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Scoot Blog: ''The Death of Common Sense!''

Tuesday, June 05, 2012 - The newest ‘distraction while driving’ target is lap dogs and pets loose in a moving car. Like texting and driving, drinking and driving and so many other things, common sense should tell us that certain things are dangerous. When we fail to use common sense, there is an immediate temptation to pass laws forcing us the use common sense, which is a human instinct.

If you are driving with a dog on your lap, that’s dangerous. But do we need to expand the ‘nanny state’ by passing a law banning pets that are not restrained in a moving vehicle? Laws that require the use of common sense discourage individuals from using the natural survival instinct of common sense. And that raises the question: How did any of us survive?

I grew up at a time when you could drive without wearing a seatbelt and there were no laws about child car seats. Our parents smoked in the house and in the car with us and people rode motorcycles without helmets. And somehow we all survived.

Of course, we should do all we can to make the world a safer place for everyone, but the never-ending barrage of laws that make it mandatory to apply common sense will lead to us evolving into a society with no common sense!

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06/05/2012 6:27PM
Scoot Blog: “The Death of Common Sense!”
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