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Scoot: A Display of Good Sportsmanship at Colts-Broncos Game

Too often we hear about the obnoxious and classless behavior of sports fans and players, but we are occasionally reminded that some do have class.

At the Jets/Patriots game over the weekend in New Jersey, a video shows a man wearing a No. 80 Jets jersey punching a woman, who appears to be wearing a red and blue Patriots shirt.  The video-taped incident occurred either during the game or shortly after.  I know fans can be antagonistic after a visiting team comes into their home stadium and beats their team, but the Jets beat the Patriots in overtime.  So why would the man punch woman, who appeared to be a Patriots fan?  The assault is being investigated by the New Jersey State Police.

In the news, there have been reports of a rash of altercations at professional sporting events in San Francisco.  Over the years, a few Saints fans have been the victims of aggressive behavior from opposing fans in away stadiums.  There are plenty of examples of poor sportsmanship, but what happened at the beginning of NBC’s Sunday Night Football last night in Indianapolis is a reminder that there are still classy players and fans in the sports world.

Last night’s nationally televised game between the undefeated Denver Broncos led by Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts provided the backdrop for the much-anticipated return of Peyton Manning to the stadium that was his home stadium during his 14 years as the QB and spiritual leader of the Colts.

When Peyton Manning spoke to the media during the press conference to announce he was being cut by the Colts, Peyton defined the word “class.”  He spoke with great respect and appreciation for the Colts team, management and Colts fans.  It’s not always easy to be classy when you are being replaced, but Peyton was the epitome of class.

As the Broncos ran out of the tunnel at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis last night, Colts fans began the ceremonial “booing” that greets opposing teams in every NFL stadium around the league.  But, when #18 came into view, the boos turned to cheers for Peyton…even though he was now dressed in the uniform of the enemy.  And, to accent and reflect the class of the fans in Indianapolis, the Colts organization presented a video tribute to Peyton Manning when he was wearing a Colts uniform.  The video played throughout the stadium as Peyton warmed up on the sidelines.  The crowd rose to its feet to give Peyton a standing ovation.  As a way of saying “thank you,” Peyton removed his helmet, smiled and gestured to fans, who still loved him and all he did for the Colts and their city.  That moment showed 360 degrees of the meaning of “good sportsmanship!”

I personally witnessed a similar display of sportsmanship in 1997 at an NHL playoff game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Pittsburg Penguins in Philadelphia.  A star player for the Penguins, who was also one of those beloved fan-favorites in his sport, Mario Lemieux, announced he was retiring at the end of that season.  Much was publicized about Lemieux’s final game on the home ice in Pittsburg during the playoff series, but the Philadelphia Flyers were dominating the series and it seemed inevitable that Lemieux would play his final NHL game on enemy ice in Philadelphia.

Imagine the rivalry – Pittsburg sits in the western part of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia in the eastern part of the state.  It is not an understatement to describe Philadelphia sports fans as among the most unforgiving and brutal sports fans in the nation.  As it appeared the Flyers would beat the Penguins in Philadelphia, I was consciously thinking about how those die-hard Flyers fan would react to the final game of one of the league’s most celebrated stars in their stadium.  It was a sports moment I will never forget.

The Flyers did win that game and eliminated the Penguins from the playoffs.  When the final buzzer sounded, the crowd naturally cheered for the victorious Flyers, but there seemed to be a moment when Lemieux was still on the ice…and remaining on their feet, the crowd began cheering for Lemieux.  The Philadelphia fans were asking Lemieux to skate around the ice.  Understanding how rough the Philadelphia fans could be to opposing teams and their visiting fans, I got chills watching the Philadelphia fans give a standing ovation to an opposing player and showing respect and good sportsmanship to a player, who meant so much to the game they loved!

Standing there in that stadium at that moment, I knew I would always remember the message about how respectful sports fans can be.  Watching the respectful greeting of Peyton Manning last night during the Sunday Night game in Indianapolis, I was again reminded that “good sportsmanship” is still alive and we should always take note of those moments to counter the many times the sports world is exposed to “bad sportsmanship.”
But, in the spirit of competition – it was only the Indianapolis appreciation for Peyton Manning that was cordial.  The Colts knocked the Broncos from the unbeaten ranks by beating Denver 39-33. 

After the Colts scored and went ahead 19-14 in the 2nd quarter of the game – a network camera focused on a sign a fan was holding that seemed to sum it all up: “WE MISS OUR MANNING – BUT LUCK IS ON OUR SIDE!”

It’s important to remember that we can be passionate about the Saints or our favorite sports teams, but we also need to put into perspective it’s just a sport and the hate and ugliness for opposing teams and fans should never be disguised as simply showing love for your team.

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10/21/2013 8:02PM
Scoot: A Display of Good Sportsmanship at Colts-Broncos Game
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10/22/2013 8:50PM
Guess, O’þutt Face Obama could learn some class from the Mannings ...
but he is too busy slandering and trashing those he hates .... LOL ....
10/22/2013 8:54PM
Exclusive: White House Official Fired for Tweeting Under Fake Name
Obama is trash ... A White House national security official was fired last week after being caught as the mystery Tweeter who has been tormenting the foreign policy community with insulting comments and revealing internal Obama administration information for over two years. Jofi Joseph, a director in the non-proliferation section of the National Security Staff at the White House, has been surreptitiously tweeting under the moniker @natsecwonk, a Twitter feed famous inside Washington policy circles since it began in February, 2011 until it was shut down last week. Two administration officials confirmed that the mystery tweeter was Joseph, who has also worked at the State Department and on Capitol Hill for Senators Bob Casey (D-PA) and Joe Biden. Until recently, he was part of the administration's team working on negotiations with Iran. During his time tweeting under the @natsecwonk name, Joseph openly criticized the policies of his White House bosses and often insulted their intellect and appearance. At different times, he insulted or criticized several top White House and State Department officials, including former National Security Advisor Tom Donilon, Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes, Secretary of State John Kerry, and many many others. The Daily Beast saved a long record of @natsecwonk's tweets prior to the shutting down of his Twitter feed. “I'm a fan of Obama, but his continuing reliance and dependence upon a vacuous cipher like Valerie Jarrett concerns me,” he once tweeted. “Was Huma Abedin wearing beer goggles the night she met Anthony Wiener? Almost as bad a pairing as Samantha Powers and Cass Sunstein ....,” he tweeted on another occasion, insulting a top Clinton aide, a then Congressman, and two White House senior officials in one tweet. Joseph's snark was not confined to his Obama administration colleagues. He also took aim at senior Republican figures and lowly GOP Hill staffers. “So when will someone do us the favor of getting rid of Sarah Palin and the rest of her white trash family? What utter useless garbage .... ,” he tweeted last October. During the 2012 Presidential campaign, he lashed out at conservative journalists and members of the presidential campaign staff of Mitt Romney “@MiekeEoyang Come on, I expected better of you. @jrubinblogger is CRAZY unhinged while @noonanjo is an overweight paid Romney shill,” he tweeted, referring to the Washington Post's conservative blogger Jen Rubin and Romney campaign national security staffer John Noonan. For many in the foreign policy community reacting Tuesday night, the revelation that Joseph was the mystery tweeter @natsecwonk was a shock because Joseph was well known among policy wonks and his wife, Carolyn Leddy, is a well-respected professional staffer on the Republican side of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But inside the administration, there was little sympathy for the man who they feel had betrayed their confidence while taunting them all the while. “My friends call me Batman,” he once tweeted.
10/22/2013 8:55PM
Dems call Palin a çunt ...
10/22/2013 8:59PM
Pastor Phillip Manning on Obama…We Gave him everything, and the N!gger Failed!
10/22/2013 9:01PM
Obama Ad Uses Veterans He Shut Out of WW2 Memorial to Bash Tea Party
10/22/2013 9:04PM
300,000 LOSE HEALTH PLANS IN FLORIDA ... gee, Bammy ... tell us again
about your great ObamaCare ... YOU ARE SH!T!
10/22/2013 9:06PM
Carney Ducks Questions, Walks Out of Press Briefing...
guess Obama’s Joseph Goebbels (Carney) is having another bad day.
10/22/2013 9:16PM
Obama and his crew along with Scoot have no clue about why
profit brings about efficiencies and lower prices in the private sector. Obama supporters have to be some of the most STUPID people on the planet. They believe literally anything they are told as long as it comes from the lips of their Cult Leader Obama.These same people if they lived in the early 1940s would have followed Hitler off a cliff as well.
10/22/2013 9:27PM
Scoot ... just pray to your Lord Obama ...
he will save you.
10/22/2013 9:30PM
The Mannings have always had and displayed class ... sadly
the clown in the White House is nothing like them.
10/22/2013 10:04PM
ObamaCare IS about seizing the assets of the productive and giving therm
to the UN-productive.
10/22/2013 10:12PM
Democrats are SCREWING the American people up the rear end with ObamaCare ...
but at least they are supporting gay sex ...
10/22/2013 10:30PM
Good News ... if you want to work there is not much competition for the few jobs available ...
most of the Obama supporters are on the dole and not interested in working.
10/23/2013 10:56AM
REPORT: U.S. Spent $3.7 Trillion on Welfare Over Last 5 Years...
Obama and the Dems are NOT popular because they are doing anything great ... they are just giving away more free stuff to the leeches which make up 53% of all Americans.
10/23/2013 10:58AM
Laziness invites socialism ...
stealing from the productive to buy the votes of the leeches. The black community remains atop the leader board of failed races.
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