above all else, the US wants to suppress Russia, Iran, Syria and all others that pose a threat to the petro dollar. Saddam and Quadafi wanted to go to a gold dinar and bypass the dollar. See what happened to them. We will wage war forever to remain the world reserve currency. That's the national security factor the criminals running this country don't want to talk about.
09/04/2013 10:22PM
Colbert has the correct response
Colbert: "The United States has no choice but to attack Syria because Dictator Bashar al-Assad is killing his own people with chemical weapons. Before he was just killing them with bullets. But, if America cared about shooting people, we'd beinvading Chicago." (and every other large American city-my addition). ---- Kelly
09/04/2013 10:50PM
the US is not wanted there
the people in that area of the world do not have the same values as we do, they do not want the US there, an have said it on many occasions, but we seem to jump in a force our values on them, if they want to kill them self's let them, DO NOT send troops, weapons, or any money to them, there are way too many things in country that need to be fixed
09/04/2013 11:35PM
Business as usual
Come on Scoot tell your callers that the reason that the US wants to jump in the middle east is to always have the say so in the geopolitical make up of the region. Wake UP people, the govt no matter who is the president is the same agenda, playing a chess game with our tax dollars.
09/05/2013 3:22AM
What makes us better than them/
Why isn't the U.S. being punished for kill innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan? I don't believe that death by traditional weapons is better than death by chemical weapons. Innocent men, women and children are still dead by our hands. Stop the madness. Stop the "I have to show them that we are not afraid of you".
09/05/2013 8:19AM
Obama has NO credibility and is a joke in the international community ..
Obama is a hip hop celebrity ... NOT a competent leader. John Kerry is a lunatic lost in starring at his own image in a mirror. No world leader worth their salt would listen to these to clowns.
09/05/2013 8:22AM
America is in a slow, steady decline ... this is reflected in the other fools it
elects to office. Dog feces has more value than Obama and his crew.
09/05/2013 8:25AM
Send the two-bit clowns Obama and a Kerry to Syria and let them save the planet ...
the rest of us have the good sense to stay out of it.
09/05/2013 8:28AM
Scoot says ... " the projected goals of the Administration seem confusing." ...
Gee, Scoot, you think ... get real ... Obama is the most incompetent president is modern history. He was elected because of skin color. He has done more damage to this country is less time than any politician in modern history. Obama is a piece of dung.
09/05/2013 8:33AM
Obama cares nothing about Syria or much else other than using every situation
to further his fraudulent image. The hip hop Obama will drop a couple of bombs and the corrupt press with their heads so far up Obama's rear end they can hardly breathe will declare Obama to be the greatest war president in the history of the worldand the Facebook crowd will know no better. America deserves to fail and collapse ... it voted for that.
09/05/2013 8:38AM
We do it for a reason!!!!
All of the comments have very good views. But for this instance think of this. Pearl Harbor and 911 were not mistakes, they were the carelessness of our government. Being proactive can be a good thing if done correctly. Although I believe we need a change, this government doesn't want to let another attack on her soil. This isn't "Risk" where you role dice and choose a country to attack. There is a lot of information and aid from other countries that go into the pot. Just because they say we don't want to help doesn't mean that they are not helping. It's the American way to police the world and act like big brother. This shouldn't be about our own ignorance to run the country. It should be about "how to fix the communication problem, so all Americans understand what we are really trying to do".
09/05/2013 9:14AM
Stupid is as stupid does
When Obama stupidly made HIS "red line" ultimatum he set the chemical attack in motion. It was purposely carried out to put the US in this no-win situation based on his ill-advised comment, ... make us look weak and unorganized (which it has), or lure us into bombing which will make things so much worse for us in that region. It's like Obama said I dare you to hit me, now that they have he has no idea what to do about it. All the plans and talks and votes are based on trying to save face now that he has spouted off. For Obama to even think that he can create his limited involvement war and make things better is absolutely ludicrous, anything he does means we're all in. He should've kept his mouth shut since he didn't know what he was talking about, ..."It's best to say nothing and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt."
09/05/2013 11:34AM
noise guy
Think about it?
09/05/2013 1:10PM
talk about timing
If our "beloved" president (lower case "p") wants to attack, why are we giving Syria all the time in the world to hide their chemical stockpiles? We did the same thing before we invaded Iraq, and Hussein moved all his WMDs INTO SYRIA. There's nothing like telegraphing our intentions to the enemy...
09/05/2013 1:33PM
It is ALL is show for Obama. He is NOT a serious leader. He is a VERY
average black guy that was in the right place at the right time and was elected president because of his skin color. White guilt and black racism has a price ... you get a clown like Obama who has NO business being anywhere near the White House. Obama isincompetent, dangerous and in love with his own image. It will take many years for the country to recover from the DISASTER that IS Obama.
09/05/2013 3:05PM
Obama and Kerry are RARELY the smartest person in any room ...
except maybe when they are on the toilet in a private bathroom and even then there may be a fly hanging around .. they are aye-holes.
09/05/2013 3:13PM
AP--Obama suspends political fundraising to focus on Syria... LOL really ...
Obama is having to do some actual work as president ... LOL ... no, just the AP trying to make him look less like the lazy buffoon that he is.
09/05/2013 3:20PM
Chris Matthews may soon be the only person left that still longs to
suck Obama's gilipollas.
09/05/2013 3:29PM
If Kerry's fellow soliders in Vietnam had the forsight at the time they would
have "fragged" this traitor during the war. Kerry called American service men and women rapist and murderers.
09/05/2013 3:42PM
Obama set out to divide this country in order to conquer it ... he is a fool if he
thinks we will ever unite around his SORRY rear end.
09/05/2013 3:43PM
John Kerry should have been thrown in jail for treason long ago ...
is a piece of garbage.
09/05/2013 4:17PM
Unfortunately the stench emanating from the White House will be there a bit longer ....
will likely take a miracle air freshener to get rid of it.
09/05/2013 4:19PM
Well, at least Kerry and Obama are a matched set ... they both
have their heads firmly up their rear ends.
09/06/2013 8:15AM
WORK FORCE RATE AT 63.2%, LOWEST SINCE 1978... America suffers because
a STUPID black man is president.
09/06/2013 8:30AM
Obama and Harry Reid DESERVE all the HATE they get ... they are
human debris. These two evil men have done GREAT harm to the United States.
09/09/2013 11:25AM
Obama's hatred of American as founded is evident in all his policies ... his
hatred, however, will come back to him.
09/09/2013 9:21PM
Well as long as Obama supports anal sex ... Scoot is ok with anything else he
does ...
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