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Scoot: Billboard with American Soldier Embracing a Young Muslim Woman

A billboard featuring a young American soldier in a loving embrace with a young Muslim female has caused controversy on Hollywood's Sunset Blvd.  The words that accompany the picture on the billboard are "Snore Stop: keeping peopletogether"#betogether.

Click here to see the billboard...

The billboard is for a company called Snore Stop, which sells nasal sprays, oral sprays and pills that prevent people from snoring.  The company promotes that their products help keep marriages together by preventing snoring.

By using a picture of an American soldier holding a young Muslim female with the words "#betogether," the company is encouraging controversy because of the ongoing war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. Much of the tension felt by the U.S. in recent years has originated in the Middle East and the vision of an American soldier romantically involved with a Muslim woman is appalling to some Americans.

The company Snore Stop should be commended on a creative marketing campaign that was certain to attract attention, and sometimes the best attention comes in the form of controversy. But the reason this billboard is controversial uncovers an unfortunate tendency to judge.

First of all, we should be able to look back on our nation's past and realize that the judgment of people based on race, nationality, religion, etc. is wrong. Times have changed, but sadly, there are still Americans who are offended by the sight of biracial couples. Consider how the Japanese were perceived before and during World War II compared to the respect Americans now have for the Japanese and the overwhelming acceptance of American/Japanese couples.  The hate for the Japanese, at one time, was equal to the hate many have for Muslims in the Middle East today.

During the Vietnam War, American soldiers met Vietnamese women and many fell in love and married. Would it be any more unusual for an American soldier to meet and fall in love with a Muslim woman - or a female soldier meeting and falling in love with a Muslim man?

Why are so many people instinctively threatened by the blending of cultures? America is changing as the world is changing, but change should not always manifest fear in the general population.  The fear of losing the purity of a race, nationality or religion can be more subconscious and less admitted, but the mobility of the world's population and instant communications have ushered global changes as more and more individuals with different backgrounds cross paths.

In his book, "Megatrends 2000," author John Naisbitt suggested that the more homogenized the world becomes – the greater the fear of losing our individual identity, thus the stronger the instinct to protect the purity of that identity. Sometimes our instincts may appear evil, but actually result fromnon-malicious intent.  The idea of protecting the purity of a race, nationality or religion, for example, has become archaic in the context of the world in which we now live. Not only is protecting the purity of groups archaic, but it closely resembles Hitler's evil motive to create and maintain a superior race.

Since we cannot predict who we will fall in love with, or when, we should all be more accepting of any two people who find that still unexplained emotion of love. Love is not always easy to find and we should celebrate those who find it, rather than condemn the vast differences between the two individuals who fall in love.
I applaud Snore Stop for having the courage to put up a billboard with a young American soldier romantically embracing a young Muslim – not only because of its ability to attract attention for the company – but mostly because it challenges stereotypes.

I have witnessed America celebrate stereotyping as a recreational sport. Rather than accept the diversity of individuals and couples, we are quick to stereotype for the sole purpose of expressing hate in our hearts.

It is not for everyone to understand why others fall in love – whether American and Muslim couples, black and white couples, same-sex couples, etc… Before you allow the visual on a billboard of a young American soldier and a young Muslim female to inspire judgment in you, stop and realizewho someone falls in love with really is not your concern.

Early settlers fell in love with Native Americans, Christians fall in love with Jews, Muslims and atheists and conservatives even fall in love with liberals!Controversies, like the billboard in Hollywood, force us to address our instinctive judgment of others, which distracts from the respect we should have for the emotion of love.


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12/04/2013 10:31AM
Scoot: Billboard with American Soldier Embracing a Young Muslim Woman
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12/04/2013 1:09PM
Great blog, Scoot. Disagreement is a part of the human experience, but it doesn't mean we have to resort to being disagreeable individuals, or bigoted against one another. Acceptance is the first step to understanding, and understanding builds relationships. Relationships build communities and strong communities build a better nation.
12/04/2013 7:37PM
so ObamaCare is NOT utopia after all ... gee, who knew.
12/04/2013 7:38PM
Basically, if you disagree with liberals you are a bigot ...
we get it. Just more political correctness nonsense.
12/04/2013 7:42PM
When DemoRATs get in trouble they suddenly want to get along with everyone
and hold hands and blame everyone. When they smell blood in the water they go in for the kill and never make nice ... Meet Dirty Harry ... LOL. No good, honest person would make friends with Liberalism--EVIL.
12/04/2013 7:47PM
Well, when 47% of Americans are supporting the other 53%, of course we resent
hate each other ... the lazy are scùm and should be addressed as such.
12/04/2013 7:48PM
Have fun Scooter ... the Obama Zombies will love this holding hands stuff ....
singing and chanting and praying to Obama for utopia. The victims will be out tonight. LOL.
12/04/2013 7:54PM
Sorry, Scoot, not going to treat the Washington charlatans with respect.
Obama and Mary Landrieu deserve to be spit on. They are fortunate that they will not made to walk through a line of taxpayers who all would be allowed to spit on these scùm bags.
12/04/2013 9:03PM
Some people
Some people just don't know when to stop being rude.
12/04/2013 11:05PM
Scoot, I will respond tomorrow . Christian de Rivel with SnoreStop. You're the Man!
Absolutely the best analysis on our current social marketing campaign. Kudos to you, Scoot!
12/05/2013 12:02PM
Global-warming ‘proof’ is evaporating ...
The STUPID clowns that believe what Obama says and still believe in this junk science ... well, we laugh at these dumb ásses ... and these fools think that they are worth $15 an hour tossing fries. LOL http://nypost.com/2013/12/05/global-warming-proof-is-evaporating/
12/05/2013 2:12PM
I don't know about the fries, but you're definitely what the British would call a "tosser."
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